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第一部分 听力部分(20分)



( ) 1. Which girl is her sister?



( ) 2. What did his mother buy for him?


( ) 3. Question: What is the girl going to visit?


蓟县八年级英语试卷 第 1 页(共 14 页)

( ) 4. Question: Which sign are they talking?


( ) 5. Question: Which picture is right?






) 6. What does the man want to do?

A. To send a letter

B. To buy a stamp

C. To borrow a book

( ) 7. What do they think if fewer people drive cars?

A. There will be more pollution.

B. There will be no pollution.

C. There will be less pollution

( ) 8. What color is John’s shirt?

A. White

B. Blue

C. Black

( ) 9. What has the man done?

A. He has broken the windows.

B He has cleaned the windows.

C. He has opened the windows.

( ) 10. How often does the boy watch TV?

A. Every day.

B. Never.

蓟县八年级英语试卷 第 2 页(共 14 页)

C. Sometimes.


( ) 11. Who is unhappy?

A. Mark.

B. Linda.

C. Someone else.

( ) 12. Where does Linda want to go?

A. England for a language course.

B. School for a language teacher.

C. Bookshop for a language book.

( ) 13. What was Mark’s advice?

A. To go there by himself.

B. To play tennis on Saturday.

C. To make enough money by herself.

( ) 14. What did Linda usually do on Saturdays?

A. She went to a language school.

B. She played table tennis.

C. She got a job.

( ) 15. Did Linda agree to talk about the problem with her parents?

A. We don’t know.

B. No, she didn’t.

C. Yes, she did.

第四节:请听下面一段独白,并根据所提问题选择正确的答案。 (5分)

( ) 16. What is the name of the book?

A. Man and Nature

B. Gone with the Wind

C. Harry Porter

( ) 17. How much is the book?

A. 20 yuan

B. 12 yuan

C. 24 yuan

蓟县八年级英语试卷 第 3 页(共 14 页)


( ) 18. What students is it for? A. College students B. Middle school students C. Primary school students ( ) 19. What is the book about? A. It is about how to study English. B. It is about how to get on well with others C. It is about how to protect the environment. ( ) 20. When are they going to discuss it? A. Next Monday afternoon

B. .Next Monday morning

C. This Friday afternoon

第二部分 语言知识(35分)

Ⅰ. 单项选择(15分)

( ) 21. Tom is _____ honest boy. So you can ask him what happened.

A. a B. an

C. the D. /

( ) 22. Don’t walk along the river bank, ______ you’ll fall into the river.

A. and B. but

C. so D. or

( )23. What would you like _____, a book or a pen?

A. buying B. buy

C. to buy D. bought

( ) 24. He asked me ____ we could go to Beijing to watch the game by plane.

A. if B. that

C. how D. what

( ) 25. —How are you getting along with your classmates?

—Very well. They are all _______me.

A. afraid of B. angry with

C. tired of D. friendly to

( ) 26. We don’t know if she _____ here. If she ______, we’ll call you.

A. comes; comes B. will come; will come

C. will come; comes D. comes; will come

( ) 27. I’m sorry to say No.2 Middle School Team _______ our team in the match.

蓟县八年级英语试卷 第 4 页(共 14 页)

A. beat B. lost

C. failed D. won

( ) 28. —What should we do with the new words?

—You should _______ in a dictionary.

A. look them for B. look for them

C. look them up D. look up them

( ) 29. I have to give a talk tomorrow, but I don’t know ________.

A. how to say B. what to say

C. what can I say D. how can I say

( ) 30. He gave us some _______ on studying English.

A. advises B. advices

C. advise D. advice

( ) 31. She said that you ______ an interesting book ______ the library.

A. borrow; from B. lend; to

C. borrowed; from D. lended; to

( ) 32. The old man didn’t tell the doctor _________.

A. how old he was B. how old he is

C. how old was he D. how old is he

( ) 33. The policeman warned the children _________ in the street.

A. to not play B. not to play

C. play not to D. to play not

( ) 34. —Do you still remember _____ me somewhere in Beijing?

—Yes, of course. Two years ago.

A. saw B. to see

C. see D. seeing

( ) 35. —Thank you for helping me.


A. Me, too B. Quiet, please

C. Don’t mention it D. That’s right

Ⅱ. 句型转换( 5分) (就划线部分提问)

_______ _______ brothers _______Smith _______? (就划线部分提问)

________ ________ your brother like doing?

38. When does the bus arrive? Sally asks me. (合并成含宾语从句的复合句)

蓟县八年级英语试卷 第 5 页(共 14 页)

Sally asks me __________ _________ __________ ___________.

39. What does his father do? Do you know? (合并成含宾语从句的复合句) Do you know _________ his father ___________?

40. I can’t find my mobile phone. Maybe it’s in your schoolbag.(改为同义句) I can’t find my mobile phone. it ___________ __________ in your schoolbag.

Ⅲ. 完成句子(5分)。根据所给汉语,完成句子。

41. 我会收拾一下桌椅的。

I’ll _________ _________ the table and chairs.

42. (你)感觉如何?

What does it_________ _________?

43. 我亲自去邮局领取信件。

I went to the post office to pick up the letter _________ _________.

44. 如果红灯不亮的话,等30秒钟。

If the red light doesn’t _________ _________, wait for 30 seconds.

45. 杰克为他的飞机模型感到自豪。

Jack is very _________ _________ his model plane.

Ⅳ. 词语填空( 10分)

A. 用所给单词的适当形式填空。

46. My phone is ____________ (connect) to the Internet now.

47. He is not as _____________ (friend) to us as his sister.

48. Taiwan Island is _________________ (big) island in China.

49. My grandfather is not in good ________ (healthy). He is badly ill.

50. After he slept for eight hours, he felt __________ (relax).

B. 用所给动词的适当形式填空。

51. We are all proud of _________ (be) Chinese.

52. You shouldn’t spend too much time _____________ (watch) TV.

53. If you refuse _____________ (play) with me, what will I do?

54. It’s very difficult _________ (get) there on time. We must hurry up.

55. John practices ____________ (speak) English every day.

第三部分 综合能力(65分)

蓟县八年级英语试卷 第 6 页(共 14 页)

Ⅰ. 完形填空(10分)

Mr. Jackson began his trip last Saturday. Two days later when he was traveling in the country he saw a dog behind a man. As the car came near them, the dog Mr. Jackson his car and walked to the man. “I’m very that this happened.” he said. “”

“Oh, yes. ” said the man. “hand into his pocket, but he only __“sorry, sir, I’ve only ” said Mr. Jackson.

“No problem. That’s enough.” The fat man answered. “Thanks a lot. That’s very kind of you.”fat man looked down at the dog and thought. “”

( ) 56. A. by bus B. by bike C. by car

( ) 57. A. go B. cross C. run

( ) 58. A. started B. ran C. stopped

( ) 59. A. happy B. lucky C. sorry

( ) 60. A. give B. take C. bring

( ) 61. A. quite B. many C. much

( ) 62. A. looked at B. found C. watched

( ) 63. A. seen B. brought C. got

( ) 64. A. drove B. ran C. walked

( ) 65. A. what B. whose C. which

Ⅱ. 阅读理解 (20分) 第66—70小题 每小题 2分, 71—80小题每小题1分。


“Early to bed, early to rise” makes a man healthy. It’s good for the body.

This is an old saying. Have you heard of it before? It means that we must go to bed early at night and get up early in the morning. Then we shall be healthy. We shall also be rich(healthy) and clever( wise).

That is true. The body must have enough sleep to be healthy. Children of young age should have ten hours’ sleep every night. Children who do not have enough sleep can’t do their work very well. They will not be wise and they may not become wealthy!

蓟县八年级英语试卷 第 7 页(共 14 页)

The body also needs exercise: walking, running, jumping, swimming, playing games and all other exercise. Exercise keeps the body strong. Exercise also helps the blood to move around inside the body. This is very important Our blood takes food to all parts of our body. The head also needs blood. Exercise helps us to think better. 根据短文内容,回答问题。 66. What does “early to bed, early to rise” mean?


67. What must the body have to be healthy?


68. How many hours do you sleep very night if you are very young?


69. What keeps the body strong?


70. Our water takes food to all parts of our body, doesn’t it?


(B )

Reading newspapers is the most important way we get news. If you read newspaper carefully, you will find there are all kinds of news: accidents, fires, sports, wars, books, etc. Sometimes there is very interesting news.

A news report is usually very short, except when it is very important, but it has a lot of information. It is also written in short paragraphs. The first paragraph usually gives all the information: what, when, where, how and why. The other paragraphs give full details of the subject.


( ) 71. A newspaper mainly tells people_______.

A. the weather B. sports

C. accidents D. all kinds of news

( ) 72. There was a great football match between China and South Korea

yesterday, we can get the news______.

A. from our classmates B. in the school

蓟县八年级英语试卷 第 8 页(共 14 页)

C. in the newspaper D. on the bus

( ) 73. A short news report is ______.

A. not important B. not useful

C. interesting D. also important

( ) 74. If you are busy but you still want to know the result of a piece of sports

news, you can get it ______ quickly.

A. in the first paragraph B. in the second paragraph

C. in the third paragraph D. in the last paragraph

( ) 75. If you want to read a full detail of an accident, you can read it in _______.

A. the first paragraph B. the other paragraphs

C. the sports news D. the book


One night, a thief broke into an old man’s house. He made a noise and woke up the old man and wife. The husband told his wife to be silent, while he said loudly, “My dear, these days, thieves are cleverer. If they take off their clothes and put them on the table, the people in the room will fall asleep and can’t wake up.”

When the thief heard this, he took off his clothes at once and was ready to work. At this moment, the husband suddenly shouted in a loud voice, “Stop thief!” The thief was very frightened. He ran away as fast as he could and left his clothes on the table.

( )76. One night, a thief _________ an old man’s house.

A. looked for B. got into

C. broke into D. slept in

( )77. The husband spoke loudly to his wife in order to_________ the thief.

A. warn B. frighten

C. help D. trap(使……上当)

( )78. The thief thought he would_________ after he took off his clothes.

A. feel cooler B. steal more things

C. become cleverer D. make the old man happy

( )79. The thief took off his clothes at once and was ready to work. What does the

“work” mean?

A. steal things B. help the old man to do some housework

C. to sleep D. to watch TV

( )80. At last, the thief ran out of the house_________ .

A. happily B. with a lot of money

C. with many things D without his own clothes

蓟县八年级英语试卷 第 9 页(共 14 页)

Ⅲ. 任务阅读,阅读下面短文,把相关信息填入表格。(10分)

If your mother wants to tell you something, she uses birds. Birds can not talk as we do. But some birds have ways to tell their children of danger.

The jackdaw(寒鸦)is a kind of bird. They live in Europe. Jackdaws live together in groups. Young jackdaws don’t know their enemies. When an old jackdaw sees a dog, it makes a loud, ratting sound. The younger birds know this sound means an enemy is near. If a young jackdaw is in a dangerous place, one of his parents flies low over him from behind. The parent flies low over the young bird’s back. At the same time, the parent calls out “Key-aw, key-aw”. The parent means,“Fly home with me.”The young bird then follows its parent home.

Ⅳ. 综合填空(10分)

Bob’ started articles for the school newspaper. He also many teachers and students. Then his father went to a university and wrote articles for the university newspaper. He

(91) this work very much. So he Now Bob’s father’

(95) of his father.

Ⅴ. 书面表达 (15分)

蓟县八年级英语试卷 第 10 页(共 14 页)


要求:1、语言通顺,表达准确 2、80—100单词




3.她很聪明,乐于助人,经常帮助同学做作业, 帮老师收发(hand in/out)作业 本。大家都喜欢她。



________________________________________________________________________ ________________________________________________________________________ ________________________________________________________________________ ________________________________________________________________________

________________________________________________________________________ ________________________________________________________________________ ________________________________________________________________________


蓟县八年级英语试卷 第 11 页(共 14 页)


1. M: Do you see the girl with a beautiful smile? She’s my sister.

W: Oh, I see.

Question: Which girl is his sister?

2. M: What did you get on your birthday?

W: My father bought me a computer and my mother gave me a watch.

Question: What did his mother buy for him?

3. M: Are you going to visit the Great Wall this weekend?

W: No, I am going to the Cui Ping Lake.

Question: What is the girl going to visit?

4. W: You can’t stop your car here, sir.

M: Sorry, I didn’t see the sign.

Question: Which sign are they talking?

5. W: Where is the school?

M: It’s between the hospital and the bank.

Question: Which picture is right?


6. M:I’m looking for a letter box.

W: There is one in front of the library. And there is a small post office in the

Student Centre.

Question: What does the man want to do?

7. M: If more people drive cars, there will be more pollution.

W: I agree with you

Question: What do they think if fewer people drive cars?

8. M: What’s John wearing today?

W: He’s wearing a white shirt, blue trousers and black shoes.

Question: What color is John’s shirt?

9. M: What were you doing while I was away?

W: Look at the windows. They are clear, aren’t they?

Question: What has the man done?

10. M: Do you watch TV every day?

W: No, I only watch TV on Friday and Saturday nights.

Question: How often does the boy watch TV?


Mark: Hello, Linda. What’s up? You look unhappy. Linda: Hello, Mark. Yes, I’m unhappy because my parents can’t send me to England to the summer language course. Mark: Oh, no, why not?

蓟县八年级英语试卷 第 12 页(共 14 页)

Linda: It’s too expensive. Mark: Can you get a job? Then you’ll have some money of your own. Linda: Well, if I work on Saturdays, I won’t be able to play tennis. But I love playing tennis. Mark: The language course is more important than tennis. You can play tennis next year. Linda: Yes, but… Mark: But if you don’t go to England this year, you won’t get another chance to go. Linda: You’re right. Mark: Why don’t you talk about this problem with your parents? Offer to get a job and help pay for the summer school. Linda: That’s a good idea.

Good morning, everyone! Here is the news for you. I bought a new book named Man and Nature in the nearby bookshop. The price of the book is 12 yuan. I think the book is very interesting and it is fit for us middle school students. It tells us how to protect the environment. I am sure you’ll enjoy it. Let’s read the book first and discuss it on Monday afternoon next week. 第四节. 请听下面一段独白,并根据所提问题选择正确的答案。

蓟县2011-2012(2)期中八年级下册期中考试参考答案 第一部分

蓟县八年级英语试卷 第 13 页(共 14 页)

1—5 ACBCA 6—10 ACABC 11—15 BACBC 16—20 ABBCA 第二部分

21—25 BDCAD 26—30 CACBD 31—35 CABDC

36. How, many, does, have 37. What, does

38.when, the, bus, arrives 39. what, does 40. may, be

41. tidy up 42. feel like 43. in person 44. come on 45. proud of

46. connected 47. friendly 48. the biggest 49. health 50. relaxed

51. being 52. watching 53. to play 54. to get 55. speaking 第三部分

56—60 CBCCA 61—65 ABCAB

66. It means that we must go to bed early at night and get up early in the morning.

67. The body must have enough sleep to be healthy.

68. I must have ten hours’ sleep every night.

69. Exercise.

70. No, it doesn’t.

71—75 DCDAB 76—80 CDBAD

81.the jackdaw 82.Europe 83.far 84.back 85. fly home with me 86—95 job; and; reporter; writing; interviewed;

liked; decided; after; true; proud


May is my best friend. We began to know each other at7. She lives near me./ Her house is close to mine.

She is a tall girl . She has a round face with a small nose. She has long hair. She always smiles to people. She is always friendly to us.

She is clever and helpful. She often help her classmates to finish their homework. She helps her teachers to hand in and out the exercise books. Everyone likes her very much.

She is going to be a doctor when she grows up. She wants to help the sick people.

蓟县八年级英语试卷 第 14 页(共 14 页)

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