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两遍。 ( ) 1.What does John do after school? A. table tennis B. football (

) 2. Which is Tom?s favourite festival? A .Christmas ( B. Spring Festival C .Thanksgiving Day C. badminton ) 3. What does Mary want to have ? A .water B .oranges C. apples ( ) 4. How much does the woman need to spend? A.Seven yuan. B. Twenty-three yuan. C. Sixteen yuan. ( ) 5. Where are they? A. In a fast food shop. B. In the hospital. C. In the school. ( ) 6. What does the man think of the trainers(运动鞋)? A. The trainers are nice but too small. B. The trainers are not comfortable but cheap. C. The trainers are not small. ( ) 7. What will John do? A. Play games. B. Do housework. C. Do morning exercises. ( ) 8. What isn?t the girl good at? A. playing football B. reading C. drawing ( ) 9. Which club(俱乐部) is the girl in on Saturdays? A. the Dancing Club B. the Drawing Club C. the Music Club ( ) 10. What does the man want to have for supper today? A. Noodles B. Rice C. Chicken 第二节:听下面两段对话,每段对话后有几个小题,选出正确的答案。每段对话读两遍。 听第一段对话,回答第11至12小题

( ) 11. What are Sandy?s favourite vegetables?

A Tomatoes B Potatoes

1 C Carrots

( ) 12. How often does Sandy eat them?

A 3 or 4 times a week B 3 to 5 times a week C Every day


( ) 13. What colour shoes does the man want?

A White B Black C Brown

( ) 14. What?s the man?s size?

A Eight B Nine C Ten

( ) 15. How much do the shoes cost?

A 129 yuan B 119 yuan C 109 yuan


( )16. Tommy comes from _______.

A. England B. America C. China

( ) 17. he often talks with his _________ in Chinese.

A. classmates B teacher C. friends

( ) 18. He likes playing _____________.

A. football B. with his friends C. computer games

( 生活方式)

A. health B. healthy C. unhealthy A. young B. old C. modern ( ) 20. Jeans(牛仔裤) are popular among most of the people.

二、 单项选择

( )21、—Can you speak English, Mr. Wang?

—Yes, but only __________.

A. little B. a little C. a lot D. a few

( )22、__________eats meat. It doesn?t eat grass.

A. The zebra B. The tiger C. The kangaroo D. The panda

( )23、England is __________ Europe country.

A. a B. an C. the D. /

( )24、David _____ water but he _____ milk.

A. like; likes B. doesn?t like; likes C. likes ;like D. like; doesn?t like

( )25、There are _____ animals in the zoo.


A. many kind of B. many kinds of C. much kind of D. much kinds of

( )26、---Let?s go to the zoo and see a panda.


A. Thank you B. You are welcome C. Yes, I?m here. D. A good idea

( )27、“Would you like orange juice?” “ No, thanks.”

A. any B. some C. many D. an

( )28、His birthday is not _____ June. It?s _____ Teachers? Day.

A. in, in B. on, in C. in, on D. on, on

( )29、---I don?t know how to make tea.

---First, you get some hot water ready. _______ put the tea in the cup. _______ pour(倒) the hot water into the cup.

A. Then; Finally B. And; So C. So; But D. And; And

( )30、His father is searching ________ information.

A. to B. for C. in D. do

( )31、---________do you go to the cinema?

--- On Saturday evening.

A. How many B. When C. How much D. What time

( )32、Mr. Wang often _______ travel plans on his computer.

A. does B. likes C. makes D. do

( )33、I like swimming _______ skating very much but I don?t like running______fishing

A. or, and B. and, or C. or, or D. and, and

( )34、_______ I go to work on foot.

A. Some time B. Sometime C. Some times D. Sometimes

( )35、There are millions of websites(网站) on the Internet and there ______a lot of useful ______on the websites.

A. are;


Jim to borrow a book from a new library. He comes to the library They can't see assistants(图书管理员) there, but only some robots(机器人) standing there. Then Jim to the robot, "Hey, give . "What's wrong this robot?" he asks Jack. Then Jack tells him, "When you want to 3 informations B. are; information C. is; information D. is; informations

borrow something from somebody, you must 'please' first". So Jim says, "Will you please give the book to me?" Mr. Robot brings him the book. But again, Jim can't take the book out of the robot?s hand.

' before you take the book." So Jim says, "Oh, thank you very much, Mr. Robot."

The robot smiles and .

( ) 36. A. is wanting B. want C. wants D. wanting

( ) 37. A. to B. with C. and D. for

( ) 38.A. some B. any C. a D. an

( ) 39. A. says B. speak C. talk D. say

( ) 40. A. the book me B. I the book C. me to the book D. me the book

( ) 41. A. isn't work B. doesn't work C. aren't work D. don't work

( ) 42. A. at B. for C. with D. of

( )43. A. say B. speak C. talk D. sing

( ) 44. A. I'm sorry B. Excuse me C. I'm fine D. Thank you

( ) 45. A. give the book to him B. give the book him

C. give him the book D. gives the book to him



There are many animals from different countries in Beijing Zoo, such as bears, giraffes and pandas. The lions are dangerous because they eat meat. The bears eat meat too, but also plants. Elephants are different. They?re tall and eat plants. Pandas are black and white and eat bamboo. The panda?s name is Lingling.

( )46、The animals in Beijing Zoo are from_______ .

A. Beijing B. China C. many countries D. Asia

( ) 47. The lions are dangerous because________ .

A They?re big. B. They live in forest.

C They are tall D. They eat other animals.

( ) 48. The bears eat _______.

A. meat B. plants C. bamboo

( ) 49. Elephants are _________

4 D. A and B

A . tall B. dangerous C. black and white

( ) 50. ________ name is Lingling.

A . The guide?s D cute B. The tiger?s C. The bear?s D The panda?s


It is summer . An ant(蚂蚁) works all day long. Now she is carrying(搬运) some cakes to her home near a big tree. A cicada(蝉) is in the tree. He says to the ant,

“How do you do, Ant? Why are you working so hard today? Look, the sun is good and the sky is blue. It?s warm and fine. Have a rest. Come and play together(一起).” But the ant says, “ No, I have to work. Winter will come and it will be cold. Where can I get the food then?”

“You can work in autumn, too. I sing every day. How happy I am!” Summer and autumn go. Now winter comes. There is snow everywhere. The cicada doesn?t have any food. So she goes to the ant?s house to eat some food. ( ) 51. The ant works all day long in ______. A. spring B. summer C. autumn D. winter ( ) 52. The ant lives ______ a tree. A. on B. in C. far from D. near ( ) 53.The cicada_______ when the ant works. A. plays B. works C. sings D. sleeps ( ) 54. The cicada asks the ant to _________. A. play with him B. work together C. sleep D. eat leaves ( ) 55. The cicada goes to the ant?s house for______. A.playing with the ant B. saying sorry to the ant C. some food D. singing (C) It is John?s birthday today. He is five years old. He gets many birthday presents from his family and one of them is a nice big drum (鼓). “Who gives him that drum?” his father asks. “His grandfather,” answers John?s mother. John likes his drum very much. He makes a terrible noise (烦人的噪音) with it, but his mother doesn?t say anything about it. His father is not at home. He is working in a school. So he doesn?t hear (听到) the noise. But one of the neighbours (邻居) does not like the noise. So one morning she takes a knife and goes into John?s room. John is making a noise with the drum. She says to him, “Hello, John. Do you know there is something very nice in your drum? Here?s a knife. Open the drum and 5

let?s find it.” “OK.”

( )56.How old is John?

A. 5 B. 4 C. 15 D.16

( )57.Who gives John the drum as his birthday present?

A. His father. B. His neighbour. C. His grandfather. D.His mother.

( )58.What present is John?s favourite?

A.The candy. B. The knife. C. The drum. D.The pen

( )59.What?s John?s father?s job?

A.A doctor. B.A worker. C.A teacher. D. A farmer

( )60.Who opens the drum with the knife?

A. John?s father. B. John C. John?s mother D .John?s brother.


Now, China has the second largest number of Internet users in the world after the United States. Many of Chinese Internet users are teenagers(年轻人). They spend about 13 hours every week online. On the Internet, students can find out almost anything. Surfing(冲浪) the Internet can help them with their homework and learn a lot of knowledge.

People can use the Internet to write letters, stories and to send emails. Many teenagers keep in touch with their friends online. They can also make new friends through QQ or ICQ. Some of the students surf the Internet just for fun. They like to listen to music, watch films, and go to their favorite stars? websites.

But some parents always think that the Internet takes young people away from study. “They spend too much time playing computer games and most games are about killing(杀人) and fighting(打架). It?s too dangerous. And there are some dirty things on the Internet,” says the mother of a 13-year-old boy.

( ) 61.According to this passage, China has the ________ highest number of Internet users.

A.second B.third C.first D.fourth

( )62.Some of the students surf the Internet for fun.What can they do?

A.They can listen to music and watch films.

B. They can go to their favorite stars? websites.

C.They write letters,stories and send emails.

D.A and B.

( )63.Some parents worry that the Internet is ________.


B.dangerous 6 C.traditional D.useful

( )64.The phrase ??keep in touch with” means ________.

A.保持联系 B.交朋友 C.打电话 D.写信

( )65.What?s the best title(题目)of this article?

A.The Internet B.The Computer C.The Teenagers D.The Mother

五、按要求改写下列各句,每空一词 (10分) 对划线部分提问)

______ ______ does she have dinner? 对画线部分提问)

______ ______you get a lot of presents ?

68. Jack eats breakfast at home. (改为一般疑问句)

______ Jack ______ breakfast at home?

69.He often plays computer games at home.(变否定句)

He ______ often ______ computer games t home.


________ ________does Betty play computer games ?

六、用所给词的适当形式填空 (10分)

Gary:Hello! Betty! Tomorrow is my birthday.Let?s have)a party at my home. Betty:Great.What do you usually do at parties?

Gary:make)listen) to music,drink)eat) the cake together. Betty:(get)presents?

Gary:Yes,send)me presents.love)

books.Every year they give me some books.come)? Betty:Yes.I?d love to.What about John? Do you usually invite him to your parties? Gary:Sure,(come)to my birthday party.


81.保持健康_______________ 82. as well as_____________

83. 居住在非洲____________ 84. go on the Internet____________

85.擅长_______________ 86. all over the world_____________

87.在周末 _______________ 88. hear from ____________

89.打开新文件________________ 90. such as ____________


八、综合填空 (10分)

There is no c_____91____ in my home. I can o____92____ use it at school. On the Internet, I s_____93____ for information, do my h____94_____ and c____95______my email. I have a friend in Australia. I can see her and t___96___ to her on the Internet.

- Alice

We have a computer a____97____home. My parents don?t use it. I can use it on Sundays. I send e___98___ to my friends and play computer games. But s_____99_______ I play a lot of g___100___ and my mother doesn?t like it.

- Mike

91___________ 92___________93______________94____________95____________ 96___________97___________98_______________99_____________100____________


假如你是Lucy, 以My school day为题,介绍你的一天的学校生活,(不少于50字) 参考词汇.

get up finish have breakfast go to bed do one?s homework have lessons


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