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一. 单项选择(15分)

( )1. John is ______ honest boy. He has ______ useful book.

A. an; an B. a; a C. a; an D .an; a

( )2. ________ he told me!

A. What bad news B. How a bad news C. How bad news D. What a bad news ( )3. --- ______ does she dance every day? --- For one hour.

A. How much B. How soon C. How many D. How long ( )4. I don’t like this pair of glasses at all. Please show me _________.

A. the other one B. the other pair C. another one D. another pair ( )5. He always looks _______. Now he's looking ______ at his new drawing.

A. happy; happily B. happy; happy C. happily; happily D. happily; happy ( )6. Shanghai is bigger than _____ in Jiangsu and bigger than _______ in China.

A. any city, any city B. any city, any other city

C. any other city, the other cities D. any other city, any city

与 梦 想 坚 持 者 同 行


( )7. Paul took ________ exercise after school. He needed a good rest.

A. much too B. too much C. too many D. many too

( )8. Don’t ______ to others like that. You should ______ politely.

A. say; speak B. speak; tell C. say ; talk D. talk; speak

( )9. — What ______ your Chinese teacher ______? — She is tall and beautiful.

A. does; like B. is; like C. is; look like D. does; look

( )10. It ______ me about 25 minutes to get to the railway station yesterday.

A. spent B. costed C. took D. paid

( )11. Today is Wednesday. He _______ be at home. He _____ be at school.

A. can’t, can B. can’t, must C. mustn’t, must D. mustn’t, can ( )12. John arrived _____ London _____ a cold morning.

A. on; at B. at; at C. in; on D. at; in

( )13. ______ all the stars, the sun is _______ to the earth.

A. In; the nearest B. Of; the nearer C. In; the most near D. Of; the nearest ( )14. Can you finish the work better with ______ money and ______ people?

A. less; fewer B. fewer; less C. little; little D. few; few

( )15. --- Would you like to go camping with us this weekend? --- __________

与 梦 想 坚 持 者 同 行


A. I’m afraid so. B. I’m glad to hear that.

C. Yes, I’d love. D. Great! Why not?


People usually don’t like mice. But one mouse has been one of the most famous film stars in the 16____ . That is the well-known Mickey Mouse. One night a man called Walt Disney was drawing 17____ he heard a strange sound. The sound came 18____ the waste-basket. Walt went over and saw a 19___ of mice eating pieces of bread in it. For many nights, they played there. Walt began to 20_____ them. Walt liked one little mouse better than any of

21____ mice. This little 22____ gave him some new 23____ for his drawing. He started to draw 24____. But in the picture, it looked 25____ like a funny man than a mouse. Walt wanted to make this little mouse 26____ in his pictures and soon it was able to speak. 27____ he named it Mickey Mouse. People laughed when they saw the film because they enjoyed 28____ it. Soon Mickey became very 29 ____ with both old and young people.

Children loved their lovely friend because it brought joy and pleasure to them. Perhaps this is 30____ people love Mickey Mouse though they don’t like real mice.

( ) 16. A. world B. country C. city D. town

( ) 17. A. while B. when C. before D. then

( ) 18. A. at B. to C. into D. from

( ) 19. A. line B.row C. family D. basket

( ) 20. A. like B. hate C. kill D. catch

与 梦 想 坚 持 者 同 行


( ) 21. A. others B. the others C. other D. the other

( ) 22. A. animals B. cat C. dog D. chick

( )23. A. pictures B. mice C. animals D. ideas

( ) 24. A. them B. it C. him D. her

( ) 25. A. less B. better C. more D. very

( ) 26. A. jump B. dance C. run D. talk

( ) 27. A. Late B. Later C. Before D. After

( ) 28. A. beating B. seeing C. drawing D. fighting

( )29. A. angry B. interested C. happy D. popular

( ) 30. A. where B. when C. why D. how



In America, just as in Europe, men usually open doors for women, and women always walk ahead of men into a room or a restaurant, unless the men have to be ahead of the ladies to choose the table, to open the door of a car or do some other things like the above. On the street, men almost always walk or cross the street on the closer side of the ladies to the traffic. But if a man walks with two ladies he should walk between them. If a host or hostess or both of them drive to get their guest for dinner, the guest should sit at the front seat and leave the back seat though there are no people sitting on it.

31. In America, men usually ________.

与 梦 想 坚 持 者 同 行


A. walk ahead of women

C. walk behind women

32. In the street , men _______.

A. cross the street

B. eat in a restaurant D. drive a car to work B. walk on the right side for the ladies D. walk on the closer side of the ladies to the traffic C. walk near the ladies

33. If a man walks with two ladies, he should ______.

A. walk between them

C. follow them B. run before them D. go away

34. If a man asks you to speak at a meeting, first you should say, “________”.

A. How are you?

B. Is everyone here? D. How do you do? C. Ladies and gentlemen

35. If Mrs Green invites you to her house in a car, you should ________.

A. jump into the car

C. sit at the back seat B. sit at the front seat D. drive the car


Once there was an old poor farmer called Banah. He often cut grass and sold fruits and vegetables.

It happened that one day when he was working in his small field, he acciden- tally(偶尔) cut off his left hand. He was afraid of it and decided to bury(埋) it behind his small hut(小木屋).

At last, a tree grew and a lot of fruit was on it. The fruit smelt sweet and strong. Animals and birds came to see it.

When Banah saw this, he came and tasted the fruit. It was delicious! He decided to sell it, and then he became a rich man.

与 梦 想 坚 持 者 同 行


All the farmers came to plant this fruit, but they didn’t know its name. They all came and asked Banah the name of the fruit, but Banah did not know, either. He had a favourite song “Nana”. He decided to join his own name and Nana together to form the fruit’s name.

So, it is now, as we all know, called “banana”.

36.How did the poor farmer make a living?

A. He sold bananas. B. He sold fruits and vegetables.

C. He grew bananas. D. He sang the song “Nana”.

37.What happened to the farmer one day when he was working in his field?

A. He found a lot of fruit. B. He hurt his right hand.

C. He became a rich man. D. He cut off his left hand.

38.The poor farmer buried his left hand behind his hut __________.

A. so as to have a tree grow there B. in order to get some delicious fruit

C. because he was afraid of it D. because he wanted to get rich

39.What happened to the farmer when a tree grew behind his hut and a lot of nice fruit was on


A. He asked his friends to taste the fruit B. He sold the fruit and became rich.

C. Animals and birds came to see the fruit. D. He helped the other farmers plant the tree.

40.Which of the following is the main idea of the story above?

A. How the word “banana” came. B. How the farmer became rich.

C. How the farmer cut off his left hand. D. How the farmer made a living.


Look at the light and beautiful snowflakes (雪花) falling. Ever wanted to hold them in your hands? They are always lost when they meet your hands.

与 梦 想 坚 持 者 同 行


Well, this isn’t just a problem for you. It was a problem for Wilson Bentley, too. In the 1870s, Wilson Bentley was just a teenager. His family lived in a small town in northeast America. Winters there were long and hard. Bentley’s mother was once a school teacher. She taught him at home. Bentley didn’t go to school until he was 14. He was a quiet boy, and loved reading his mother’s books.

But it was his mother’s microscope (显微镜) that interested him. When the other

boys were playing with balls, little Bentley was studying things like drops of water, flowers and snowflakes. Bentley loved watching snowflakes. For the next two years young Bentley spent many winter days in a cold room watching these ice crystals (晶体) under his microscope.

The boy thought they were so beautiful that he started to draw pictures of

them. But there were so many snowflakes that he couldn’t draw them all. How could he keep their beauty forever? Bentley thought of buying a camera. The boy and his mother asked his father to buy one. But, his father didn’t agree. He thought the whole thing was a bad idea. He thought the only thing a farmer should do was farming.

But finally Bentley did get a camera. For more than a year he tried to take pictures of snowflakes. On January 15, 1885, during a snowstorm, Bentley took the first ever

photo of an ice crystal with his camera. “It was the greatest moment of my life,” Bentley said later.

For 13 years, Bentley worked quietly and took thousands of photos of ice crystals. Later he became known as “Snowflake” Bentley.

41.The best title for this passage is ____.

A. Snowflake Photos

B. Snowflake Boy C. Long and Hard Winters D. Teenage Photographer

与 梦 想 坚 持 者 同 行


42.We can tell from the story that Bentley’s father was ____.

A. a farmer B. a funny man C. an athletic man D. a school teacher

43.Which of the following statements about Bentley is true?

A. He didn’t get any kind of education as a child.

B. He was born into a rich family.

C. He was the first person to take photos of snowflakes.

D. He was fascinated by the beauty of snowflakes.

44. What kind of person do you think Bentley was?

A. He was outgoing. B. He was too serious.

D. He was very warm-hearted. C. He was interested in learning.

45. The “ice crystals” in the third paragraph refers to “____”.

A. water drops B. rain drop C. flowers


根据句子意思, 用括号中所给汉语提示或单词的适当形式填空。(每空一词)

A) 根据首字母填入所缺的单词。

46. Amy is always c__________ and she often jumps and sings on the way back home.

47. They say a computer will be as small as your hand in the near f_______. Do you believe that?

48. He is always so n____________ during the plane trip that he never falls asleep.

49. What is the h__________ of the mountain? Is it 1200 meters?

50. You will soon find English a very useful l___________ if you travel a lot.

B) 用括号内所给单词的适当形式填空。

51. These pancakes made by my mother are really __________. (taste)

52. The real _________ of the match were our players. (hero)

与 梦 想 坚 持 者 同 行 D. snowflakes


53. He is a man of many ___________. (able)

54. The child was ____________ in his tight boots. (comfortable)

55. He looks much ___________ than before. (thin)


56. He came and gave us a talk last Sunday. (用动词不定式改写)

He came ________ ________us a talk last Sunday.


________ ________ Kitty plan to________?

58. The Pyramids looked like the real ones in Egypt. (改为一般疑问句)

________ the Pyramids________like the real ones in Egypt?

59. Tom can go with us. He can stay at home. (合并成并列句)

Tom can go with us________ stay at home.

60. They are playing football. The others are playing basketball. (合并成并列句)

They are playing football ________ the others are playing basketball.



London is one of the with a long history in . It is also the of the world there, such as the National Theatre, the National Gallery(画廊) and so on. Y there. Most of the old and buildings are on the bank of the River buildings.

and the culture as well.

61._________ 62._________ 63. __________64. ________65. _________

与 梦 想 坚 持 者 同 行




请以“My best friend”为题写好介绍,词数不少于60个。短文应包括下列要点提示: 1、他(她)的外貌特征:高而瘦,圆脸,大眼睛……




My best friend

与 梦 想 坚 持 者 同 行

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