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( ) 1. Where does Bob live now?

A.In the countryside. B .In the town. C.In the city .

( ) 2. What does the man mean?

A.He agree with the woman. B.He doesn?t ride a bike to work. C.He thinks the woman is wrong.

( ) 3. What does the girl usually have for breakfast?

A.Milk and bread. B. Hamburgers. C.Nothing.

( ) 4. What does the man do?

A.He is a doctor. B. He is a teacher. C. He is a writer.

( ) 5. How many apples the girl eats a week?

A.Fourteen. B.Twelve. C.Ten.



( )6.

( )7.

( )8.

( )9.

( )10.

听对话,选择正确答案。每组对话读两遍。(5分) ( )11.Where are Sam and his mother? A.At school. B.At home. C.In a food shop. ( )12.What’s Sam’s favorite food? A.Chicken sandwiches. B.Vegetable sandwiches. C.Bread and milk. ( )13.What does Sam’s mother ask him to do before eating? A.Wash his face. B.Wash his hands. C.Clean his teeth. ( )14.What’s Sam’s dad doing now? A.He’s going to the station. B.He’s sleeping. C.He’s working. ( )15.Why did Sam’s dad go to bed late last night?

A.He went to the train station to meet his friend. B.He wrote to his friend till late last night. C.He couldn’t find the way to the train station last night. 二、单项选择(15小题,每小题2分,共30分) ( ) 16. You?d better _______ too much meat. You are much too fat.

A. not eat B. eat C. not to eat D. don?t eat

( ) 17. —Which is _______, the sun, the moon or the earth?

—Of course the sun.

A.smaller B.the smallest C.bigger D.the biggest

( ) 18.—_______ do you have a Music Festival(音乐节) at your school?

—Once a year. A.How soon B.How often C.How long D.What time

( )19. —Would you like to climb mountains with me this Sunday? —I?d love to. But I _______ play table tennis between Class Three and our class. A.am going B.am going to C.am D.going to ( ) 20. —Excuse me, can you give me a _______? —Sure. A.hand B.help C.ball D.favor

( ) 21. —Lin Tao, why are you so ________? —Because I win the table tennis game . A. angry B. excited C. tired D. worried

( ) 22. My foreign friend, Tom, will come to _______. A.cheer me up B.cheer up me C.cheer me on D.cheer on me

( ) 23. —Where are you going to work next year? —_______. Maybe Hefei or Nanjing. A.I?m not so sure. B.I think so. C.That?s a good idea. D.I hope not. ( )24. —I think classical music is pleasant. —_______ I think it?s boring. A.I agree. B.I think so. C.I don?t agree. D.I don?t know. ( ) 25. —Must we finish the project in a month? —No, you _______. A.mustn?t B.needn?t C.can?t D.don?t

( ) 26. —How does Bob usually go to work?

—He _______ take a bus, but now he is used to(习惯于) walking. A.used B.was used to C.used to D.is used to

( ) 27. —What were you doing at this time yesterday? —We _______ in the classroom. A.read B.were reading C.are reading D.was reading

( ) 28. —There _______ a concert this evening. —Exciting news. A. are going to be B. is going to be C. is going to have D. will have

( ) 29. —I was at the cinema at nine o?clock yesterday evening. What about you? —I _______ TV at home. A.am watching B.was watching C.will watch D.watched

( ) 30. I want to be a doctor when I _______. A.grow up B.talk about C.get up D.was born



I study in Yang Shan Middle School. There is a big in our school. It has many kinds of books in it. All the students in our school can borrow books the library but they can?t them for more than(多于) two weeks. Everyone must return the library?s books Now Miss Yang at her desk in the library. Alice comes in and says, “Excuse me, Miss Yang, I?m very sorry. I want I can?t find it now.” “What?s the of the book?” Miss Yang says. “It?s Harry Potter.” “Oh, I?m afraid you must pay for(赔款) it.”

At the moment Lucy comes into the library. “ Excuse me ,Miss Yang. I a book. I think it?s the .” “Oh, good girl!” Miss Yang looks at the book and says, “It?s Harry Potter, Alice. Is it the book you?ve lost(丢失)??? “Yes,” says Alice. “Thank you, Miss Yang!” “Don?t thank me. Wethank Lucy!?? says Miss Yang. ( )31. A. gym B. classroom C. library D. playground ( )32. A. from B. to C. in D. of ( )33. A. borrow B. keep C. lend D. do ( )34. A. in time B. at times C. some time D. on time ( )35. A. work B. is working C. to work D. works ( )36. A. And B. So C. But D. Or ( )37. A .color B. subject C.time D. name ( )38. A. see B. find C. look for D. look ( )39. A. library?s B. others? C. Alice?s D. Miss Yang?s ( )40. A. can B. can?t C. must D. mustn?t 四、阅读理解(20小题,每小题2分,共40分)


It?s Sunday today. Jim doesn?t go to school. He stays at home. He loves his father and mother very much. They are not at home now. He wants to do some housework for them. Look! He is cleaning the floor with a broom (扫帚). Oh, the window is too high. He must stand on a chair to clean it. Now he is cleaning the floor with a mop(拖把). He works hard, and after he finishes (完成) cleaning, the windows and the floor look new and clean. But Jim looks a little dirty(脏的). Jim is a good boy. Do you think so?

( )41.Jim stays at home _____ .

A.every day B.in the morning

C.on Sunday D.in the afternoon

( )42.Jim goes to school _____ .

A.every day B.on weekdays C.on Sundays D.on weekend(周末)

( )43.Jim cleans the floor with _____ .

A.a broom B.a mop C.his friend D. A and B

( )44.Can Jim clean the window standing on a chair?

A.Yes, he can. B.It doesn?t matter. C.No, he can?t. D.That?s all right.

( ) 45.Which of the following sentences is NOT right(不正确)?

A.Jim doesn?t go to school on Sundays. B.Jim is working hard.

C.Jim often helps his parents to do some housework. D.Jim is not a good boy.

( B )

I didn?t feel very well this morning, so I went to the doctor?s. Dr. Lee examined me and said that there was nothing much serious with me, but I had a problem. He told me that I was too weak(虚弱的),. I know that very well. I want to lose some weight(减肥), so I eat less food than usual. I don?t have breakfast or supper. For lunch, I just eat one apple, a cup of tea and two pieces of bread, and I lose some weight. Now I look thinner but pale. What should I do?

( )46. The writer went to the doctor?s because .

A. she was a doctor B. she worked there

C. she wanted to meet her friends there D. something was wrong with her ( )47. What?s the matter with the writer?

A. she?s too heavy B. she?s a little weak C. she?s too weak D. she has a bad cold ( )48. For lunch, she has A. an apple B. a cup of coffee C. two pieces of bread and a cup of tea D. A and C ( )49. The writer is

than before.

A. fatter B. thinner C. stronger D. taller

( )50. Does the writer know what to do now?

A. Yes, she does B. No, she doesn?t C. No, she didn?t D. Yes, she did


Toby went to China for a holiday with his father this summer. Their first destination(目的地) was Beijing. They arrived in Beijing on 8th, August.

According to the travel plan, can you guess what they did in Beijing?

( )51They paid _______ for the Beijing visit. A.$190 B.$ 280 C.$ 470 D.$ 560 ( )52.On which day did they see Beijing Opera in the evening? A.The first day. B.The second day. C.The third day. D.The fourth day. ( )53.How many places of interest did they go to on Day 3? A.One. B.Two. C.Three. D.Four. ( )54.On day4, they visited _______. A.Hutong B.Silk Market C.Beihai Park D.A and B ( )55.When did they leave Beijing? A.10th, August. B.11th, August. C.12th, August. D.13th, August.


Old John went to see a doctor. The doctor checked him over and said, “Medicine can?t help you. You must have a good rest. Go to a quiet place for a month, go to bed early, drink some milk, walk a lot and smoke one cigar(雪茄烟) a day.”

“Thank you very much,” said old John, “I will do everything you told me.”

A month later old John came to see the doctor again. “Well, I?m glad to see you. You look much younger,” said the doctor.

“Oh, doctor,” said old John, “I feel quite well now. I had a good rest. I went to bed early, drank a lot of milk, and walked a lot. Your advice helped me. But you asked me to smoke one cigar a day, and the ?one cigar one day? almost killed(杀死) me at first. It?s not fun to start(开始) smoking at my age.” ( )56.The doctor ________.

A. asked him to take some medicine B. asked him not to take any medicine C. didn’t say any word about medicine

D. gave him some medicine

( ) 57. Old John was ________ after a month.

A. much better B. tired C. quiet D. not so well ( ) 58. The doctor didn’t tell John to ___________.

A. go to a quiet place B. eat fresh fruit C. walk every day D. drink some milk ( )59. Old John _______ before.

A. smoked a lot B. smoked a little C. smoked one cigar a day D. didn’t smoke

( ) 60. The best title(题目) for the passage(短文) should be ________. A. Old John B. Old John Was Happy C. A Doctor’s Idea D. Old John’s Holiday




( )61.Could I open the door for you?

( )62.Which do you prefer, football or basketball? ( )63.What do you think of the skirt? ( )64.Are you interested in skating? ( )65.How about sending her flowers?

A.I’d love to. Thank you. B.Good idea.

C.Sure. Thank you. D.Not bad. I like its style. E.No. I enjoy climbing. F.I like football better.


A: Hi, Fangfang. You were not at school yesterday.

B: Oh, I had a headache and I had to ask for a sick leave(请病假). A: Sorry to hear that.

B: Yes, my mother took me to the hospital. The doctor checked me over and said I had a cold. A:

B: Yes, a little. The doctor told me to take the medicine three times a day and drink more water. A:

B: Yes, much better. A:

B: You?re right. I think I will make a plan for that. Thanks a lot.

66.________67._________68.________69._______70. _______


请根据上面表格提示以How to keep healthy为题写一篇60词左右的短文。(20分)








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