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In the United States,“hitting the books”means studying a subject with great effort.

One of the great challenges for students taking tests. Students long hours preparing for a test. They read all their books carefully, and then read them and a third time. They prepare for possible question. They study every night. They are “hitting the books”

In the United States, most children go to school they are five years old. Public education is free and most children go to schools near their homes. School in these early years is . The children learn to read and write, but they also play games and go on trips. There is no reason such an early age for them to hit the books.

This situation changes as children become older. The subjects become more difficult. Students world history, algebra(代数)and the life sciences. Tests become more common.

Pressure to hit the books, study hard, and advance(升级)

, most students only really begin hitting the books for long hours when they reach high school.

Knowledge is a prize that is not easy to gain.

36.A.are B. is C. were D. was

37.A.cost B.take C. spend D.pay

38.A. a first time B.a second time C.a third time D. a fourth time

39.A. all B.no C.few D.every

40.A.when B.since C.for D. that

41.A.boring B.difficult C.fun D.strange

42.A. at B.on C.in D.for

43.A. look for B. learn about C.set up D.hear of

44.A. is growing B. is disappearing C.is falling D.is going

45.A.Although B.Even C.Whatever D. However

A three-year-old boy saved his mum's life by using her mobile phone to call for help. One morning, Aaron Green, found his mum Cally Wooton lying on the floor of her bedroom, and was not able to wake her up. He immediately turned to his mum's Blackberry mobile phone 1

on the bed, opened it, found the address book, and called his mum's grandmother, even though he had never been shown how to use the phone. Little Aaron told her: Mummy's sick, she's very ill.? The grandmother called Cally's best friend Kara McCoy, who lived nearby. Kara ran to Cally's house. She found Cally was lying on the bedroom floor. She must have fallen off the bed. She was moving but wouldn't answer. Kara was scared. She didn't know what to do. She was helpless, so she called the ambulance(救护车)

Cally was sent to hospital and was found that she had a diabetic seizure

After five days in hospital, Cally was well again.

Aaron has just started learning his ABC.?Kara said, But he was very brave and calm. He did better than me.?

If it wasn't for Aaron, 1 wouldn't be here now. The doctors said 1 was lucky to be alive.?the boy's mother said,“ I don't know how he did it. It is not easy to use that phone. It feels like I must have been watched over by an angel who was guiding him through what to do. I want everyone to know what a Superman he is.”

46.What did Aaron do when he found his mum lying on the floor?

A.He ran away at once.

B. He didn't know what to do.

C. He called his mum's grandmother.

D.He called his mum's best friend, Kara.

47.From the passage we know that

A. Cally was well the next day

B. Cally told his son to call for help

C. Cally's mother sent her to hospital

D. Cally's son saved her life by using her mobile phone

48. The underlined word she?in the passage refers to____

A. Cally B. Kara C. the doctor D Cally' s grandmother

49.This passage may be _______ . (糖尿病发作)

A. an advertisement B. a piece of news C. a poster D. a survey

答案36B 37C 38B 39D 40A 41C 42A 43B 44A 45C 46C 47D 48A 49B


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