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( third one who said he was third to reach the top.

A. a , a B. the , the C. a , the D. the , a

( )2. We will hand in our homework as soon as it .

A. finishes B. finished C. will be finished D. is finished

( )3. he is a good student , he mustn’t talk in class .

A. If B. Even though C. But D. Because

( )4. Dad thought important for me to have an English dictionary.

A. it B. that is C.this D. it is

( )5.— I am a fan of Xiongluling , winner of “Dream China”. How cool he is!

— A. So I do. B. So do I. C. So I am.

( )6.— What’s the best way of losing weight?

— .

A. Why not playing games? B. Why don’t you play games?

C. I advise you to playing games. D. You’d better to play games.

( )7.—What was the weather like?

—It was terrible . It rained . People could go out.

A. hardly , hardly B. hard , hard C. hard , hardly D. hardly , hard D.So am I.

( )8.— Do you mind if I turned the TV down?

— A. Yes , I don’t mind B. No , go right ahead.

C. Yes, please turn it down. D. Don’t worry . You’ll get used to it soon.

( )9. The Scientist was explaining I discovered was useful to them.

A. what that B. that why C. why what D. what why

( )10. There are the new students in the room. The room is very lively.

A. 2 hundreds of B. 2 hundred of

C. 2 hundreds D. 2 hundred

( )11.— She didn’t come to school yesterday, did she?

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en.12999.com 12999英语网

— , though she was not feeling very well.

A. No , she didn’t

B. Yes , she didn’t D. Yes , she did C. No , she did

( )12.—Listen. Is that Miss Sun playing the piano in her room?

—No. It be her. She has gone to the library.

A. may not B. needn’t C. mustn’t D. can’t

( )13. It was performance that we kept excitedly.

A. so an exciting , clapping B. such an exciting , clap

C. so an exciting , clap D. such an exciting , clapping

( )14. I until my friend comes.

A. won’t wait B. will wait C. wait D. don’t wait

( )15. The patient didn’t feel last week , but she is now.

A. good , more healthy

C. good , much healthily B. well , much healthier D. well , more health

( ) 16. The rest of the summer holidays _______ short for us.

A. is B. are C. have D. has

( ) 17. The house is very big, so we won’t worry about ___ enough room for parties.

A. not to have B. not having C. don’t have D. not have

( ) 18. --- ___________. --- Thank you.

A. Shall I close the door? B. You have a beautiful voice.

C. No smoking here. D. Will you please give me a hand?

( ) 19. Kitty is a Gemini. She is probably ________ and clever.

A. alive B. living C. lively D. life

( ) 20. Daniel is very selfish, he only cares ______ himself.

A. of B. about C. to D. for

( ) 21.. ---I’m ____to eat a horse now! --- Really? But I don’t have ___ for you.

A. hungry enough; food enough B. enough hungry; enough food

C. enough hungry; food enough D. hungry enough; enough food

( ) 22. How many students were born ___ the star sign of Aquarius in your class?

A. with B. to C. under D. for

( ) 23. The poor little kid has problems ______ his ears so he can’t talk or hear anything.

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A. in B. at C. on D. with

( ) 24. Which of the following can not be used as an object?

A. to be a powerful person

C. themselves B. walking along the street D. beautiful

( ) 25. The___girl fell___quickly after coming back from her friend’s party at midnight.

A. asleep, asleep B. asleep, sleepy C. sleepy, asleep D.sleepy, sleepy

( ) 26.. --- Have you heard the light music? --- Yes, it ____ beautiful.

A. listens B. hears C. feels D. sounds

( ) 27. He forgot ______ his homework. He _______ it at home.

A. taking; left B. to bring; left C. bringing; forget D. to take; forgot

( ) 28. There are ________ books in the library that I can’t find the book Harry Potter which I think is

__________ interesting.

A. so many; too much B. too much; much too

C. too many; much too D. so many; much too

( ) 29. --- Where ______ are you going?

--- We will go to Hongkong Disneyland as well.

A. other place B. another C. else D. also

( ) 30. I don’t think he would mind ____ the windows. ____ you agree ____ me?

A .to close, do, to B. close, are, with

C, close, are, to D. closing, do, with

( ) 31. What is Tom arguing ___ his brother __?

A. with; with B. with; / C. with; about D. about; /

( ) 32. --- He is very good at making or repairing things. Look! He made this for me.

--- It looks so nice! _________.

A. He is so modest! B. How active he is!

C. What a practical boy! D. How hard-working!

( ) 33. What ___ you ___ before having an important exam?

A. do; worried about B. are; worrying C. do, worry D. are; worried about

( ) 34. He is angry____ me because I have made____ mistakes in the test.

A. for, few B. with, a little C. with, even more D. for, more

( )35. He is angry____ me because I have made____ mistakes in the test.

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en.12999.com 12999英语网

A. for, few B. with, a little C. with, even more D. for more

( )36. When I came into the room, I found ______in bed.

A. him, lying B. he, lying C. he ,lies D him , was lying

( ’t a happy woman.

A. attributive B. predicate C. predicative D. adverbial

( )38. He is afraid of _____front of the whole class.

A. speaking in B. speaking in the C. to speak in D. to speak in the

( )39.You have a beautiful voice.

A. Don’t make fun of me B. No, you can’t say so.

C. Just so so. D. That’s very kind of you to say so.

( )40. Which word is formal language?

A. PS B. Mr. C. I’m D. cheers

( )41. My mother has had the clothes .

A. is washed B. was washing C. to wash D. washed

D.has been in ( A. has gone to B. has been to C. has come to

( of you to help me solve the problem.

A. important B.necessary C.impossible D. kind

( ) 44. We must run, _____ we will miss the train.

A. so B. otherwise C. though D. but

( ) 45. —I think English is more useful than Chinese.

--- I don’t ___________ you. They are both useful.

A. get on with B. catch up with C. talk with D. agree with

( ) 46. A _________ person cares only about oneself.

A. selfish B. fair C. curious D. patient

( ) 47. A: I’to eat a horse now!

B: Really? But I don’t have _for you. It’s a great pity!

A. hungry enough, food enough C. hungry enough, food enough B. enough hungry, enough food D. hungry enough, enough food

( ) 48. How many students are born the star sign of Aquarius in your class?

A. with B. to C. under D. for

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en.12999.com 12999英语网

( ) 49. It’s not my blouse. It may be .

A. someone else

C. else someone B. someone else’s D. someone’s else

( ) 50. I have to do before the exam, so I can’t watch TV now.

A. a lot; a lot of B. a lot; a lot C. a lot of; a lot D. a lot of; a lot of


1. The ________(lead) of the factory are pleased with their workers.

2. Can you hear her _________ (cry) in the room next to ours?

3. He has waited Lucy for an hour. He feels a little __________ (patient).

4. The story was funny enough _______ (make) all of us laugh.

5. Computers ________ (use) widely to send e-mails during the last few years..

6. You'd better give up ______ (solve) this problem. It’s too hard.

7. The student left school without _______ (tell) his teacher.

8. Billy is clever, but he never _______ (show) off.

9. There is no ________ (different) between these two pictures.

10. The wall is so dirty, I’ll have it ________(paint) this National Day.

(clean) the room.

(forgive) you for your mistakes?

6. How many cars ( produce) in china last year ?

(1) 翻译句子

A.他真粗心,把包忘在学校了。(It is + adj.+ of sb. +to do…)

2. 你不每天读英语是错误的。(It is + adj.+ of sb. +not to do…)

3. 她们真有耐心,等了1个小时。( be + adj. + enough to do…)


4. 这孩子到了上学的年龄了。( be + adj. + enough to do…)

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en.12999.com 12999英语网

5. 我不会介意为学生会做额外的工作。

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