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Ⅰ找出每组词中不属于同一范畴的词(每小题1分,共5分) ( )1.A.red B.blue C.white D.salad ( )2.A.bags B.tomatoes C.carrots D.potatoes ( )3.A.pants B.shorts C.socks D.soccers ( )4.A.boring B.interesting C.friend D.difficult ( )5.A.big B.sale C.long D.short Ⅱ词汇(每小题1分,共15分) A、根据所给汉语或首字母,完成单词。

6. J____________ is the first month of the year. 7. When is the school ___________?(旅游) 8. I like _________(音乐) very much.

9. The runners are very strong. Because they eat a lot of h________ food.

10. Danny’s favorite s_________ is P.E. B、用括号中所给词的正确形式填空

11.There are some ________(tomato)in the basket(篮子). 12.She ________(have)ice cream for dessert. 13.My birthday is October ________.(two)

14. Music is very ____________(interest).

15. Every day I watch TV for two ____________(hour). 16.Does your mother ________(watch)TV every day?

17.The little(小) girl likes ________(strawberry)a lot. 18.Lots of children(孩子) like ________(play)baseball. 19.Chicken ________(be)very delicious(非常美味).

20.My father is ____________(real)busy today.



21.This is _________ old car, and that is _________ new car. A. a; a B. an; a C. an; the D. a; the 22._________ is my friend. _________ name is Tom. A. She; Her B. Her; She C. He; His D. His; He 23.------ What is ______ name? ------- My name is Green.

A. his B. her C. your D.you 24. CCTV means ________ in Chinese.

A. 中央电视台B. 四川电视台 C. 不明飞行物D.甘肃台 25. 下面_______组字母的前后顺序是正确的。 A. hex B. cmz C. tun D.oei 26.—What color are the socks? —_________ yellow and brown.

A. They’re B. Them C. It’s D. It 27.—_________ is the bag? —It’s 7 dollars.

A. How many B. How much C. How old D. What color 28.I go to bed _________ 10:00 _________ the evening.

A. at; on B. at; in C. at; at D. in; / 29.—Does Tom _________ any soccer balls? —Yes, he _________ some.

A. have; have B. has; has C. have; has D. has; have 30.When _________ your friend _________ his homework every day? A. does; do B. do; does C. does; does D. do; do 31.—When is your birthday? —My birthday is _________.

A. in January nineth B. in January ninth C. on January nineth D. on January ninth 32.—Can you play the guitar?

—No, I _________, but I _________ play the violin.

A. can; can B. can’t; can’t C. can’t; can D. can; can’t33.—_________! Where is my jacket? —_________, I don’t know.

A. Excuse me; Yes B. Excuse; Sorry


C. Excuse me; Sorry D. Yes; Sorry 34.—Let’s _________ basketball. —_________ great.

A. playing; Sounds B. play; Sounds C. play; Sound D. plays; Sound

35Look at these _____. Victor has _______ aunt and two uncles. A. photos, a B. photos, an C. photos, the D.photos,/

36.The man is David Johnson. Johnson is his ____ name and David is his ______ name. A. do B. does C. is D.are

49. Science is difficult _______ interesting.

A. but B. and C. or D.however 50. —How much are the white shoes?

—Thirty-five yuan. —OK. ________.

A. Here you are B. I want it C. I’ll take them D.Thank you. Ⅳ.按要求完成下列各题(每小题1分,共10分) A. family, first B. first, family C. first, last D.first,first 37. A: Can you play chess? B: _________

A. Yes, I can’t. B. No, I can. C. No, I can’t. D.Sorry 38. Is this your pen? Please call me _____ 0833-8817171. A. on B. at C. in D.of 39.A:______ do you spell “orange”? B: O-R-A-N-G-E, orange.

A. What B. How C. Where D When

40.These books _____ mine. Your books are in your backpack. A. is B. am C. are D.its 41. A: What time do you get up? B: At 6:30 ________.

A. in the afternoon B. in the morning C. at night D.on the morning 42.当你进入某商店时,服务员可能对你说_________

A. Excuse me. B. Sorry. C. Can I help you? D.OK? 43. The first day of the week is _______.

A. Monday B. Sunday C.Friday D.Santurday 44. “______” “I can play the guitar.” A. What can you do?

B. Can you play the guitar?

C. What do you like? D.Play the guitar!

45. “ is his favorite actor?” “Paul Jackson.”

A. How B. Who C. What D where

46.“What about this white shirt?” “No. It’s too ______ for me. I want a small one. A. short B. big

C. long D.large

47. “Can you the word “ring”? “Yes, R-I-N-G.” A. spell B. call C. see D.say 48. Why your mother like music?


51. I __am______ a student(学生). My name is Li Hong. 52. She _____is___ my friend. Her name is Wang Mei. 53. Where _are_______ your balls? They are under the bed. 54. — ___can_____ you spell the word? — Sorry, I can’t. 55. — What _does_______ your uncle like? — He likes sports. B)用所给词的正确形式填空

56. Let__us___(we) have ice cream.

57. My pants are too old. I want__to__buy_____(buy) a new pair. 58. Bob doesn’t like (not like) salad or strawberries. 59. Can you____take_ (take) the notebook to my brother? 60. Those are her CDs. _____(it) are on the chair. Ⅴ、句型转换(每空1分,共10分)

61.Kate often eats pears. (改为一般疑问句) ______ Kate often ______ pears?

62. Are your books on the bed? (否定回答) , they .

63.His name is Li Hua.(同义句) ___________ ___________ Li Hua.

64. This yellow sweater is 8 dollars(对划线部分提问) is this yellow sweater?

65.Jim goes to school on Monday. (改为否定句) Jim ___________ ___________ to school on Monday



( )66. What’re these on the sofa? A. She is eleven. ( )67. Do you have an eraser ? B. Yes, it is. ( )68. Let’s play soccer. C. You’re welcome. ( )69. How old is she? D. Sorry, I don’t know. ( )70. Thanks a lot. E. They’re eggs. ( )71. When is your birthday?. F. Yes ,here you are. ( )72. Is that red skirt 4 dollars? G. That sounds good. ( )73. Can I use(使用) your dictionary? H. It's December 15th. ( )74. Does his mother like apples? I. No, but I have a pen. ( )75. Where’s the baseball? J. No, she doesn’t. Ⅶ阅读技能(每小题2分,共20分)


Hi! I’m Lucy. I am a student in Class5, Grade 1. I have a big backpack. It’s blue and red. The price is $88. I have a nice pencil case in it. It is $10. Its color is white. I buy it in a store. There are four pencils and one pen. Each pencil is $1 and the pen is $12. My eraser is yellow. It is $2. My ruler is orange and very long. I like them very much. I study very hard. ( ) 76. I’m in Class ______

A. One B. Two C. Three D. Five ( ) 77. My backpack is _____

A. big B. small C. lost D. black ( ) 78. What color is my pencil case ? It’s _______ A. red B. blue C. white D. blue and red ( ) 79. How much are my pencils ?

A. $1 B. $2 C. $4 D. $10 ( ) 80. The color of my eraser is _____

A. orange B. black C. yellow D. blue


Betty is an English girl. She studies in a middle school. On weekdays(非休息日) she gets up at 6:30. She has breakfast at seven. Then she goes to school on her bike(自行车). The school is near her home. She gets to school at around seven-thirty.

Classes start at eight o’clock. She has four classes in the morning and two in the afternoon. Her favorite subject is history. She has lunch at 12:00 at school. Classes end(结束) at three-thirty. After school she usually goes to the history club and then goes home. She gets home at 5:00. 阅读短文后,选择最佳答案。

( )81. How does Betty go to school?

A. She takes a bus. B. She goes on her bike. C. She runs to school.

( )82. What time does she get to school?

A. At around eight. B. At around seven-thirty. C. At around eight-thirty.

( )83. How many classes does she have every day?

A. Four. B. Two. C. Six. ( )84. Where does she have lunch?

A. At school.

B. In a restaurant(饭店). C. At home.

( )85. What does she do after school?

A. She plays sports. B. She does homework.

C. She goes to the history club.




Jane and John are sister and brother. They 86 music. Jane can play the piano. But she 87 play the violin. John can’t play the piano, 88 he can play the violin. Today they want to carry 89 piano to Jane’s bedroom. The 90 is heavy (重). They can’t 91 it. 92 parents aren’t at home. But they 93 a cousin brother Mike. 94 is here today. They ask him 95 them.

( )86. A. never like B. don’t like C. like ( )87. A. can B. can’t C. doesn’t ( ) 88. A. but B. and C. so ( ) 89. A. an B. the C. a ( ) 90. A. piano B. violin C. bed ( ) 91. A. buy B. carry C. help

( ) 92. A. Our B. Jane’s and John’s C. Jane and John’s ( ) 93. A. have B. like C. want ( ) 94. A. She B. He C. It

( )95. A. to see B. to meet C. to help



A )阅读下面的材料,从每题所给的A、B、C三个选项中选出最佳答案。

Come and buy your things at Hualin’s great sale! Do you like sweaters? We have sweaters in all colors at ¥50 each. Do you need bags for sports or school? We have great bags for only ¥6. For boys and girls, we have T-shirts in red, green, yellow, blue and black for only ¥15! And socks in all colors for only ¥1. ( ) 96. This is Store.

A. Huaxing B. Hualin C. Cool’s ( )97. How much is one sweater? It’s . A. ¥6 B. ¥15 C. ¥50 ( )98. The store has bags for .

A. sports B. girls C. boys

( ) 99. The store has in many colors for only ¥15. A. sweaters

B. bags C. T-shirts

( ) 100. Which is Not true? ______

A. The store sells socks. B. You can buy pants in the store. C. The store sells school bags.

B ) 判断正误

Today is Jack’s birthday. All of Jack’s friends come to his house, and they have a party. Each of them brings(带来) a present (礼物) for Jack. Each of them is carrying(携带) a box. What is in each one of these boxes? There is a present in each one of these boxes.

Jack is standing at the door. “Thank you,” he is saying. He is smiling(微笑). He is happy.

根据以上内容判断下列句子的正(T)、误 (F)。

( ) 101. Jack’s friends come to his house for his birthday. ( ) 102. Jack and his girl friend have a party. ( ) 103. Jack says “I’m happy.” to his friends. ( ) 104. All of Jack’s friends give a present to him. ( ) 105. Jack has a happy birthday.


请选用右边方框中的句子补全对话,每一个选用一次。 Tom: 106

Sam: No, I’m not. It’s Thursday and I have history. Tom: And you don’t like history? Sam: 107

Tom: So what is your favorite subject? Sam: 108 I often go to the music club. Tom: 109

Sam: On Friday afternoon. Do you like music, too? Tom: 110

Ⅺ. 书面表达(10分)


1. Your name and age;

2. Your parents and their jobs; 3. Your hobbies(爱好); 4. Your favorite food; 5. Your subjects.

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