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21. —Have you ever been to Harbin?

—No, I’ve ________ been here.

A. ever B. already C. never D. yet

22. This box is ________ heavy for the little boy _________ move.

A. too, to B. very, to C. so, that D. too, that

23. We should do everything we can ________ people pollution the earth.

A. stop B. stopped C. stopping D. to stop

24. —Where’s your father? I didn’t see him these days.

—He ________ to Australia on business.

A. goes B. is going C. has gone D. has been

25. —How much did you _________ for the MP4?

—Well, it ________ me 300 yuan.

A. pay, took B. spend, cost C. cost, took D. pay, cost

26. Henry has worked in China ______ 1989. He has been working here _____ over twenty years.

A. since, by B. since, for C. by, for D. for, since

27. — Who called me just now?

— I don’t know, but it was a girl’s ________.

A. sound B. noise C. voice D. noisy

28. Mr Green has never been to London, ________?

A. does he B. has he C. isn’t he D. hasn’t he

29.Tom enjoys _________ all kinds of model cars.

A. collect B. collects C. collecting D. to collect

30. _________ of them is good at English, but they both do well in math.

A. Both B. Neither C. Either D. Each

31. Jane has a bad cold. We must send her to the hospital _________.

A. at times B. after a while C. right away D. at last

32. — The movie Harry Potter is really interesting!

— Yes, I _______ it several times.

A. see B. will see C. was seeing D. have seen

33. — Are you worried about the coming exam?

— No, I think the more _______ you are, ________ mistakes you’ll make.

A. careful, the class B. carefully, the fewer C. carefully, the least D. careful, the fewer

34. Don’t make me ________ this or that. I’m busy now!

A. do B. did C. to do D. doing

35. Nobody knows ________.

A. how will our future look like B. what will our future be like

C. how our future will look like D. what our future will be like


Different people have different happiness. Happiness is for everyone. You don’t need to

houses may often feel and those who have cars may want to walk on the country your parents are always taking care of your life and your when you get success, too. All these are your happiness.

are poor, you can also say you are very happy, because you have something else that can’t be happy, because you have more chance to challenge(挑战)yourself. you can not always say you are poor and you have bad luck. As the saying goes, “(旋转的) door. When it closes, it also opens.” you take every chance you get, you 36. A. beautiful B. more beautiful C. ugly D. uglier

37. A. What B. How C. Why D. When

38. A. alone B. lonely C. happy D. lucky

39. A. busy B. free C. busier D. freer

40. A. around B. in C. about D. like

41. A. in B. out C. inside D. outside

42. A. health B. healthy C. luck D. lucky

43. A. something good B. something wrong C. anything good D. anything wrong

44. A. look B. smell C. feel D. sound

45. A. hand B. foot C. mouth D. heart

46. A. loud B. loudly C. angry D. angrily

47. A. But B. So C. As D. Such

48. A. is like B. is as C. like D. as

49. A. Or B. But C. If D. And

50. A. can B. can be C. must D. must be



Dear Julia,

With this mail I would like to thank you and the whole Peking University crew(全体人员) for the “ Doing Business(生意) in China ” program. I had a great time in Beijing both in and out of class.

A 2-week program is not enough to understand Chinese culture and business behavior thoroughly(彻底地), but I must say that the program was perfect for giving us an introduction to do business in China. Thanks a lot.

After leaving Beijing I had another five great days in Hangzhou and Suzhou. During my last day in China I bought a T-shirt that has the words “ I love China ” on it. I really love China. I hope to come back soon for travel or business.

I wish you good luck with your future job. I also welcome you to New York any time.



51. How long did the program last?

A. For a week. B. For 5 days. C. For 2 months. D. For 14 days. 52. Mary wrote the thank-you letter for________.

A. Julia’s help with her lessons in Peking University B. being shown around Chinese interesting places C. Julia’s help with Chinese culture

D. the “ Doing Business in China” program 53. Which cities did Mary visit?

①Beijing ②Hangzhou ③Guangzhou ④Suzhou A.①③④ B.①②④ C.②③④ D.①②③

54.Which of the following is NOT TRUE according to the passage? A. Mary stayed in China for 19 days. B. Mary had a wonderful time in Beijing. C. Mary didn’t learn much in the program.

D. Julia is probably is a Peking University student. 55. Where does Mary come from?

A. Canada. B. Australia. C. The US. D. England.

A. Try to relax.

B. You could make a gift to give her. C. You could write him a letter.

D. Tell her to ask questions after class. 57. What is the matter with Mary?

A. She didn’t go to her friend’s birthday party. B. She can’t hear the teacher clearly in class. C. She did badly in an exam.

D. She has no money to buy a gift.

58._________ is under too much pressure and should learn to relax. A. Erin B. Mary C. May D. Alice

59. Which of the following is TRUE?

A.Erin and Mary are the same age.

B. Mary lives in England.

C. Lana is very popular in class.

D. Alice is Erin’s good friend.

60. What is the best title for this text?

A. Can I Help You? B. What Should I Do?

C. How to Make Friends? D. Why Not Tell Him?


Hello, everyone! Thank you very much for coming to this concert. I hope you have enjoyed the performance. As you may know, all the performers have given their time to help us.

This concert is to raise money for children in Africa. Every day hundreds of children in Africa die because they don’t have enough to eat. There are two reasons. First, there is no work for the children’s parents. Second, the governments in many African countries do not have the money to help the poor.

Most African countries are poor. The land is not good for growing food and the weather is also bad for farming. The Feed Africa Fund spends millions of dollars every year on food for poor people in Africa. This money comes from people like you—kind, generous people who do not want to see children die from hunger.

Every dollar you give this evening will go to the Feed Africa Fund. Just one dollar can buy enough food to feed a family of four for three days. Think about it: only one dollar can feed four people for three days.

How much do you spend on food every day? Ten dollars? Twenty dollars? I am sure you can spend a little less on your own food so that you have a few dollars for the Feed Africa Fund. difference in others’ life and yours. Thank you!

61. In the speech, the biggest problem in many African countries is _________.

A. hunger B. the bad weather C. the poor land D. water pollution

62. The speaker is trying to help the audience believe that_________.

A. things will be better soon

B. they should spend less money on their food

C. the concert is really wonderful

D. their money will help a lot

63. The Chinese meaning for “generous” is _________.

A. 高尚的 B. 慷慨的 C. 忠厚的 D. 明智的

64. The Feed Africa Fund is _________.

A. a group that travels in Africa

B. A programme in the concert to help the poor

C. an organization that offers food to African countries

D. an activity to help poor children to go to school

65. If a person gives five dollars, the money will be able to feed four people for__________.

A. three days B. six days C. ten days D. fifteen days


66. My aunt took us out to dinner at an _________ restaurant, but the food was not good at all.

67. I need some money. I’m going to __________ the newspaper for a holiday job.

68. My hobby is _________ old coins.

69. Would you _________ closing the door? It’s cold outside.

70. The children _________ watching the film at 2 o’ clock and it hasn’t finished yet.


The day was like any other day in Tom’s life. He w________ (76) past the shop on the street corner.

He s________ (77) to look at the front row(排)of shoes in a shoe shop, and he felt h________ (78) to see that the pair of shoes he wanted very much was still there. Looking down at this old shoes, he felt s________ (79) for himself. He really wanted to have them for his b________ (80).

He sadly walked a ________ (81) and thought about how to tell his mother about it. He knew very well she had l________ (82) money. He d_________ (83) not to go home at once, as he looked sad and his mother would know it. So he went to a park and sat on the grass. There he saw a boy moving a wheelchair(轮椅) with his hands. Tom looked at him and was surprised to see that the boy had no f_________ (84). Tom looked at his own feet. It’s much b_________ (85) to be without shoes than without feet,” he thought. There was no reason for him to feel so sorry and sad. He went away and smiled, feeling much happier.

76. w__________ 77. s__________ 78. h__________ 79. s__________ 80.b___________

81. a__________ 82. l__________ 83. l__________ 84. f__________ 85.b___________

七.书面表达 (15分)


1. 你非常喜欢小动物,特别喜欢猫,但是你妈妈不喜欢。

2. 上周你的同学送给你一只白色的小猫。你非常开心。放学后经常和猫一起玩。

3. 你妈妈讨厌猫的叫声。还说猫很脏,到处可以看到猫的毛发。

4. 上周三放学后回家发现猫不见了。妈妈说她把猫送给一位朋友。你听到这后非常生气。


5. 几天后你意识到你太没有礼貌,你向妈妈说了声“道歉”。听到这妈妈笑了。

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