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a e i o u

1.a cat bag sad hand gas ham lamp man pan tax

2.e desk jet leg red set vet ten wet yes next

3.i six big did fin hit lit nip win jig

4.o fox lot sob jog mop hot rod top

5.u bus bun cup sun mud pug nut jump

sh ch th th ph wh ck qu ss

1.sh ship shop shaft shut dish ash cash fish rush

2.ch chin chest chop chant chum lunch much rich inch

3.th(清) moth bath fifth path thank theft thin thump

4.th(浊) that this than then them with

5.ph graph phut phonic graphic

6.wh whisk when whip whiff which whiz whop whit

7.ck chick neck nack check back cock thick kick

8.qu quill quit quaff quilt quell quest quip quiz quench

9.ss chess bass kiss less mass mess pass miss doss


a_e ee i_e o_e er or bl cl gl pl ai ea oa ay ey ie ow

1.a_e cake bake case game kate take lake

2.ee bee feet weed jeep cheek seed

3.i_e bike time five ride kite ripe

4.o_e bone home joke nose phone rope

5.er lobster baker matter sister soccer monster

6.or color sailor actor doctor tailor factor

7.bl black blaze blond bleed blender

8.cl clap clock class clip clever

9.gl glass glad globe glide glee

10.pl plate plot plug plane plastic

11.ai nail pail rain bait sailor mailman laid

12.ea beach cheap peak seat pea teacher lead

13.oa coat loaf road soap goat loach

14.ay stay lay may say pay day

15.ey key monkey money

16.ie pie lie die

17.ow window show low


cr crab crack cream crust crop cracker cricket

gr grain grape grate green greet grill grassy grater

tr track train treat tree truck trunk tricky training

dr dream dress drill drink drum drop driver drive

oo(short) cook foot good hook took look bookmark woodsman

oo(long) food cool booth moon spoon zoo toothbrush bathroom

ow blow row flow grow snow meadow window

ar arm bar car star park farmer march marker

or fork corn born horse lord pork perform morning

er ir ur sister cooker teacher bird girl skirt church further nurse

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