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Disney World

Disney World









Have you met Mickey Mouse or Minnie Mouse? If you have, you’ve probably been to Disneyland or Disney World.

Disney World in the world California Disneyland

*Orlando Disney World
Tokyo Disneyland Disneyland Paris Hong Kong Disneyland

California Disneyland is founded in 1955 .It was the first time to establish a Disney theme park in America. It is an area of about 512 acres and has more than 50 years of history. Hong Kong Disneyland is a close *replica *replica复制品 of the original Disneyland theme park in California, but with a distinctly Chinese flavor in order to attract millions of tourists from China.

A good news for us! Shanghai Disneyland Park will open in around 2014 ,so we will be able to enjoy the fantastic travel in shanghai!

Disney World,Florida,is the biggest amusement resort in the world. It covers 24.4 thousand acres. It was opened on October 1,1971,five years after Walt Disney’s death.

There is very little that could be called *vulgar (*vulgar粗俗的). It attracts people of most tastes.


The Orlando Disney World has four different theme parks. The Magic Kingdom came first. It has many rides and attractions. The spires of Cinderella’s castle soar above the Magic Kingdom.

Cinderella’s castle

You might enjoy Epcot

(Experimental Prototype Community Of

, a Disney World theme park that features countries and cultures of the world. It also has some science exhibits.
Tomorrow主题乐园,坐落于美国佛州华特迪士尼世界度假区 )

At Epcot, you can “visit” such countries as China, England, France, Morocco (摩洛哥 非洲 国家名) , Japan, and Mexico.

You can eat the foods of these countries or buy gifts made there.

The other two theme parks: Disney-MGM Studios 迪斯尼米高梅影城 and Disney’s Animal Kingdom Park 迪斯尼动物王国主题公园 At Disney-MGM Studios, you can enjoy rides and shows based on Hollywood movies. At Animal Kingdom, you can take a safari ride to see elephants, giraffes 长颈鹿, hippos 河马, rhinos 犀牛, and lions.

We all dreamed colorful dreams when we were young.

But suddenly one day or a moment, a second ,we grew up,realized something might never happen.

Disney World gives us a chance to return back to our dreams. Always keep a dream in your mind! If your dreams get broken somehow, I will remind you that you belong !

Thank you

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