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因为因此 不同 乡下;乡村 任何东西 其他 展览 足够 冰柜

碎屑 自来水 sticky tape bottom

corner Perking man floating house flat

envelope tent hut downstairs


twenty past four half past nine

twenty to eight nine o clock

a quarter past one 6:05 2:15


3:30 5:45


1.We often 2. He _ (get) up at six o’clock

3. My parents _________ ____(watch)TV now. .

4. He________ TV every evening. (watch)

5. We always ________ to school on foot. (go)

6、at 9:00 last night? TV. 7. Look. Three boys __


8. What __ ____ your mother ______(do)now?

9、Look! They (play) computers again, an hour ago they (play) computers

10. John ________ like his father. (look)


1,The clock (was made \made)by Tom yesterday.

2,The TV

(go\goes \went)home at six every day.

5,She (asked \was asked)the question by teacher yesterday.

6,were you o‵clock last week?

8,She has (gone/went)to the science museum.

9,Lily,where have you (been\gone) to this summer? 10,Where is Lily ?She has (been\gone)to a bank. 四根据图示完成句子:

1. We had a fire c mp in Chaoyang Park yesterday night.

2. Shall we go to the m s um?

3. They played games on the play .

4. Have you seen waterf all?

5. Where is the pyr mid?

6.The London B id was built in 1176.

7.People used the s nd la

to measure time in old days.

8.The World Wide Wed makes the earth become a small vi age.

9.The girl is at half three now.

10.My father goes home at a quarter



1.What is Lily doing? A.It’s July9,2007.

2.What‵s the time? B.He usually has lunch at


3.When does he usually C.It’s half to six have lunch?

4.What’s the date today? D.No,he didn’t

5.Did Kate get up at nine o’

clock yesterday? E.She is having her class.

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