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beautiful China beautiful xi'an

Our beautiful China

Brief introduction of xi'an

xi'an history
Shenzhen Xi'an Shanghai Beijing

? If you want to see a history of twenty years,you have to see Shenzhen.two hundred years of history to see Shanghai, five hundred years is Beijing,but in xi'an,you can feel a history up to three thousand years.

Famous scenic spots
? Terra-Cotta Warriors—Qin Dynasty ? Wild goose pagoda—Tang Dynasty ? North square of big wild goose pagoda ? Huaqing pool—Tang Dynasty ? Eight Fantasticalities in Shaanxi area ? Xi'an snacks


Terra-Cotta Warriors
terracotta warriors and horses is the only imperial tombs from the mass grave, located on the eastern side of Qin Shi Huang Mausoleum of about 1 kilometer and a half, was found in 1974, is the most important archaeological discoveries.

Big wild goose pagoda
Originally built during the reign of Emperor Gaozong of the Tang Dynasty in xi'an, it functioned to collect Buddhist materials that were taken from India by the hierarch Xuanzang.This attraction can be divided into three parts: the Big Wild Goose Pagoda, the Da Ci'en Temple, and the North Square of Big Wild Goose Pagoda.

Big wild goose pagoda

North square of big wild goose pagoda —Music fountain square
Xi 'an wild goose pagoda fountain is located in the wild goose pagoda north square, it was the largest fountain in Asia, there are 22 water type, like a lotus flower, butterfly,running man etc.,every day at 8 PM,the water will follow music dancing.

Huaqing pool
Huaqing Pool has a history of 6000 years for the use of hot springs and a history of 3000 years of royal gardens.Emperor Xuan Zong commanded the construction of Huaqing Palace on a large scale.

Huaqing pool
After the expansion in tang dynasty, the seventh emperor xuanzong spent about two months every year bathing in winter here with Yang Yuhuai. "春寒赐浴华清池,温 泉水滑洗凝脂"said Bai Juyi in Changhenge

Eight Fantasticalities in Shaanxi area

The noodle is in the shape of a waistbelt.

Eight Fantasticalities in Shaanxi area

The pancake is in the shape of a Chinese pancover.

Eight Fantasticalities in Shaanxi area

Chilli itself can be a dish.

Eight Fantasticalities in Shaanxi area

People prefer squatting on the ground over sitting on a bench.

Eight Fantasticalities in Shaanxi area

People enjoy wearing a handkerchief on the head.

Eight Fantasticalities in Shaanxi area

The roof of a house has only one sloping plane.

Eight Fantasticalities in Shaanxi area

Girls never go and marry out of their local districts.

Eight Fantasticalities in Shaanxi area

The local opera is performed by shouting vigorously instead of singing.

Xi'an snacks
cold rice noodles Students favorite snack combination

Chinese hamburger

cruded pancake in mutton soup

biang biang

Xi'an Transportation

Xi‘an metro
? Currently the metro system is designed with 6 lines. ? Line 2 was the first to open, on September 1

6, 2011. Construction on Line 1 started on October 30, 2008. Line 1 is currently expected to start operation on September 14, 2013.The rest are planned to start in 2013 and to be finished around 2016.

Xi‘an taxi
? Taxis in Xi'an are predominantly vw Santana made in Shanghai, BYD Auto made in Xi'an, and Citroen made in Wuhan. Most, if not all, taxis in Xi'an run on compressed natural gas.

Xi‘an rail
? There are 6 passenger transport railway stations in Xi'an. Xi'an Railway Station, located just north of Xi'an walled city, is one of the eight major national railway stations, and the main railway transportation hub of Shaanxi Province. The new Xi'an North Railway Station, situated a few miles to the north, is the station for the high-speed trains of the Zhengzhou–Xi'an High-Speed Railway.

Xi‘an rail
? The city's other stations include Xi'an West, Xi'an East, Xi'an South, Sanmincun, and Fangzhicheng railway stations. ? Xi'an Railway Station covers 597 thousand square meters, has 5 passenger platforms, and 24 tracks. It provides 112 services to 80 000 people daily. There are services from Xi'an to Zhengzhou, from Xi'an to Lanzhou, from Xi'an to Baoji, and from Xi'an to Mount Hua. China Railway High-speed 2 now run an express services from Xi'an to Baoji and Xi'an to Zhengzhou; with a total running time to Baoji of under 90 minutes, and 2 hours to Zhengzhou. The Zhengzhou–Xi'an High-Speed Railway opened on February 6,

Xi‘an air
? Xi'an Xianyang International Airport (airport code: XIY) is the major airport serving the city and is the largest airport in the northwestern part of China. The airport is located to the northwest of the city, between Xi'an and Xianyang. Chang'an Airlines and China Eastern Airlines are the main airlines using the airport. ? International Routes: There are direct flights from Xi'an to many major cities in Asia, including Bangkok, Fukuoka, Hong Kong, Osaka, Pusan, Sapporo, Singapore and Seoul and Taipei. First direct route between Xi'an and Europe was launched by Finnair on 14 June 2013. There are 3 three frequencies per week via Helsinki hub to many major cities in Europe during the summer season. ? Germany's Fraport, the operator of Frankfurt Airport, has paid 490 million yuan to obtain a 24.5-percent stake in the Xianyang International Airport, offering opportunities to upgrade and expand the facility

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