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Do you agree or disagree with the following statement:

People holding different views cannot achieve success as a team.


We are now in an era when it calls for collaboration, whether to achieve scientific development or to earn company profits, as if you could not succeed unless you are a good team-player. As we define how to be a good team-player or what is a good team, I’d like to believe that a good team can always stand out by different thinking towards a common objective. The reasons are threefold.

To begin with, different thinking gives birth to the best thinking. Having different point of views in a team does not mean their views cannot be effective to their common goal. Their unique thinking comes out of their strong desire to their target. When team-players have several solutions, they will compare the benefits and risks, and eventually decides the solution that maximizes the benefits and minimizes the risks. From this point of view, people holding different views in a team can be a good thing because it gives them a chance to step into the best path to success.

Moreover, different thinking results in the creative thinking. It’s awful to imagine that people in a team think the same and behave the same because that will be boring. We always need someone to offer us a different way, a completely new way to create a relatively fresh atmosphere. As for a team, the team-players have a must to do a little differently to stand out of all the other teams. Therefore, we need people who is good at creative thinking and independent thinking in a team, then brain-storming comes and the team succeeds.

Besides, different thinking brings closer partnership. When a team succeeds with the same people having the same ideas, they fail to learn the value of collaboration. True collaboration contains tolerance, forgiveness and understanding. If they succeed though a process where they discuss fiercely, help each other sincerely, workout the final plan excitedly, they themselves will know how to better understand each other and care for each other. Therefore, a team’s success concludes not only the benefits they gains, but also the laughs and tears and deeper friendships.

In conclusion, people holding different views can always achieve success as a team because when people think differently, the best thinking and creative thinking comes, which is essential to success. More importantly, people receive extra gifts, that is, friendships.

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