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5B 作业纸第6期

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1. busy(反义词)__________ 2. beautiful (副词) ______

3. four (同音词) __________ 4. study (三单人称形式) 5. well (形容词) __________ 6. quiet (副词) ________


1. 一位英国朋友 5. want to be 2. 小心地走 6. be busy

3. 进来 4. 大声地说 8. sit quietly


( )1.----Do you like dogs? A. Yes, I am B. Yes, I do C. Yes, I can

( )2.----Can I help you? A. Yes, I’d like some fruit. B. I am hungry.

C. No, I don’t need your help.

( )3.----What’s your hobby? A. No B. Singing C. a schoolbag

( )4.----He likes Art very much. A. It’s bad B. Thank you C. Me, too

( in London

A. live B. is live C. lives

( )6. The girl the yellow sweater is my sister.

A. in B. on C. at

( see any crayons in the pencil-box.

A. can B. can’t C. am

( )8. she jump high?

A. Do B. Is C. Does

( Gao Shan at school?

A. do, study B. does, stay C. does , study


1. He_____________ (draw) a picture in his classroom now.

2. Liu Tao ________ (have) many beautiful ____________ (stamp).

3. On Sundays my mother _________ (wash) clothes at home.

4. _______ you usually _________ (play) the piano?

5. My aunt ______________ (not like) taking photos.

6. She likes ___________ (collect) animal stamps.

7. Can you __________ (take) a photo for________ (I)? Sure.

8. He walks ___________ .(quiet)

9. They are ________ students. They play basketball _________. (good)

10. Please listen to me ___________. (careful)

11. The girls are __________ and they sing songs _____________. (beauful)


1. I take photos on Sunday. ( Mike)

photos on Sunday.

2. We grow beautiful flowers. (she)

beautiful flowers.

3. They like collecting stamps. (Ben)

collecting stamps.

4. I listen to music carefully. (my aunt)

My to music carefully.

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