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你教了几年书?How long have you been teaching? I have been teaching for...

有教小学的经验吗?Did you have any

experiences teaching in elementary

school/primary school?

Yes, I did. or No, I didn’t.

你打算怎么样给小朋友上课?How are you going to give lessons to little kids?

I think I am going to use all kinds of materials that are availablelike CD player,

pictures, word cards, TV, magazines, games ects in mylessons. I am going to use different

teaching meathods to help childrenwith different learning styles.

能否示范一下? Can you demonstrate one lesson?

Sure. If I teach days of the week, I will teach children a song: Sunday, Monday...(用twinkle twinkle little star 的tune)

你觉得教小学生跟教中学生有什么不同?What is the difference between teaching elementary school children and the junior high school children?

well, when teaching little kids a teacher has to be more patient.He/shehas to use lots of songs, games, body language to help student

learnEnglish.The forms of each lesson should be different.

Teaching junior high school kids is a little bit different. I canintroduce some grammer. I can give them more written work and I canhave more discussions with the children.

如何让小学生对英文感兴趣? How are you going to keep the students interested in learning English?

如何将你的课上得有趣? How are you going to keep your lessons interesting?


I will try my best to use all the teaching methodologies I learned atschool to reach each child. Stories, poems, riddles, jokes songs

areall good for little kids. I will have them practice English as a wholeclass, group work, pair work or independent work.Whatever works out forthe children I will do it. There is never one way to success.

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