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新概念英语青少版 1A ——谈论 健康

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Unit 2 What’s the matter?

period 1

hair forehead

eyebrow eye/2 eyes ear/2 ears


mouth/two lips

Where is his neck? ear

head, hair eye nose

face mouth back arm hand leg (feet)foot

tooth(teeth) stomach neck

1a (p7). Look at the picture.
Write the correct letter [a-m] for each part of the body.


__back __ear __eye __foot

__hand __head __leg __mouth __neck __nose __stomach __tooth

What’s the matter?
a fever.

a cold. a sore back. a sore throat.

What’s the matter?



Pair Work: What’s the matter with…?

He is tired. She has a sore throat .

He is hungry.

He is thirsty.

They are stressed out.

In the hospital:What’s the matter with…?

have a cold.

have a fever.

have a headache.

have a stomachache. have a toothache

have a sore back/backache.

Listen and fill in the blanks. Conversation 1 Nurse: What’s the matter, Sarah? Girl: I __________. have a cold Conversation 2 Nurse: What’s the matter, David? Boy: I __________________. have a stomachache Conversation 3 Nurse: What’s the matter, Ben? Boy: I _______________. have a sore back

Conversation 4
Nurse: What’s the matter, Nancy? Girl: I have _______________. a toothache Conversation 5

Nurse: What’s the matter, Judy?
have a sore throat Girl: I ________________.

A:What’s the matter? Do you have a toothache ? ___________ B:Yes, I do. see a dentist A:You should______________. eat hard or sweet things You shouldn't _________________________.

--What’s the matter? sore back --- I have a_________.
---You should see ____________. a doctor

exercise You shouldn't___________.

What’s the matter? fever I have a _________. drink lots of water and go to bed You should_____________________________. go out and exercise You shouldn't________________________.

A: What’s the matter? B: I’m not feeling well.I have a _____. cold A: When did it start? B: About _____________ago. two days ago get some rest A: Oh, that’s too bad.You should______________ B: Yes,I think so. A: I hope you feel better soon. You shouldn't __________. drink wine

A:What’s the matter? sore throat B:I have a _____________. A:You should __________________________, drink some hot tea with honey or_____________________. go to see the doctor eat dry food such as cookies You shouldn't_____________________________ speak too loudly or ______________________.

A:What’s the matter? B:I have a _____________. stomachache lie down and have a rest A:You should_________________________. eat anything for two hours You shouldn't __________________________.

have a sore back/backache.
have a headache. A: What’s the matter? Do you have a sore throat? B:No,I don’t. A: Do you have a headache? B:Yes, I do. have a toothache A: You should lie down and rest. have a cold.

have a fever.

have a stomachache.

You had better….
You should…

? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ?

tired hungry thirsty ill angry dangerous thin fat w


eat an apple drink some water Why not….? go to bed early listen to music go to see a doctor eat more food wear less clothes do more exercises ask for help

Why don’t you….?

2a. Listen. Match the problems with the advice.
illness 1. fever advice a. lie down and rest

2. sore throat
3. stomachache

b. hot tea with honey
c. see a dentist

4. toothache

d. drink lots of water

2b. Listen again. Fill in the blanks.
I have a sore throat ________. drink You should ______ some hot tea with honey. ___________________

Oh, I have a You should __________ see a dentist. __________. toothache

I have a ____________. stomachache

You should ______ lie down and rest __________.

fever I have a_____.

You should _______________. drink lots of water

Unit 2 What’s the matter?

period 2

healthy lifestyle 2. 健康的生活方式 _______________ be different from 4.come home from school 放学回家 3.与……不同 ____________ _________ be good for 1.对……有益 ____________ 饮食习惯 5. eating habits _____________ 垃圾食品 6. junk food ____________

7. twice a week _________ 每周两次

8. hardly ever 很少、难得 __________

A:What’s the matter? B: I have a sore throat drink some hot tea with honey A: Why not__________________________? A:What’s the matter? A: I have a headache lie down and have a rest B: You’d better _____________________.

A:What’s the matter? A: I have a toothache. a dentist B:You should see ____________.


sore back

sore throat

This is Mr Black and Mrs Black. Guess what they are talking about.

A: B: a A: B:

A: Oh, that’s too bad. You should . see a doctor B: Yes, I think so. A: I hope you feel better soon.

W hat’s the matter? I ’m not feeling well. I have . cold W hen did it start? About two days ago.

Make up a new dialogue:

A: W hat’s the matter?

B: I ’m not feeling well... A: W hen did it start? B: …

A: Oh, that’s too bad. … B: Yes, I think so.
A: I hope ...

eet does a cat have? 1. - How many f_____ -Four. 2. -What’s the matter with you ? - I have a s______ throat. ore 3. The doctor give me a lot of a_______. dvice 4. -I ’m s______ tressed out . - You need a rest. 5. --- ________________________? ( D ) --- I have a sore back. A. What’s the matter? B. What’s wrong with you ? C. Do you have a sore back? D. either A or B 6. Billy had a _____ fever, so he didn’t go to school today. C ( A. tall B. big C. high D. height 7. -- What’s the matter ____ you ,Lucy? ( ) B --Nothing much. A. on B with C. to D. of


8. -- I have a bad cold. (C ) -- You should ____________. A. drink some coffee B. do some exercise C. go to see a doctor D. stay up late 9. He’s tired. He should _____ down. ( A ) A. lie B. lay C. lying D. lied 10. – What’s the matter? -- I’m not feeling _________. (A ) A. well B. good C. healthy D. health 11.-- You’d better drink some hot tea. (D ) -- That _______ a good idea. A. sounds B. sounds like C.sound like D. A and

B 12. Match the answers with the questions ( 4 ) A. I’m ok. 1. What’s the matter? ( 3 ) B. Since yesterday. 2. How often do I eat the medicine.? ( 5 ) C. Don’t worry .Take some medicine. 3. How long have you been like this? ( 1 ) D. I am not feeling very well. 4. Are you all right? ( 2 ) E. Three times a day. 5. Is this serious? 13. It’s important _______ good health. ( ) C A. have B having C. to have D,. Has

1. I hope _________________. (D ) A.. you better soon. B. you to be better soon. C. you are better soon. D. You be better soon. 2. –I feel tired. -- ____________________. ( D ) A. Why not go to bed? B. You ‘d better go to bed. C. Why don’t you go to bed? D. All above. 3. – What would you like ? -- ____________________________. ( A ) A. Hot tea with honey. B. Hot tea in honey. C. Honey of tea. D. Hot honey with tea. 4. I got a terrible _____________. (B ) A. teethache B. toothache C. toothaches 5. There are yin and yang ______. (B ) A. food B. foods C. feed D. fed 6. Tofu and bean sprouts are kind of ________ food. A ( ) A. yin B. yang C. yin and yang D. yin or yang 7. – eating Dangshen and Huangqi herbs _____ also good ______ this. A. is; for B. are ; for C. are ; to D. is;to



Unit 2 What’s the matter?

period 3

What’s the matter? You/ He/ She should/ shouldn’t…

c d


1. a Eat an apple 3. c Drink some water 2. d Go to bed early 4. b Listen to music

What problems do the students have?
Write down the problems and complete the chart.
Problem Gina Tony Julie Alan Should Shouldn’t

tired stressed out thirsty hungry

go to bed early listen to music have a drink eat an apple

go to the party study eat any dumplings play soccer


Practice the conversation. Use the

information from the chart. A: What’s the matter with Gina?
B: She’s tired.

A: Well, she should go to bed early. She shouldn’t go to the party.

Unit 2 What’s the matter?

period 4

A Healthy Diet

tofu Don’t eat too much meat and junk food. * It’s important to eat a balanced diet.

* a balanced diet

a balance of yin and yang
a Chinese way to stay healthy

a traditional Chinese doctor



Read and fill in the chart
yin quiet and often tired

eat yang foods , like Dangshen and Huangqi herbs eat yin foods like tofu


too stressed out and angry

True or False

1. All doctors believe we need a balance of yin and yang. ( F ) 2. If you are quiet and often tired, maybe you have too much yin. (T) 3. If you have too much yang ,you should eat yang foods, like beef, Dangshen and Huangqi herbs. ( F ) 4. If you are stressed out and angry, maybe you have too much yang. ( T) 5. If you have too much yang, you should have some yin foods like tofu . (T)

Fill in the blanks in the article.

Are you tired?
Everybody gets tired sometimes. When you are go out at night tired, you shouldn’t ____________. You should go to bed early for a few nights and you should _________

___ exercise to stay healthy. You should also eat ________ fruit ________ and other healthy foods. You shouldn’t study ________ when you are tired.

give get need believe stay
believe it’s important to sleep eight hours a 1. I ________ night. give 2. A doctor can ________ you medicine. stay 3. Don’t ________ stressed out. It’s not healthy. have 4. I have a toothache. I ________ to see a dentist. keep 5. Eat a balanced diet to ________ healthy.

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