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Similarities and differences between the Medici family and the Shanxi Exchange Shops This paper will discuss the Medici family and the Shanxi Exchange Shops from the

introduction ,the comparison between the Medici family and the Shanxi Exchange Shops of similarities and differences ,and the enlightenment three aspects . the introduction to the Medici family and the Shanxi Exchange Shops

The Medici family is a famous Florence family which actives in the 14th to 18th Century. Unlike other European states,, the money changers,Giovanni Medici,,s aim is making the loan business legitimate. Since then he led the Medici family on to its greatest triumphs. In general sense, the Shanxi Exchange Shops refers to the business banks which is renowned throughout the whole country during the 500 years of Ming and Qing Dynasties. It is an old financial Shanxi Merchants organization but not the capitalist bank like the Medici family.In the beginning, the exchange business is their major aim, later on ,they also deal in deposit and loan business .Qu Dianyuan has been in the "China financial and exchange” said:" The Shanxi Exchange Shops occupy a leading position in China financial sector about 100 years." That fully demonstrated the Shanxi Exchange Shops in the status and the impact of financial sector in the Ming and Qing Dynasties . From the late Qing Dynasty to the before liberation , because of various reasons the Shanxi Exchange Shops declined gradually. But it does to promote the development of national capitalism through the deposit and loan business.

the comparison between the Medici family and the Shanxi Exchange Shops


First, they are the objective needs of the development of social economy, the circulation of commodities to expand,the traffic developed, domestic and foreign exchange. Second, production and application of new accounting principle provides favorable conditions and the key tool for their generation and development. Third, they all had the underestimated impact on the politics in their times. Cosimo Medici had took over the Pope's financial represented the Medici bank,and the Shanxi Exchange Shops had helped Qing governments raise the debt, actually played the role of treasury agency.Fourth, they all had exchange, deposit and loan business.So they solved the difficulties of carrying silver ,accelerated the capital turnover and enhanced the fund the use efficiency . Fifth , Medici believe branch managers were not employees but junior partners who were remunerated with a share of the profits. While in the Shanxi Exchange Shops, everyone can be the master.


First, the impact which they made on science, art and cultural is different. The Medici family supported of the activities which were made by Renaissance artists, scientists and humanists. Such as Da Finch, Rafael, Della Reya. And it is worth mentioning that Michelangelo began to accept the Medici family funded from the age of fourteen. Many in fact exhibitions of the works are the Medici family collection, many portraits and sculpture were made for the family. Even the most important source of Florence exhibits, the Uffizi Gallery, is also one of the family heritages. As for the Shanxi Exchange Shops, although merchants also left a rich architectural heritage for us, such as the famous Qiao family courtyard, the Wangs Courtyard and so on, Shanxi Merchants culture has not been well preserved. Second, the influence of Medici's family in politics is far exceeded the Shanxi Exchange Shops. The Medici family in more than four hundred years of history has been three Pope and two French queen, a number of government officials. Establishing the tyranny, to become the Florence Republic unofficial summit. Third, between 1343 and 1360 no fewer than

five Medici were sentenced to death for capital crimes, it is different from the Shanxi Exchange Shops.

the enlightenment

Response to meet the needs of market and financial innovation based on the principles of honesty and trustworthiness is an important reason for the two flourishing. The economic base determines the superstructure.It is can be seen from the development history of the Medici family. The powerful economic strength, especially in the financial strength on political influence is

extraordinary. The productive forces decide the relations of production. The objective demand for money will produce only when social economy develops to a certain level.


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