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I have a happy family

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I have a happy family, there are five family members. They are father, mother, grandpa, grandma and me. We are kind to each other.

When I was four, I was short, fat and lovely. I played with toys all the time and I never did homework. Mom didn’t have to care about my score. When she finished work, she always played with me. She was young and slim at that time. My father was thin and tall and short-sighted. He often sang songs for me and danced hip-pop, he often made me laugh. Grandpa and Grandma were young at that

time. Grandma was beautiful, young and Grandpa was handsome.

But great changes have taken place in my family.

I am tall and pretty now. Also, I study a lot. Mom has to care about my score and I always break her heart. She is still very pretty, but she is not as young as before. Father is still tall, but he becomes fat now. Grandpa and Grandma are old now, and they start to play Taichi.

See, great changes have taken place in our family, but we still love each other!

I would fly to The United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland myself where has a long history . It would take me about ten hours to get there. I would bring an umbrella with me because of there wet weather.

At the first day,I would go to The London Eye where is one of the biggest Ferris wheels in the world. It was also called Millennium WheelLondon Eye(千禧之轮). I would look around almost London.

The next day,I would visit two of the most famous

colleges in Britain. They are the university of Oxford and the university of Cambridge. The university of Oxford were built in 1176. And it besides the Rvier Thames. I would go for a walk in the college to see the beautiful view. I would't stay there for a long time. Then I would go to the university of Cambridge. I would see the River Cam and imagine how XuZhi mo wrote the <Saying Good-bye to Cambridge Again>. At 8 pm, I would go back to my hotel to relax. The last day, I would visit the Big Ben and others famous bulidings there. Finally, I would go home by plane

and my holiday would be over. I would have a wonderful time

ladies and gentlemen , welcome to Fenghuang, the place where we are arriving is "one of the two most beautiful town in China"——the old town of fenghuang, it’s a very important point that connects Huaihua of Hunan province and Tongren Guizhou together ,and it’s the hometown of Mr.. Sheng Congwen.

Fenghuang has wonderful natural landscapes, it’s very hot for travelling since the old time,even a lot of teleplays were produced here. Fenghuang is also a dradle for famous people , Shen Congwen and Xiong Xiling are both spent their childhood here.

now, let"s set out to enjoy these fantastic good views.


This is the former residence of Shencongwen,a very famous auther, archaeologist and historian in china.

Lined in the zhongying street in the south part of the fenghuang old town, the residence is a typical spacious ancient countryard with special tectonic style of ming and qing dynasty. walk into the yard, you can find that there is a small patio in the center of the countryard. which is built with red rock. around the patio , there are about 10 rooms which are small but decorated by special carved wooden windows .it"s so beautiful. This country yard is built by Mr. Shen’s grandfather in 1866 on dec.28,1902. Shencongwen was born in the old country yard , and spent his childhood here. in 1917,when he was 15 years old, Mr. Shen left family and joined the army. from 1917 to 1922, Mr. Shen had lived with soildiers, farmers, workers and some othercommon people,and know their tragic lives. this special experience stunned up his enthusiasm of writhing . so in 1919, Mr. Shen went to beijing alone, and began his hard writing . after his series of works WEST OF HUNAN &FRINGE TOWN were punished, Mr. Shen became nation -wide well -known.at that time, he was even as famous as luxun, another famous auther in chiese literature area. it"s said that Shencongwen is the one who is the most possible to win the prize. Mr. Shen devoted all his life to writing,his 5-million word works are though as the precious legacy to the world literature.meanwhile, these works are also very veluable date for researching the history of hunan province and even china.

This 100-years-old countyard was renovated in 1989.the 1st room on the right hane is for displaying Mr. Shen’sphotos.and what displayed in

the 2nd room are Mr. Shen’shandwritingarticles.at the left side,you "ll find a list of Mr. Shen’swork of different additions. in the center of the middle room .there is a Mr. Shen’sline drawing hanging on the wall. The left fringle room is Mr. Shen’s bedroom and another one on the right is full of marble desks and chairs.

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