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剑桥少儿英语预备级上Unit 3 Catch and run教案

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剑桥少儿英语预备级上Unit 3 Catch and run

一、Teaching aims and demands:

*Can understand some simple actions and do it

*Know the meaning of “catch、run .”

*Can read and write letter Bb and can read the new words about Bb

*Can read the sentences of part 7 on page 11

二、Important and difficult points:

catch ! Run to the …… door table window boys girls blackboard teacher flowers cab cap

三、Teaching method and steps:

Step1:Bring some toys to the classroom at the beginning of the class, throw them to the classes one by one and say: Catch! If they can understand what’s meaning, take out the pictures show to them and teach the new words: ball, door, window, blackboard, teacher, flowers

Step2: Go to the playground play games and learn: Please be ready. Run!

Group them into boys and girls. Have a rally race. Then queue in a line, do some actions (Who is the fastest):

Run to the door! Run to the table! Run to the window!

Run to the teacher! Run to the flowers!

Then chant it and do it:

Catch a ball, run to the door.

Catch a pen, run to Ben.

Catch a pencil, run to the middle.

Catch, run, catch, run, catch and run.

Step3:Go back to the classroom, have a rest, then color it on page 12.then listen and circles on page 12

Step4:take a piece of paper and ask them ?What’s this ?It’s a piece of paper ,yes ,now cut it into a shape of big moon ,and then ask :What’s this now ?--- Yes ,it’s moon .What does it look like ike a smiling face , like the letter C c .Who said it likes letter C c ,will be prized . Say: c is the moon, C c is the moon. We are on the moon, we are on the moon.

Step5: Show them pictures and teach: cab, cap, and cat. Can add some words about Cc.

Step6: Teach them how to write letter Cc.

Step7: Exercises:

Speak out and do actions:

Run to the door! Run to the table! Run to the window!

Run to the teacher! Run to the flowers!

Stand! Sit! Catch! Run!

Ask and answer in pairs: What’s this? It’s a big C.

Practice reading and writing letter C c What’s this? It’s a small c.

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