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1) It’s time for outdoor activities. 户外活动时间到了。

2) Let’s go to the playground. 我们去操场。

3) Follow me to the playground. 跟我去操场。

4) One by one, please. 一个跟着一个。

5) Two by two and hand in hand. 两人并排手牵手。

6) Come on. 跟上来。

7) Let’s do morning exercise. 我们做早锻炼。

8) Listen to the beat of the music. 听音乐。

9) Do it with strength. 用点力。

10) Stretch your arms and legs. 打开手臂和腿。

11) Put out your right foot. 伸出右脚。

12) Please go out and line up. 出去排队。

13) Please stand in line. 排队。

14) Line up, please. 排队。

15) Make one line. 排一队。

16) Make two lines 排两条队。

17)Count off. 报数。

18) Attention. 立正。

19) At ease. 稍息。

20) Hands out./ Spread out 伸手。

21) Keep your space / Stay apart. 拉开距离。

22) Head rolls, arms stretch. 转转头,伸伸臂。

23) Raise your head. Bend your back. Touch your toes. 抬头,弯腰,摸脚趾头。

24) Squat down. 蹲下。

25) One step forward. 向前一步。

26) One step backward/ Backward three steps. 向后退一步。向后退三步。

27) Dress right. 向右看。

28) Eyes front. 眼睛看前。

29) About turn. 向后转。

30) Right turn. 向右转。

31) Left turn. 向左转。

32) March in your place. 原地踏步。

33) Parade step, march. 齐步走。

34) Ready, go! 准备,开始。

35) Left right , left right.( one two ) 一二一,一二一。

36) Try to keep balance. 请保持身体平衡。

37) Throw the ball into the basket. 把球投进篮框里。

38) Relax yourself. 放松身体。

39) Have a rest. 休息一会。

40) Jump over the huddle and the river. 跨过栏杆,跳过小河。


41) Let’s dance. 让我们跳舞吧。

42) Let’s play basketball/ football / volleyball/ badminton.让我们打XX球吧。

43) Let’s play cat and mouse. 让我们玩猫抓老鼠的游戏吧。

44) Let’s play hide and seek. 让我们捉迷藏吧。

45) Let’s play on the slide / swing/ seesaw. 让我们荡秋千吧。

46) Let’s fly kites . 让我们放风筝吧。

47) Let’s build the sandcastle. 让我们堆沙滩城堡吧。

48) Let’s jump /run/ hop/ walk/ crawl. 让我们跳/跑/走/爬。

49) Run as fast as you can. 跑起来。

50) Let’s have a race. 我们来个比赛吧。

51) Let’s see who is the best. 让我们瞧瞧谁是最棒的。

52) Let’s see which group is the best. 让我们瞧瞧哪个队是最棒的。

53) Let me tell you how to play the game! 我来宣布比赛规则。

54) Everybody must follow the rule / obey the rule. 每个人都必须遵守比赛规则。

55) Make a circle hand in hand. 手拉手围成一个大圆。

56) I can bend my arms and knees. 我能弯手臂和膝盖。

57) I can wave my hands. 我能挥动我的手。

58) I can wriggle my toes and fingers . 我能弯动我的手脚指。

59) I can swing my legs . 我能晃动我的腿。

60) I can stamp my feet. 我能跺脚。


1) It’s time for breakfast/ an afternoon snack.吃早饭/午后点心的时间到了。

2) Let’s have breakfast. 吃早饭吧。

3) Breakfast is ready. 早餐准备好了。

4) Wash your hands before eating. 餐前要洗手。

5) What shall we do before snack time? 吃点心前要做什么呢?

6) Who is the helper today? 今天谁是老师的小帮手?

7) Boys and girls, set the table please. 孩子们,铺好桌子(准备吃饭)。

8) Boys and girls , sit at the table please. 孩子们,在桌边上坐好。

9) I guess /bet you are all hungry. 我想你们都饿了吧。

10) Are you hungry? 你们饿吗?

11) You’ll have cake and milk. 我们今天吃的是蛋糕和牛奶。

12) You’ll have noodles /dumplings. 我们今天吃的是面条/饺子/馄饨。

13) Milk is good for our health. 牛奶对我们的身体有益。

14) This is for you. 这是给你的。

15) This is yours. 这是你们的。

16) It’s hot , be careful. 很烫。要小心。

17) In order to stay healthy, you need to eat vegetables and fruits/ drink enough water / do exercises/ rest and sleep well.



18) Please hold your bowls. 把碗拿好。

19) Put down the tray gently. 盘子轻放。

20)Eat your food before it gets cold. 趁热把饭吃掉。

21)Take your time. 慢慢吃。

22)Help yourself. 自己吃。

23)Who wants more? 谁还要来些?

24)Do you want some more apples? 你还要些苹果吗?

25)More water? 还要水吗?

26)This is what you want. 这是你要的。

27)Please try to finish everything in your bowl. 争取把碗里的东西吃完。

28)You will feel much better if you have soup after a meal.


29)It’s nice. 真好吃。

30)It’s delicious. 真好吃。

31)It smells good. 闻上去真香。

32)Don’t be picky. 不要挑食。

33)Don’t put dirty things into your mouth. 不将脏东西放到嘴巴里。

34)Please put what you don’t want on your plate. 把不要吃的放在盘子里。

35)Please put the remains on the plate. 把吃剩下的倒在盘子里。

36)Please keep you table clean . 保持桌面整洁。

37)Don’t talk with your mouth full. 嘴巴里有食物的时候不要说话。

38)Don’t spill. 不要把饭菜洒出来。

39)Don’t make a mess. 不要把饭菜弄的乱七八糟。

40)Don’t waste food. 不要浪费食物。

41)Eat up your food . 把饭菜吃完。

42)Are you full now? 现在吃饱了吗?


43)clean your mouth with the napkin . 用餐巾把嘴巴擦干净。

44)Please use your napkins to clean your mouth. 用餐巾把嘴巴擦干净。

45)Move your chair gently. 轻轻搬动你的凳子。

46)Please put away the bowls ,chopsticks and plates. 把碗、筷和盘子放回原处。

47)Rinse your mouth. 漱口。

48)Put your cups back into the cupboard. 把杯子放回柜里。

49)Please go and play with the toys over there for a while. 去玩一下玩具吧。

50)Remember not to jump after eating. 记得饭后不要蹦跳。

51)Remember not to chase each other. 饭后不要追逐打闹。

52)Please go and drink some water. 去喝点水。

53)Please put your cups away when you are finished. 喝完后把杯子放好。 洗漱

54)Go to the bathroom, please. 去上厕所吧。

55)May I go Pee-pee? 我可以去上厕所吗?

56)Flush the toilet after using.上完厕所后记得冲厕。

57)Pull up you pants. 卷上裤子。

58)Wash your face. 洗脸。

59)Brush your teeth. 刷牙

60)Slowly, like this. 慢慢地,象这样。

61)Bend down a little. 稍微弯下点腰。

62)Don’t get wet. 不要把身上弄潮了。

63)Rinse your mouth. 漱口。

64)Don’t swallow the water. 不要把水吞下去。

65)Please comb /rush you hair. 把头发梳一下。

66)Let me cut your nails. 让我来帮你剪一下指甲。

67)Please roll up your sleeves. 把袖子卷起来。

68)Come here and wash your hands. 过来洗洗手。

69)Oh, your hands are so dirty. 你的手真脏啊。

70)Wash your hands with some soap. 用肥皂洗洗手。

71)Dry you hands with the towel. 用毛巾把手擦干。

72)Don’t spill water on the floor. 不要把水溅到地上。

73)Don’t play with the water. 不要玩水。

74)Don’t waste water. 不要浪费水。

75)Remember to turn off the tap when you’re done. 洗完后记得把水龙头关掉。

76)Let me see whose hands are the cleanest. 让我看看谁的手最干净。

77)Show me your hands. 让我看看你的手。

78)Good! Your hands are clean. 真棒!你的手真干净。

1、Dos and don’ts注意规则

(1)School regulations and rules学校规则

1) Look out. 当心。

2) Take care. 小心。

3) Be careful . 小心点。

4) Don’t push. 不要推。

5) Don’t fight. 不打架。

6) Don’t fall down. 别摔倒。

7) Don’t run around. 别到处跑。

(2)Social regulations and rules社会规则

8) Don’t break the rules. 别不守规矩。

9) Don’t litter / No littering /Put rubbish in a rubbish bin. 不乱扔垃圾。/ 把垃圾扔到垃圾桶里。

10) Don’t walk on the grass. 不践踏草地。

11) Don’t pick the flowers. 不采摘花朵。

12) Don’t destroy the trees. 不摧残树木。

13) Don’t talk when your mouth is full. 嘴巴里有食物的时候不讲话。

14) No spitting/ Use a tissue paper to hold your spit and discard it into a bin with a lid.

不乱吐痰。/ 用纸巾包住痰,然后扔到垃圾桶里去。

15) Cover your mouth and nose with tissue paper or handkerchief when sneezing or coughing. 打喷嚏或者咳嗽的时候我纸巾或者手帕捂住嘴和鼻子。

16) No smoking in public. 公众场合不要吸烟。

2、Pass a kindness on 传递爱心

17) Send a flower. 送花。

18) Listen with heart. 用心聆听。

19) Visit a sick friend. 探望生病的朋友。

20) Clean a neighbor’s walk. 清理邻居的过道。

21) Pick up litter. 随手拣垃圾。

22) Offer a hug. 给人一个拥抱。

23) Cheer up a friend. 给朋友鼓励。

24) Help carry a load. 帮人分担。

25) Thank for a teacher. 感谢老师。

26) Lend a hand. 给别人帮助。

27) Read to a young child. 为小孩讲故事。

28) Do a kind act everyday. 每天做件好事。

29) Offer your seat. 让座。

30) Let another go first. 让他人先行。

31) Be tolerant. 宽恕别人。

32) Share a snack. 与人分享。

33) Encourage a friend. 鼓励朋友。

34) Give a compliment. 给人表扬。

35) Celebrate something everyday. 每天庆祝一些事。

36) Respect others. 尊重别人。

37) Smile at someone new. 对陌生人微笑。

38) Forgive mistakes. 原谅过错。

39) Walk a dog. 溜狗。

40) Lend a classmate a pencil. 借铅笔给同学。

41) Help others make friends. 帮别人交朋友。

42) Leave a thank you note. 留一封感谢信。

43) Call a lonely student. 电话给孤独的孩子。

44) Assist an adult. 帮助大人。

45) I know I can help my classmate. 知道自己能帮助同学。

46) I know I should take turns to get water. 知道轮流去打水。

47) I know I should share the toys with my friends. 知道和朋友分享玩具。


1) Please obey traffic rules: stop at the red light, run at the green light and wait at the yellow light.要遵守交通规则:红灯停、绿灯行、黄灯等一等。

2) Work out the problem with your friends. 和你的朋友一起商量解决问题。

3) Do you know these signs? 你认识这些标志吗?

4) What do the signs mean ? 这些标志是什么意思?

5) What does the phone number 110/119/120/114 mean?


6) We should take care of the items in our classroom. 要爱护教室的物品。

7) You can not take away anything from others without permission. 没有别人的允许,不可以随便拿别人的东西

8) Who would like to help her ? 谁愿意帮助他/她?

9) Hand up if you have any problem. 如果你有意见请举手。

10) Do you like your school? 你喜欢你的学校吗?

11)Where are you from ? 你的家乡在哪里?

12)We are Chinese .Our capital is Beijin. 我们是中国人,我们的首都是北京。

13)Can you tell me your phone number ? 你家电话好码是多少?

14) How can you help your father and mother at home ? 你在家可以帮助爸爸妈妈做什么事情?

15) Are you afraid of being alone at home ? what can we do then? 一个人在家怕不怕?一个人在家应该怎样?

16) What can you do when you get lost ? 当你找不到回家的路时你应该怎么办?

17) What games do you like to play with your friends? 你和你的朋友喜欢一起玩什么?

18) How do you feel today? 你今天感觉如何?

19) What shall we do when we are in trouble? 遇到困难怎么办?


1) Let’s begin our class. 上课。

2) Lets begin. 上课。

3) Stand up. 起立.

4) Sit down. 坐下.

5) Sit in a semi-circle. 坐成半圆.

6) Please form a circle. 请围成一圈。

7) Sit up. 坐直。

8) Sit up straight. 坐直。

9) Put your hands on your knees. 把手放在膝盖上。

10) Is everybody here? 人都到齐了吗?

11) Come over here. 过来。

12) Come here. 过来。

13) Come to the front 到前面来。

14) Go back to your seat. 请回到自己座位上去。

15) Back into your group. 请归队。

16) Look and listen. 看着,听好。

17) Listen to me , please. 听我说。

18) Listen and say. 边听边说。

19) Say it after me. 跟我说.

20) Say it again. 再说一遍.。

21) Say it in English, please. 请用英语说。

22) Follow me. 跟我说。

23) Read it aloud. 大声读出来。

24) Do it like this. 像这样做。

25) Do what I do. 和我一样做。

26) Say it like this. 像这样说。

27) You may do as I do. 可以跟我做。

28) Who will answer the question? 谁来回答这个问题?

29) Who will try? Who’d like to try? 谁想试一试?

30) Who knows? 谁知道?

31) Volunteers?/ any volunteers? 谁主动来参与?

32 ) Do you want to go? 你想去吗?

33) Raise your hands, please. 请举手。

34) Put down your hands. 请把手放下来.

35) Are you ready? 你们准备好了吗?

36) Speak clearly, please. 请说得清楚些。

37) Look at the blackboard. 看黑板。

38) Do you like the story? 你喜欢那个故事吗?

39) Who wants to be …?谁想扮演---?

40) What is the name of this story? 故事的名字是什么?

41) How many xx are there in the story? 故事中有多少个--?

42) How is the story? 这个故事怎么样?

43) Can you tell us your idea? 能说说你的想法吗?

44) What will happen next? 接下来会发生什么事情呢?(接下来会怎样呢?)

45) If you were-----, what would you do? 如果你是……你会怎么做?

46) How many sentences in the poem? Which one do you like best? And why?


47) What is the story about? 故事里讲了一件什么事?

48) Who are in the story? Who do you like best? Why? 故事里有谁?你最喜欢谁?为什么?

49) What did xx say and do? XX是怎样说的?怎样做的?

50) Can you say anything with the words in the poem? 你能用诗歌里的话说说看吗?

51) Let’s read the poem aloud with music. 让我们一起随音乐朗诵诗歌。

52) Please listen to others carefully. 请认真倾听别人的发言。

53) Please turn to page xx. 请把书翻到第*页。

54) Can you make up a story? 你能编一个故事吗?

55) Try to finish your words in complete sentences. 请把话说完整。

56) Please circle the words you know. 请圈出你认识的汉字。



1. Boys and girls, it’s time for breakfast/lunch/snakes/supper.


2. Breakfast/Lunch/Supper is ready!


3. What’s for breakfast/lunch/supper? We’ve got bread/rice/cake/noodles------.

早/午/晚餐吃什么? 我们吃面包、米饭蛋糕、面等。

4. Don’t always talk when you are eating.


5. Keep one hand on your bowl.


6. Don’t waste any food/fruit..


7. Please hold your bowl.


8. Don’t spill your food/drink on the table.


9. Clean up your mess.

清理掉你的残渣。 10. Who wants more? / Who needs more? Me. 谁还想要?谁还需要? 我 11. Eat slowly, or you’ll choke. 慢点吃,不然会噎着。 12. Hold the spoon with one hand and the bowl with the other. 一手拿勺,一手扶碗。 13. No talking.


14. Dry your hands with the towel. 用毛巾擦手。

15. Be quick, it’s time for breakfast. 快点,该点早饭了。 16. Go and fetch a cloth. 请拿块抹布。

17. Wipe the table, please. 请擦桌子。

18. Eat more green vegetables, they are good for you. 多吃菜,对你有好处。 19. Eat rice and vegetables together. 边吃米,边吃菜。 20. Finish your meal before you rinse your mouth. 吃完再漱口。

21. Did you get enough? Yes. / No. 你吃饭了吗? 饱了/没有。 22. Don’t be fussy with your food. 不要挑食。

23. Your food is getting cold. 你的饭要凉了。 24. Be careful of the bones. 小心骨头。

25. Don’t wipe your hands on your clothes. 不要在衣服上擦手。 26. Use your spoon, not your hands. 用勺子,不要用手抓。 27. Put the bowl down gently. Don’t slam your bowl. 轻轻地把碗放下。 28. Who hasn’t finished the food? Me. 谁没吃完? 我。 29. Who can’t finish the meal? Me 谁吃不完? 我。 30. Finish your meal quickly. 快点儿吃你的饭。 31. Eat it all up!


32. Are you full? Yes. / No.

你饱了吗? 饱了。/没有。 33. Who’d like some more? Me. 谁还想要?我。

34. Eat quickly your food is getting cold. 吃快点,饭快凉了。 35. Wait for the food to cool down. 等饭稍凉些再吃。

36. Don’t rinse while you have food in your mouth. 嘴巴野的食物咽完,再濑口。 37. Don’t speak with your mouth full. 满嘴塞满食物时,不要讲话。 38. Don’t wipe your mouth with your sleeves. 不要用袖子擦嘴。 39. Keep your food in your bowl. 不要撒饭。

40. Try to keep the table clean. 尽量保持桌面干净。 41. Hand out the chopsticks/ spoon. 放筷子/勺子。

42. Please take your time in eating. 抓紧时间吃饭。

43. He wants more rice. 他还想米饭。

44. Which do you prefer? 你喜欢吃什么?

45. They are nice.


46. Please don’t eat too much. 不要吃得太多。

47. Line up, please. 请排队。

48. Hands in hands. 手拉手。

49. Don’t push.


50. Keep close to each other. 一个紧跟一个。

51. Don’t stamp.

不要踩别人的脚后跟。 52. Be careful, don’t fall down. 小心,别摔倒。

53. Stand in a single line. 站成一行。

54. Don’t make any noise. 不要吵。

55. Put the chair down gently. 轻轻放下小椅子。 56. Leave the chair where it was. 把椅子放回原处。 57. Line up the chairs. 把椅子摆好。 58. Let’s see which group is the best. 看看哪一组表现好。 59. Mark time. 踏步。

60. Halt.


61. Eyes front. 向前看

62. Attention. 立正。

63. At ease. 稍息。

64. Let’s play a game. 来我们做个游戏吧。 65. Wash your hands before the meal. 饭前洗手。 66. One after another. 一个一个来。 67. Let’s set the table. 摆餐桌。

68. Get a cloth and wipe the table. 拿布子擦桌子。

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