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Everyone's making plans for a fresh start this year, and if one of your goals is to save money, make a few changes here and there to save a little or a lot of money.

Remember the little things do add up! Read this list below on suggestions for saving money and pick a few for a 2014.为了今年有个全新开始,每个人都在制定计划。如果你的目标之一是省钱,在各方面做些变化就能省很少或很多钱。要记得积少成多!看看下面单子上的省钱建议,为了2014过得节俭挑选一些吧。

1. Bring lunch to work1. 上班自带午饭

2. Take public transportation2. 乘坐公共交通工具

3. Make your gifts3. 自制礼物

4. Cook more and eat out less often4. 自己多烧东西,少在外面吃

5. Be aware of bank fees5. 注意银行费用

6. Make a list before shopping6. 在超市购物前列好清单

7. Explore free activities on the weekend7. 看看周末有没有免费活动

8. Wait on purchases before buying them8. 在买东西之前先等一阵子

9. Seal up air leaks in your home to cut heating and cooling costs9. 为了减少暖气和冷气费用,把家里漏风的地方封起来

10. Turn off and rely on WiFi when traveling10. 在旅行时关漫游用无线网

11. Turn off lights that aren't in use11. 不用灯时把它们关了

12. Unplug electronics when not in use12. 不用电器时把插头拔了

13. Hang dry your clothing instead of it in the dryer13. 把衣服挂着自然吹干而不是用干燥机烘干

14. Hand wash your clothing instead of taking it to the dry cleaner's when possible14. 如果可能的话,自己洗衣服而不是给干洗店洗

15. Cancel cable and watch your favorite shows online15. 取消有线电视,在网上看你最喜欢的节目

16. Work out outdoors, or go to a friend's gym instead of paying for a gym

membership16. 在户外锻炼或者去朋友的健身房,而不是付钱成为健身俱乐部的会员

17. Google coupons before buying something online17. 在网上买东西前先百度下有没有优惠券

18. Make your own coffee at home18. 自己在家做咖啡

19. Sell your old things19. 卖掉你的旧物件

20. Buy used items20. 买二手货

21. Upcycle your old items instead of throwing them away21. 改造你的旧物品而不是丢了它们

22. Always comparison shop22. 总是货比三家

23. Book trips early23. 尽早预订行程

24. Stock up on holiday decor after the holidays24. 假期过后把装饰品保存好

25. Don't feel obligated to say yes to every invitation (this includes weddings, dinners, etc.)25. 不要强迫自己答应每次邀请(包括婚礼、晚宴等)

26. Eat right and exercise and get enough sleep, so you won't have to pay with your health26. 正确饮食、锻炼以及有充足的睡眠,这样你不用花钱买健康

27. Pay bills online to save on postage27. 在网上支付账单以节省邮资

28. Stop smoking28. 不要抽烟

29. Keep plastic takeout containers for future use29. 把外卖快餐盒留着以供将来使用

30. Travel during an off-peak season or time30. 在非高峰季节或时间旅行

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