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长元音:/ɑ:/ /?:/ / ?:/ /i:/

短元音:/ ?/ /?/ /?/ /U:/ /e/ /?/ /?/ /?/

双元音:/e?/ /??/ /a?/ /a?/ /??/ /??/ /e?/ /??/


清辅音:/p/ / t/ / k/ /f/ /θ/ /s/ /?/ / h/ /ts/ /t?/ /tr/ 浊辅音:/b/ /d/ /g/ /v/ /e/ /z/ /?/ /d?/ /dz/ /dr/ / r/ 鼻 音:/m/ /n/ /?/

半元音:/ j/

边 音:/ ?/ / w/

英语音标及字母组合对照 1.元音:

1) [ ? ] 发音字母 u o ou oo

up supper lunch fun gun hunt cup bus come mother dose brother love above trouble rough flourish blood flood

2) [a:] 字母组合 ar a

car farm card arm garden fast class last glass plant aunt calm

3) [e] 字母组合 ea e a (ue,u,ie,ai,ei,ay)

head bread pleasure elephant electric remember sell shell lesson better bed desk hotel yes many any

4) [ ? ] 发音字母 a

bag hand and ant happy hat map mad bad black back glad flag shall man

5) [ I ]发音字母 i y e ui u a

sit picture it is list six mix fix fit pig big build miss myth many twenty happy dictionary defect decide delicious

6) [i:] 字母组合:ee ea e ie ei (eo ey i)

three tree green sheep meet beef see seek eat tea meat leave lead teacher team mean speak clean please he she me piece receive ceiling

7) [ε] 字母组合 er or ou ar o a e u

teacher leader remember player speaker farmer powder doctor actor mayor author tractor delicious gracious pleasure familiar collar dollar together tomorrow today shallop lesson

Washington control polite around account ago elephant manta banana Canada Japan china men listen famulus Saturday

8) [ε:] 字母组合ir ur ear er or

girl shirt skirt thirty thirteen third bird turn burn murder nurse turtle Thursday burger learn earn earth heard term her nerd serve

work worm work world

9) [ ? ] ([?])发音字母 o a ou

hot lost lot fox box mop hop loss collar not want wash watch

10) [?: ]字母组合 al or au our ar

small wall talk tall hall ball call walk short more lord horse for forty sport door floor store author caught autumn four mourn court bought warm quarrel quarter

11) [u] 字母组合 oo ou u o

look good foot book wood should could put full bull pull push

woman wolf

12) [u:] 字母组合 oo o u

food moon room gloom broom doom goose tooth shoe do two

true truth blue full prude

13) [ei] 发音字母 a ay ea ai ey

name cake late gate plane April play say may way great break rain paint plain they grey

14) [ai] 发音字母 i y

bike fine find die nine light night high my try fly eye

15) [ ?? ] 字母组合oy oi

boy toy joy oil soil voice choice

16) [au] 字母组合 ou ow

house out flour ground account count sound loud around mouse

flower down now cow how town

17) [εu] 发音字母 o ow oa

home cold go no phone host ghost know low below grow blow show flow boat coat goal

18) [iε] 字母组合 eer ear

beer deer ear near here fierce idea 19) [ ?? ] ([e?])字母组合ear air ere

pear bear chair air fair there where care 20) [uε] [au?]字母组合our ower hour tour flower shower 辅音

21) 淸[ p ] 字母组合: p pen pet paper plant 23) 淸[ t ]字母组合: t time table stay toy 25) 淸[ k ]字母组合: k c ck

kite king kitchen can car cake 27) 淸 [ f ]字母组合: f ph gh foot feet fog phone elephant 29) 淸[ θ ]字母组合: th thin thank three 31) 淸 [ s ]字母组合: s c six sing snow cinema city 33) 淸 [ ts ]字母组合: ts ants streets students 35) 淸[ tr ]字母组合: tr tree truck try 37) 淸 [ ? ]字母组合: sh ship shoe shop short 22) 字母组合: b boy ball bed bag 24)字母组合: d dog do day doctor

26) [ g ]字母组合: g get go girl good 28) [ v ]字母组合: v van voice seven eleven 30)[ e ]字母组合: th

this that these those 32)[ z ]字母组合: z s zoo zero pizza these those 34) [ dz ]字母组合: ds beds hands 36)[ dr ]字母组合: dr dry drink dress driver 38) [ ? ]字母组合: si(on) decision

39) 淸 [ t? ]字母组合: ch chair chicken Chinese

40) 浊[d?]字母组合: g 40)浊[d?]字母组合: g orange gentle page

41) [ h ]字母组合: h

hot he hat has

42) [m]字母组合: m

many meat mother music

43) [?]字母组合: ng long [l ? ?] sing

44) [n]字母组合: n

no not noodle new now

45) [ r ]字母组合: r

red read rain run

46) [ j ]字母组合: y

year yellow you yes

47) [w]字母组合: w wh word winter window What

48) [ l ]字母组合: l look long left light let

where when

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