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2.The difficulties of finding a job after college graduation is my top concern

发布时间:2014-02-04 16:01:08  

The difficulties of finding a job after college graduation is my top concern Decades of years ago, college students are rare and there are many approaches for them to hunt a satisfying job. But now there is a saying goes that graduation is equal to losing job.

There are several obstacles we have to be faced with. The main one is that what we learn at school can’t help us solve practical problems. That means that there is a gap between the supply of graduates and the demand of enterprises. Considering the objective of pursuing benefit maximization, companies are reluctant to employ inexperienced graduates. It will take a certain amount of time for the green hands to adapt to the new environment which means profit loss to the companies.

Another reason for why it is hard to find a job is that graduates tend to overestimate their value. We can often hear the complaints that we spend much time and money on high education, but finally we earn less than baby sisters. I think the first lesson we should learn at the beginning of our career is to cover large distance with small steps. As long as we hold our faith in ourselves we will achieve the things we deserve.

Besides from the aspect of the enterprises, some practice of them is not conductive to absorb varieties of talents. For instance, they just recruit the graduates from the universities of 211 project. As dufe is not one of them, I even have no chance to apply for the company. What’s more gender discrimination still exists nowadays and many female work seekers including me are victims of it.

The last difficulty I have to say is that now finding a job now is not only a competition of personal quality but also a competition of family background. It is ironic that a wealthy father means a bright future.

Although there are such difficulties on the way of getting a job, I will not lose my heart and give up. After improving myself constantly, I believe the job I want is waiting for me.

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