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Laputa: Castle in the Sky

One day, a girl fell from the sky.

宫崎骏(Miyazaki Hayao)

He is one of the most famous film makers. His works always can make us learn about so many things, just like relations between the nature and humans.

The story takes place in an alternative universe where although the setting and the characters' dress would suggest a rural time period, the existence of air ships that can carry thousands of passengers would prove it otherwise. The film opens high above the sky, where a small air craft with a pirate symbol is looming over a gigantic air passenger ship. On signal, four mini-air crafts eject from the balloon craft and flap towards the passenger ship.

Sheeta, our heroine
Sheeta is a descendant of the royal family named Laputa.

The girl's ancestors leave out the high development of their civilization.

Pasu, a brave boy
Pasu is a boy who helps Sheeta to get rid of bad guy and find her hometown. some Pirates who want to grab the jewel but they help the girl and the boy at last.

Now, let’s watch a part of this film about a conversation between Sheeta and Bazu.

Against the backdrop of the industrial revolution of the 19 in the world in Europe, pure and lovely little girl Sheeta in the good and brave little boy pasu accompanied by Next, find their lost homeland, on the road at the end of Sky City, and finally to understand both technological progress and human development, how people are unable to leave the land. The theme of man and nature in this further embodiment, while the great city floating in the air, the final destruction of Laputa, seems to caution the world: in the machinery and steel of the century, in fact the face of uncertain future

“天空之城”,背景是工业革命的19世界欧洲,可爱纯 洁的小女孩希达(Sheeta)在善良勇敢的小男孩巴斯 (Pasu)的陪伴下,寻找自己失落的故乡,在旅途的尽 头天空之城,终于明白了无论科技的进步和人类的 发展如何,人都是不能离开土地的。人与自然的主 题在此进一步体现,而漂浮在空中的伟大都市拉普 达最终的毁灭,仿佛在告戒世人:在机械和钢铁的 世纪里,面对着的其实是未定的将来。

Brave and happy.

Finally let’s listen to the ending music of Castle in the Sky


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