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At least we loved.至少,我们曾经爱过。

Because of you. 因为有你。

Closer to you. 靠近你,贴近你。

Don't cry,you have me.不要哭,你有我呢。

Everybody knows I love you. 每个人都知道--我爱你! Fall for you.为伊沉迷。

Give me your love.给我,你的爱。

Honey,Hold me on. 宝贝,抱紧我。

I love you.我爱你。

Just can't stop loving you.只是无法停止,爱你。 Know how deep I love you.你要知道,我爱你多深呢。 Lost in you.沉溺于伊。

Make you feel my love.让你感受,我的爱。

Make love out of nothing. 让我们的爱,凭空而生!

Nothing‘s gonna change my love for you. 一切改变不了不对你的爱恋。

Once ,We were so in love.曾经,我们是如此的相爱 Perfect kiss,you and me. 那年夏天,完美的吻。

Question is that ,Why I so love you?问题是,为什么会如此爱你呢。

Remind me,when you scared. 当你孤单害怕时,想起我。 Stay with me.陪我。

Tying to give my anythiny to you.我要把一切都给你!

Unintended,I fell in love with you at the first sight.你是我不曾预料的一见钟情。

Very very miss you,can you go back to me?真的,真的很想你,你能回到我身边吗?

We can be together.我们可以在一起。

XL Love!特大号的爱!

You‘re beautiful.你是,最美的呢。

Zero is the start between of us.一切都只不过是开始。

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