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My favorite book

My favorite book is <little prince> wrote by Antoine de Saint-Exupery. I still remember the first time I read the book, I was like in a fantastic world. The little prince is a boy who has an angelical heart, his life is also very simple-a small planet which is full of flowers and monkey bread tree seedlings. The little prince is always depressed, and when he was sad, he would sit on a chair and see the sunset. He even see forty-three times sunset in a day to make himself feel better.

His life turned to a new appearance when a beautiful rose came out. She is a flower with proud, when her lie was exposed by the little prince, she felt embarrassed. The small misunderstanding between them made the little prince determined to leave the planet he lived on.

On his all-alone journey, the little prince meets different kinds of people, which includes a king, a conceited man, a tippler, a businessman, a lamplighter and a geographer. From these people he gets a conclusion that the grown-ups are very odd. Following the instruction of the geographer, he descends in the Sahara, on the earth.

Traveling on the earth, the little prince, who sees a garden of five-thousand roses, is overcome with astonishment and sadness, as he considers his rose is unique in the universe before. At that time a fox

appears. The fox, who tell the little prince about the meaning of the word “tame”, becomes his new friend. At the time to say farewell, the fox makes him know that his rose is unique because she is his rose and tamed by him. From that the little prince begins to treasure friendship and be responsible to his rose. Then he chooses the venom of snake to end his life.painful but happy, he thinks he could lay aside the bulky body and go back.

I cried about the prince’s death. But I’m not sad. His life is so childish ,pure, and also sincere. And he must get his happy ending being with his rose finally. The plot is easy, but the deep meaning of the story is worth thinking . we have grown up as an adult, then we are gradually surrounded by meaningless figures and money. We live in a complex society , every day we must be faced with all kinds of person ,which made our heart more and more cold and detached. For me, society is a monster which could kill the pureness inside of my mind. I’m so grateful for reading this story. And from then on, I have a little prince live in my heart, and when I felt tired to face the society, he appeared and took me back to the clean and honest world that I’ve ever stayed in childhood. Then, I found out everything seemed so simple and life was so beautiful.

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