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Beth Chip Donny

Beth Green’s birthday is May 5. She has a younger brother. She likes gymnastics and soccer. She doesn’t like badminton and volleyball. She can’t juggle. She’s the best singer and the best artist. She has curly red hair and blue eyes. She always gets up early.

Chip Lee’s birthday is June 10. He is an only child. He likes soccer. He doesn’t like running, but he wins races. He’s the shortest, but he’s the best soccer player. He has black hair and brown eyes. Donny Baker joined the SuperKids in Level 1. His birthday is March 8. He is an only child. He likes baseball, hockey, soccer, and ping pong. He doesn’t like volleyball or badminton. He’s the tallest and he’s the best actor. He has blond hair and green eyes.

Toni Peter Mojo

Toni Clark Her birthday is October 11. She is the oldest in a family with four children. She’s athletic and likes badminton, tennis, ping pong, gymnastics, and soccer. She’s the oldest and she’s the fastest runner. She has straight black hair and brown eyes.

Peter Clark His birthday is November 2. He is Toni’s younger brother. He likes volleyball, running, and badminton. He doesn’t like tennis or hockey. His favorite class is art. He’s the youngest and the slowest runner. He has brown hair and brown eyes.

Mojo is Donny’s mouse. His birthday is May 22. Mojo doesn’t know English very well, so he asks a lot

of questions.


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