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五官争功(英文 )

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Five Sense Brothers

Head: Hello, everyone. Nice to see you! I want to tell you something. I had a dream last night. The dream…the dream is so weird. I

dreamed that my eyes, my nose, my mouth and my ears are coming…

Eyes: Hello, Head! Do you know me?

Head: I don?t know. Who are you?

Eyes: I?m called Eyes.

Head: Eyes?

Eyes: What about you?

Head: Don?t touch! These are eyes.

Eyes: Yes, I ?m your eyes.

Head: Oh, you are my…

Eyes: Yes……yes! I?m your eyes!

Head: Oh! Have you ever seen the eyes like these? What are you doing here?

Eyes: I haven?t seen you for a long time. I miss you so much. So…

Head: Oh! Thank you. Have a seat, please.

Nose: Hey! You are here!

Head: Oh, another one!

Nose: Hi! Do you know me yet?

Head: Oh, the same question as eyes. I can?t recognize you. You are…

Nose: Ahhhh, I?m your nose.

Head: Ouch! My nose came down. But what are you doing here?

Nose: Haven?t seen you for a long time. Miss you so much. I just come here to smell you.

Head: Smell me? No, no, no, go away! Don?t smell me! Have a seat, please!

Ears: Oh!

Head: One more! Hello! Hello!

Ears: Oh, you are here! Can you recognize me?

Head: All the same question. Sorry, and who are you?

Ears: I?m your ears!

Head: Haha! My ears also came here. What do you want to do here?

Ears: Haven?t seen you for a long time and miss you so much. I just come here to hear you.

Head: Hear me? Please have a seat to hear! Let me tell you my dream…

Mouth: Oh! You are here!

Eyes, Ears and Nose: Can you recognize me?

Mouth: Ouch! You are too strong!

Head: I know you, you are my eyes!

Mouth: What?s wrong with your eyes?

Head: My eyes are having a rest here!

Mouth: I?m called “Mouth”!

Head: Oh! You are my mouth. What do you want to do here?

Mouth: I miss you for so many days. I come to bite you.

Head: Oh, please don?t trick me like this. Why do you five senses all come here?

Mouth: We are here for congratulations to you.

Nose: Congratulations to you!

Ears: Congratulations for your achievements!

Eyes: Congratulations for your honor!

Head: What honor? Why do you say congratulations to me?

Nose: You are chosen to be the Master of the Joke stars a few days ago.

Ears: I also heard that you?ve got a big prize.

Head: You see I have such good ears.

Eyes: I am telling you, Head! You have got such achievements, due to our Five Senses. We brothers contributed a lot.

Head: We Five have different functions.

Nose: Tell us, who is the most important?

Ears: Who is the most important among us?

Eyes: Who did the most?

Mouth: Who can get the biggest prize?

Head: How can I answer the questions? The Five senses are all on my head. I cannot tell who is the first, who is the second? Nose: Head, I am telling you. You can be the Master of the Joke stars, all because of my support.

Head: Is there any relation with you Nose?

Nose: You think about it, I can breathe and smell.

Head: Yes!

Nose: To be frank, you--- are hungry!

Head: What?

Nose: You go to the bathroom!

Head: Why do I go there?

Nose: You cannot smell.

Head: Ok, ok. The nose is very important!

Eyes: Pardon? The nose is important , aren?t eyes important?

Head: I didn?t mean that.

Eyes: Eyes are more important than Nose. Without me, can you learn culture and knowledge? Can you express happiness, anger

and sadness? Without me, can you see the big world? Without me…!!

Head: Oh, yes, yes. I cannot do things without you Eyes.

Eyes: That?s it.

Nose: That?s OK. That?s OK. Without Eyes, you can also go home.

Head: Impossible. How can I know the way without eyes?

Nose: Use me Nose, by smelling.

Head: I?ve got a dog?s nose? Ridiculous!

Ears: What did you say? I?ve heard all.

Head: Of course. You this thief Ears can hear anything.

Ears: What? Eyes are important. Ears are not.

Head: I don?t say that.

Ears: I am the information organization of you Head. Without me Ears? Can you tell what the music is, what the songs are or what

the opera is? “Wolf! Wolf! Wolf!” What is it?

Head: A dog is barking!

Ears: That?s it! With me the sensitive Ears, you can hear everything clearly.

Head: Enn, Ears are not bad. Also Important! I can?t do things without you.

Mouth: Nonsense! That?s unreasonable! All of you just want to get the honor for yourself. You don?t know that we are one.

Head:That?s right!

Mouth: You got the honor. We should share it together.

Head: You see, how well my mouth said!

Mouth: I?ve never seen that who struggled for the credit for himself. Have you seen that I struggled for that?

Head: You are struggling now.

Mouth: Who am I?

Head: You are Mouth!

Mouth: For you, I?m the most important. Without me, how can you talk? Say, say…

Head: How can I say?

Mouth: That?s right! You must rely on me!

Head: Yeah

Mouth: If You want to have meals, you will also rely on me! Without me, how can you tell the taste of apples, pears, onions and


Head: All of those must rely on me, Mouth!

Mouth: I?m the most important anyway. Without my tongue, how can you enjoy the delicious food?

Head: Mouth is really very important. I can?t do things without you Mouth.

(Eyes, Ears and Nose are discussing to embarrass the mouth. After a moment, they come out holding a dish of fruit.)

Ears: Ok ok, I heard that you are the greatest of all!

Eyes: I see that you are the greatest of all!

Nose: Come here. Let?s see what you can do on earth.

Mouth: No problem! How?

Eyes: Can you see the dish of fruit… can you tell the taste of them…

Mouth: Hahaha, no problem! My tongue can do that…you see what I can do on earth!

Ears: Just have a try now!

Nose: We will put the apple, the pear and the onion on your tongue and let you taste them one by one. You should tell us the names

of the food you?ve tasted in the appropriate order.

Mouth: What are you doing with me?

Ears: No nonsense. Ok…ready. Show us your tongue.

Nose: Head, come and feed him. Attention, please. The time you put them on the tongue should not be too long

Head: Ok, it?s my pleasure.

(Mouth showed his tongue and concentrated on tasting with three flavors. At the moment he frowned. Then they took off the masks kept on the eyes and the nose, and then line up.)

Eyes, Ears, and Nose: Please tell us the order!

Eyes, Ears, and Nose: The first one, the second and the third….

(Mouth walked up and down to think about it. But he could not answer it)

Mouth: How is this going? Damn tongue! How couldn?t I taste them out?

Eyes: Ha haha, what?s going on? Could not answer it, right? Do you remember what you?ve said?

Ears: Didn?t you say you?ve got powerful ability? And now?

Mouth: Hey! You Foolish tongue, you set me up. What?s happening?

Nose: Ha! Ha! Let me tell you the truth! Everyone has “taste buds". It's a small number, but they are scattered. So it is difficult to

feel the taste only with your tongue.

Head:Many people think that we feel the taste with the tongue.

Nose: It is not the case. It should be that we feel the taste and mood with Eyes and Nose and taste it with the tongue. Even you can

feel the smell of onions; most of them rely on the past experiences.

Head: No wonder, you can not say the exact names of the fruit or vegetables. Now I know that "Taste buds" on the tongue are

dispersed, and as we know, without the assistance of the nose and eyes, you cannot say taste out at all.

Ears:You?re right. Taste buds are scattered with little numbers on the tongue. They mainly spread at the front of tongue,

both sides of tongue and the back of tongue. Only a few taste buds spread at the middle surface of tongue.

Eyes:It is said that the taste buds have their own main works. The salty and sweet taste buds are located near the front of

your tongue; the sour taste buds line the sides of your tongue; and the bitter taste buds are found at the very back of your tongue.

Nose: In this way, our tongue recognizes the tastes. So you could not tell the names.

Mouth: I?ve got it, that?s it. Useless tongue. I don?t want to keep you. I?ll…

Eyes, Ears, Head and Nose: Wait! Wait! Do not do that!

Head: Fine, fine,…..you are all on my head and you all have to listen to me! Everyone of us have different jobs and sometimes we

should support each other and help each other to do something. If everyone stressed that their own importance, I think I don?t need you all, Go Go Go, Get out of my sight!

Head: You all back, come back!

Eyes, Ears, Mouth and Nose: Why?

Head: I have thought about it already.

Eyes, Ears, Mouth and Nose: Ah?

Head: If you all leave.

Eyes, Ears, Mouth and Nose: Ah?

Head: I just look like an egg…

Eyes, Ears, Mouth and Nose: Ah!

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