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Lesson Plan

Name: Ella Grade: YR-1 Time: 11th Date: Dec.20th Place: 王家巷幼儿园 students: 14

I. Listen Type: New lesson Unit 11

II. Contents &Purposes

Text: 22。But the cat is too big!

III. Key Structures:

Too big.

IV. Key Words:

But, too, big

V. Difficult Points:

But the cat is too big!

VI. Teaching Procedure

1.点到:Here!(If I call your name you should say“here”)

2. Warm up:

Review song “good afternoon”. ?How old are you?? ?jack? ?bubble gum? ?A,B,C,D? ?what is your name?

3. New text: T perform it first (3 times)

1). Review: perform the story together

Follow T to perform it→little performer→input new text: T: Where is the cat?排队一起去找猫,turn a around ask T together and sing a song-?baby wearing red hat?, then Let S to be cat quickly and says meow!; Let T & Ss to perform mice, run together. The cat quickly jumps out and says “meow!”;猫来了,那小老鼠会想出什么样的办法来对付猫呢?(ask Ss)来让我们看看小老鼠想了一个什么办法?Let?s beat him up! 哼!那小老鼠能不能打过大猫呢?

2). But the cat is too big!

T perform 3 times→Review: ?big? translate→sing a song-colours→read after T→pronunciation→drilling ?too big? →game: fast reaction-T says Ss touch; ?The cat? →read after T→pronunciation→drilling;

But the cat is too big! →read after T→pronunciation→drilling→game: finish my sentence→Happy fax

Whole text: high and low voice→look at my mouth→role play

4. Motion chant: (Listen to the radio and look at me carefully;


VII. Review: Little performer and sing a song

VIII. Homework:听录音磁带,并表演.

IX. Teaching Tools:老鼠和猫的头饰. X. Summary


XI. 板书

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