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Learning the alphabet

B b bed book banana bird body

C C cap count car coffee cat cow

D d desk doctor deer duck doll dog F f food family four foot five

G g garden gift goat gate goose

H h hat hen head home hand


_gg _nt _ anana _ ar _ ake _ ody _ uck _x J j jump jam jelly juice jar

K k kite kangaroo kiss key kick

L l leg lemon lake lion leaf

M m monkey math moon mother map N n net nail nose neck nest number P P pants pink park path pig

Q q question quiet quarrel queen quilt R r rope ring rock rug rose


_ eep _ ey _ emon _ other

_ oon _eaf _ eck _ uice

S s sun sofa sinks sign soap

T t toe tie table two tea

V v vase veil village van vest

W w wall window watch wind word X x ax box fox

Y y yard yam year yo-yo yellow

Z z zero zipper zoo zebra


_ iolin _ oe _ p _ un _ oap _ mbrella _ase _wo Learning the short sound

A a apple ankle arrow ant actor

E e egg end elephant echo elf

I I igloo infant ink insect inch itch O o ox on operate octopus ostrich U u umbrella under uncle up under

Learning the long sound

A a (a_e) name tape cape cake

E e (e_e ) these bee bite five kite I I (i_e) bite five kite

O o (o_e ) rose nose rope

U u (u_e ) tube cube huge

Letters with the long sound Aa ay bay ray say way

ai rain pain jail maid

Letters with the long sound Ee ee bee peel jeep feet see teeth

ea sea meat peanut peach tea

ey donkey money key trolley hockey

y rainy dizzy puppy happy

Letters with the long sound Ii ie tie pie die lie igh right sight night tight

y sky fly dry spy

Letters with the long sound Oo oa road toast coal goat boat

ow rainbow pillow yellow window

Letters with the long sound Uu ui suit juice fruit

ue blue glue


or pork porch morning ar arm card park garden ur turtle purse turkey er sister rooster winter marker ir bird circle girl

Diphthongs ou house mouth shout mouse ow cow flower tower oi coin soil coil

oy oyster boy toy soy Vowel Digraphs au autumn naughty sausage aw paw saw strawberry oo moon zoo roof food foot cook hook look ea head pear lead bear

Consonant Digraphs ch lunch cheese bench cherry sh sheep ship fish dish wh whale white whip ph photo telephone elephant th brother leather mother

th three thirsty mouth kn knife knee knob wr wrist wrap write mb bomb lamb comb bl blue black blouse fl flat flu fly flag pl plane play plate cl clock clap close gl glove glass globe cr crab crayon cry gr green grass grow grandma pr prize price press br bread brother bride fr frog frost friend frame tr truck train tree dr drop dress drink sm smile smell smoke small sn snow snore snake sl slow sleep slide slap sw swim swing sweet sp spoon spinach spider st star store stand store

sc scale scorpion scoop sk skirt skates skis all call tall ball wall ew dew few new

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