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歌名:Always with me

歌词: Somewhere I fall is causing the death of my heart

May I always be dreaming the dreams that put my heart

So many tears of sadness on count to go through and through

I know oh on the other side up there I’ll find you

Every time we find out to the ground we look up

to the blue sky about we wait to is blueness as I follow for a style

build a Road is long and lonely and the end far away

I look sad , I can wait the true answer and raise the lights

as I beg forever my heart stops in term of the net I feel

my silent turn to body begin to listen to what is real

the wonder of living, the wonder of dying

the wind town and flowers below there want a unity



somewhere I fall is causing the death of my heart

keep dreaming your dreams, don’t ever let them pass

while speak of form your sadness of our lives went forward

instead let the thin lips sing a junk song just for you

but when we wait for the ring voice , we never want to fall again

we need to well since memory always there to guide you

when a mirror has been broken track to pieces gather around on the ground

gin soaks you, lies we fled it around

winter of beginning still needs you light up the dawn

let my silent tend to body be filled their red pond

no need to search outside north they look cross the sea

cause you try inside me

it’s right here inside me

I find the brightness

It’s always with me




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