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Shopping and Fashion

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Shopping and Fashion

Oral Exercise 1
Divide into groups of 2 or 3. Each person in the group must answer the following questions – 1. What are you wearing today? 2. Why did you choose to wear this outfit today? 3. Are these clothes your favourite outfit? If not what outfit is? 4. Do you spend a lot of money on clothes? If so why? Each group will spend 15 minutes answering this set of questions.

Shopping is a popular pastime activity in Britain. Here are some of our most famous stores -

Marks and Spencer
Founded in 1884 in Leeds. One of the largest British retailers, most major high streets in Britain will have a Marks and Spencer store. Predominantly sells clothes and upmarket food. However it has now expanded into homewares and technology. Nicknamed M&S and Mark and Sparks. Considered to be a old fashioned reliable place to buy quality goods with the best refund policy on the British high street.

Founded in 1849. One of the leading pharmacy chains in Britain with outlets in the majority of high streets in Britain. Also sells make-up, skin care, haircare, photography, food snacks and opticians.

Founded in 1964. One of the most popular clothing stores in Britain particularly for young women. Its flagship store in Oxford Street, London is the world’s largest fashion store covering five floors. One of its ranges is designed by the supermodel Kate Moss.

Founded in 1919 in the East End of London. It is the biggest supermarket chain in Britain and the largest British global retailer. Its main produce is groceries and food. However it has branched out into clothes, technology i.e. DVD’s, music and books., car and health insurance.

Oral Exercise 2
Divide again into your groups. Each group must discuss in English the following questions – 1. What are the biggest shops or chains in China for clothing, food, technology and why? 2. Do you think the way people shop in China has changed over the past few decades? 3. Why do you think China has emerged as a global manufacturing power particularly for clothes? Each group will spend 15 minutes answering this set of questions.

British Fashion Stereotypes
Chav (also known as scally in North-West England, ned and bam in
Scotland) The word may derive from the Romany word for child or from ‘Chatham girls’, an area in Kent. Refers to an individual usually from a white working class background, poorly educated, often unemployed who engages in anti-social behaviour. Known for wearing a tracksuit, cheap gold jewellery, baseball cap, tucking their socks into their tracksuit bottoms and counterfeit designer labels e.g. Burberry.

Traditional Dress
Scottish traditional dress.
The pouch or purse worn at the front of the kilt is called a sporran. The kilt is a knee length garment with pleats at the rear. It is normally made of a tartan pattern out of woollen cloth. The shoes are called Gillie Brogues. Associated as Scottish traditional dress since the 19th century.

Goth is a

subculture that began in 1980’s in Britain and derived from the punk rock scene. Usually goths wear black clothes, black hair and black make-up such as eyeliner, lipstick and nail varnish. Some goths may have tattoos or piercings. Many goths are influenced by horror films, medieval and Renaissance dress, Gothic literature and the macabre. There are many different subcultures of goth.

Oral Exercise 3
Divide again into your groups to discuss the following questions in English – 1. How much does Chinese traditional dress play a part in modern Chinese society? 2. Does the way someone dress influence the friends he/she may have or what music they listen to? 3. Why do you think designer labels are so popular in Chinese cities? 4. Are some people ostracised by society for their choice of fashion? Each group will spend 20 minutes answering these questions.

Final Question for the Class: How deeply does shopping and fashion affect our society today?

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