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Unit 9 Red, white and … pink!

Maria 2009.04

一位秘书 一个邮递员 一个旧篮子 一个大苹果 一个小桔子 一座好房子



在门旁边 在桌子上面
在篮子里面 在小河的附近 在书桌旁边

在地板上面 在房子里附近

Revision- 翻译句子

There is a man at the door. He is a postman. 有一个人在门旁边,他是一个邮递员。 There is a basket on the floor. It’s an old one. 有一个篮子在地板上。 是一个旧篮子。 有一位漂亮的女孩在书桌旁,是一个秘书。 There is a pretty girl at the desk. She is a secretary. 有一个苹果在篮子里,是一个大苹果。 There is an apple in the basket. It’s a big one. 是的。 Is有一个旧房子在小河旁边吗? there an old house near the river? Yes, there is. 有一个小桔子在碗里面吗? Is there a small orange in the bowl? 不,没有。 No, there isn’t 有一个一个新碗在桌子上吗? Is there a new bowl on the table?是的。 Yes, there is. 有一棵老树在小河附近吗? 不,没有。 Is there an old tree near the river? No, there isn’t. P63 看图造句。

P64 造句练习 (每一小组派三对分别选择 三个例句中的一句造句) 课文复习 快速回答P61问题


Look at those pictures!
living room

house bedroom



What’s in the bathroom?

Listening and Understanding tap sink bathtub washing machine shower bath

Listen to the text, and answer: Who are in the bathroom? What are in the washing machine? What are pink now?

Answer the questions:
Who are in the bathroom? Robert and Lucy What are in the washing machine? Paul’s dirty bright red pyjamas Dad’s two dirty pure white shirts Robert’s dirty shirts What are pink now? Dad’s shirts.

Listening and Understanding– 课文注释
Here are Paul’s new pyjamas.

在以here开头表示地点的句子中,名词主语放动词后面。 Here is + 单数名词主语 Here are + 复数名词主语 如果主语是代词不倒装。

Paul’s 名词所有格,在人名后加 ’s,表示这个人的。
pyjamas (英式英语) 睡衣 没有单数形式 Pajamas(美式英语)

They are bright red!

bright yellow, bright blue, bright green dark yellow, dark blue, dark green But they are a bit dirty.

程度副词,有一点= slightly

Here are Dad’s shirts.

shirts 名词的复数
They are pure white.

Put them in the washing machine.

them= dad’s shirts
Put dad’s shirt in the washing machine.

What about your shirts? Yes. My shirts are dirty, too.

your 你的 my我的 形容词性物主代词



Karen! Where are my new shirts? They’re in the washing machine.

Where are 针对地点提问

Two lovely clean shirts! lovely没有clean具体, 当名词有两个形容词时, 不太具体的形容词放在前面。 Those shirts are

n’t white! aren’t = are not 否定形式

Listen to the text again and repeat.

Answer the questions on Page 69 一般疑问句:Are + 主语 ……? 特殊疑问句:What/Whose/What color/Where are…? Read the text by yourself.

New words

one cat – two cats one dog — three dogs one shirt — four shirts one bag — five bags a pair of socks my your his her Repeat the words and phrases

Pattern Practice

My _____ dogs are ______. black

dogs aren’t black My _____ ______

______ ____ ____ Your cats are ______. brown Your ____ cats ______ aren’t______. brown ______

Pattern Practice

Revision: Pattern Practice

My ______ are _______. Your _____ are _______. His ______ are _______. Her ______ are _______. 即兴造句,并将以上句子变为否定句。

Pattern Practice
Are your cats brown? Yes, they are.

Are they black? No, they aren’t.

Fill in the blanks
_________________? Are my dogs black Yes, they are. Are they yellow _________________? No, they aren’t. (yellow)

Are his socks green ________________? Yes, they are. Are they red _________________?

No, they aren’t. (red)

Fill in the blanks
_________________? Are my bags red Yes, they are. Are they pink _________________? No, they aren’t. (pink)

Are his shirts blue ________________? Yes, they are. Are they white _________________?

No, they aren’t. (white)

Fill in the blanks
_________________? Are her socks yellow Yes, they are. Are they grey _________________? No, they aren’t. (grey)

Are your bags grey ________________? Yes, they are. Are they white _________________?

No, they aren’t. (white)

复习句型:P 70 看图造句
1. My/Your/His/Her ____ are ____. My/Your/His/Her ____ aren’t ____.

2. Are my/your/his/her ____ ____? Yes, they are. No, they aren’t.
3. Are they _____? Yes, they are. No, they aren’t.

P71 Pattern Practice

P72 书面练习: a. 1, 4 b. 2, 5 c. 1, 2

/s/ sorry nonsense Lucy it’s hats house shirts socks /z/ please pyjamas noise she’s cars there’s dogs bags

Review Class 1 & 2. 学习国际音标 P73 听力练习。 写问题。 随堂练习。

My dogs are white. What colour are your dogs? They are black.

Guessing Game: T says: dogs Ss write down colours and guess.

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