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During the 1990s, American country music has become more and more popular .Song writers are no longer writing about the modern values of the USA—money, success or expensive things to buy. Instead they are writing once more about things that are_common for everyone.

? Originated in the southern part of the United States and Appalachia mountainous area, dates back to the 1920 s, the traditional folk music fusion, Celtic music, Gospel music and ancient music.


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Early Country 早期乡村乐 Cowboy 牛仔音乐 Western Swing 西部摇摆 Blue Grass 兰草音乐 Honkyu-Tonk 酒吧音乐 Rockabilly 乡土摇滚 The Nashville Sound 纳什维尔之 声 Country-rock 乡村摇滚 Outlaw 叛道运动 New Traditional Country新传统主 义 New Country 新乡村音乐 Retro 回归音乐

Development history
? 20年代:乡村音乐的诞生
Jimmie Rodgers(吉米罗杰 斯):Country music's first big star. Born in east Texas He with special way of singing songs of the southern mountains, won everyone's welcome, and won his country music in the first of a sales. "Carter Lick" become the country music history's most influential works.

"猫王"Elvis Presley
? The king of Rock ‘n Roll music ? 50年代代表作:《别 粗鲁》( “Don’t be Cruel” )--Country music and early rock combination(乡村音 乐和早期摇滚的结合)

Choice Female Country Artist最受欢迎乡村 女艺人

? Summary(总结) ? Origin(起源)
representative personage(代表人物) ? Sorts(种类)

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