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The Analysis of Cat in the Rain

This is a story happening in a hotel. An American couple went to Italy for a holiday and lived in a hotel. In a rainy afternoon, the American wife who was standing at the window looking out found a cat crouching under one of the dripping green tables. So she wanted to get that kitty, however, her husband was indifferent about her behavior. But she still insisted on her thought, when searched that kitty, the American wife found it had disappeared and then came back room with disappointment. However, the thought of getting that kitty was more and more intense after she came back room. And she expressed this thought to her husband. Much to my surprise, her husband was not only indifferent, but also began to get impatient with her behavior. In the end, the padrone asked the maid to bring a cat for her.

Reading the essay, we could be easy to find the wording of whole essay was simple and the style of essay was sententious. Meanwhile, we can find it used a third-person to narrate the story, and using the different words such as two Americans, they, the American wife, she, American girl showed the changed of author’s thought to women.

And there were four main characters—American couple,

the padrone and the maid. The story was told in the order in which it occurred. The first part of the essay narrated the background of the story—it occurred in a rainy day, the leading characters were living a hotel to spend their holiday in Italy. Then on the next part of the essay narrate storyline detailedly. Author narrated the different attitudes toward the American wife between her husband and the padrone, and reveal the social problem of gender inequality by comparing her husband’s indifference with the padrone’s kind. And the end with the padrone giving the wife a cat leave a space for reader to imagine.

In short, this is a good essay needing reader spend enough energy to study.

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