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1、儿童用书短剧:I am Max.

Max :Hello.

Linda and Benny: Hello.

Max: What’s your name ?

Max: M…..m….m.

Benny: Martin?

Max: M…..m..

Linda: Mike?

Max: M…..m…m

Benny: Max?

Max: Yes, yes. I’m Max, Max. What’s your name ?

Benny: I’m Benny.

Max: And what’s your name ?

Linda: I’m Linda.

2、 歌曲:What’s your name?

What’s your name? What’s your name? I am Linda. Hello, hello, hello, hello, hello to you! Hello, hello, hello, hello, hello to you! Hi!

What’s your name? What’s your name? I am Benny. Hello, hello, hello, hello, hello to you! Hello, hello, hello, hello, hello to you! Hi!

What’s your name? What’s your name? I am Max. Hello, hello, hello, hello, hello to you! Hello, hello, hello, hello, hello to you! Hi!



1、单词:book;pencil case;scissors;pencil;schoolbag;glue

2、 行动故事:Take your pencil case;

Take your pencil case;Put it in your schoolbag;take your schoolbag;go to school.

3、 短剧:Benny’s flower

Benny:Help me, Max.

Max: Okay.

Benny: The read pencil, please.

Max: Okay. The red pencil.

Benny: The scissors, please.

Max: Okay. The scissors, please.

Benny: The glue, please.

Max: Okay. The glue.

Linda: Benny!

Benny: Coming!

Max: The red pencil, The scissors, the glue. Oooooh noooo!

Linda: Max?

Max: Here I am.

Linda: Oh, Max!

4、 歌曲:School is fun

School is fun, School is fun. Yeah, yeah, yeah.

School is fun, School is fun. Yeah, yeah, yeah.




apple banana plum pear one two three four five


Open your school;Take out an apple;Bite into it;Yummy!


Give ma a banana. Here you are. Give ma an apple. Here you are.

Give ma a plum. Here you are. Give ma a pear.It’s over there.


Storyteller:Linda and Benny are going shopping.

Linda:Two apples, please.

Saleswoman::Here you are.

Benny:Three bananas, please.

Saleswoman: Here you are.

Linda:Four pears, please.

Saleswoman: Here you are. Have a plum.

Linda and Benny:Yummy!

Storyteller:Linda and Benny are at home. Oh, here’s Max.


Storyteller:So ,what’s in the basket? Two apples? No. Three bananas ?No. Four pears? No, no ,no. No apples, no bananas, no pears. It’s ……Max.


Put a pear in your schoolbag; Go to school; Take out a pear; Bite into it.


1) Benny:Max?


Benny:Give me two plums,please. Max:Two plums,here you are.

Benny:Thank you.

2) Linda:Max?


Linda:Give me an apple and a banana,please. Max:An apple and a banana,here you are. Linda:Thank you.

3) Max:Benny?


Max:Two pears and two bananas,please. Benny:Here you are,Max.

Max:Thank you.


1) Max:Hello.


Max: Three apples,please.

2) Linda:Hello.


Linda:Four pears,please.

3) Benny:Hello.


Benny:Two bananas,please.

Unit 4:PETS


1、单词:cat dog hamster mouse duck rabbit

2、歌谣: What's this?这是什么?

What's this? What's this?

Meow, meow, meow, meow.

A cat, a cat.

A cat, meow, meow.

What's this? What's this?

Woof, woof, woof, woof.

A dog, a dog.

A dog, woof, woof.

What's this? What's this?

Squeak, squeak, squeak, squeak.

A mouse, a mouse.

A mouse, squeak, squeak.

What's this? What's this?

Quack, quack, quack, quack.

A duck, a duck.

A duck, quack, quack.

3、故事:The mouse

Mouse: Hello, dog. Squeak, squeak. Let’s play? Dog: No, go away. Woof, woof.

Storyteller: The mouse goes away.

Mouse: Hello, cat. Squeak, squeak. Let’s play?

Cat: No, go away. Meow.

Storyteller: The mouse is sad.

Mouse: Hello, rabbit, hello hamster. Squeak, squeak. Let’s play? Rabbit and hamster: No, go away.

Storyteller: The mouse is very sad.

Mouse: Oh, what’s this? Wonderful! Abracadabra, one, two, three. Oooooh! Dog: Woof, woof! Let’s go to the show.

Hamster and cat: Yes!

Mouse: Abracadabra, one, two, three.

Dog: A duck!

All the animals: Super!


Dog:Hello, cat woof, woof. Let’s play.

Cat: Ok, great, meow.

Dog: Hello, rabbit, woof, woof.

Cat: Hello, rabbit, Meow. Let’s play.

Rabbit::Ok, great.

Cat, rabbit ,dog::Oh, what’s this? Wonderful.

Ghost:Abracadabra, one, two, three. Ooooooooooooooooh!

Cat, rabbit, dog:A ghost. Oh, no.

Ghost:Stop. Let’s play. Oooooooooooooh!

Unit 5 TOYS


1、单词: (童用书录音带16)

:teddy bear ;train ;plane ;car; doll ;ball; computer game; puzzle; blue ;red; green yellow ;star ;pink

2、歌谣Listen, listen

Listen,listen; Vroom,vroom,vroom

A car, a car; Vroom,vroom,vroom

Listen, listen; Shh, shh, shh;

A train, a train; Shh, shh, shh;

A car, a train and there’s a plane.


3、韵律诗My blue train

My blue train;my red plane;my green ball;my pink car;my yellow star.

Unit 6: Winter

1、 单词:Eyes; mouth; nose; snowman


Snow! Let’s make a snowman; OK. One, two ,three. Eyes, mouth, nose, Yippee!

3、 歌曲:This is my snowman

Eyes and mouth and nose. Eyes and mouth and nose, This is my snowman. This is my snowman This is my snowman ; what a big nose!

4、 故事:The snowman

Storyteller:listen. A rabbit. The rabbit is hungry. What’s this? A snowman Rabbit:Mmmmmmmmm! What a big nose! Got it! Yummy!

5、 韵律诗:snow;snow

Snow, snow; snowman grow; Oh, the sun; snowman run.



1、 行动故事:Get out of your bed

Get out of bed; wash your face; clean your teeth; bend your knees

1,2,3; jump- 1,2,3;Have a glass of milk

2、 歌曲:Get out of your bed

Get out of your bed,wash your face ; wash your face ; wash your face and jump,jump, let’s keep fit; and jump,jump,let’s keep fit;and jump,jump,let’s keep fit. (动作句子部分可使用clean your teeth; bend your knees.替换)

3、 短剧:A loose tooth.

Max:Ooooooooooh. Benny! Help me.

Linda: Oh, Max Oh, Oh

Benny: Open your mouth.

Linda: Pull! Pull!

Max: Try again, please.

Benny: Ok!

Linda: Pull! Pull!

Max: look, my tooth. Linda, help me, please.

Linda: Ok, Here you are.

Max: Look, thank you, Linda.



1、单词 :princess sheriff ghost clown six seven eight nine ten

2、歌曲: Princess, sheriff,(儿童用书录音带29)

Princess, sheriff, ghost and clown, one, two, three, four, five, sit down. Princess, sheriff, ghost and clown, five, six, seven, eight, sit down.

3、歌曲:A party song(儿童用书录音带31)

Clap your hands, stamp your feet, clap your hands, stamp your feet Clap your hands, turn around, clap your hands, turn around.

Clap your hands, dance and sing, clap your hands, dance and sing. Dance and sing, dance and sing. Dance and sing, dance and sing.

4、短剧:The ghost(故事录音带8)

Linda: Let’s play a game.

Benny: Okay.

Linda: Let’s play. Close your eyes. Vroom, vroom. What’s this? Benny: A car.

Linda: Right. Close your eyes. Meow, meow. What’s this? Benny: A cat.

Linda: Okay.

Benny: Okay, Linda, now you. Close your eyes.

Max: Ooooh

Linda and Benny: A ghost, a ghost. Run. Let’s run.

Max: Ooooh.

Dog: Woof, woof.

Linda and Benny: It’s Max.

Max: Ooooh.

Dog: Woof, woof.

Linda and Benny: Max.


Speaker1:Five—red Speaker2:Six—blue

Speaker3:Seven—green Spesker4:Eight—yellow



Speaker1:Fina Maria. She’s a clown. Speaker2:Find Tom. He’s sheriff. Speaker1:Find Sandra. She is a cat. Speaker2:Find Andy. He’s a princess. Speaker1: Find Karen. She’s a ghost. Speaker2:Find Bob. He’s a dog.



1、单词: pizza cornflakes spaghetti cheese chips cake milk

flowers butter chicken plate

2、歌谣pizza pizza (儿童用书录音带33)

A:Pizza, pizza. Yummy, yummy.

B:I like pizza, Mmmmmmmmmmmmh.

A:Cornflakes, cornflakes. Yummy, yummy.

B:I like cornflakes, Mmmmmmmmmmmmh.

A:Apples, apples. Yummy, yummy.

B:I like apples, Mmmmmmmmmmmmh.

3、歌谣Lot’s of spaghetti (儿童用书录音带35)

Lot’s of spaghetti on a big big plate. With butter and cheese. Spaghetti is great. Lot’s of chicken on a big big plate. With ketchup and chips. Chicken is great.

4、短剧:Max‘s Birthday.

Linda: Mmmh. Yummy!

Benny: Mmmh. I like cake!

Max: I am not hungry.

Benny: Okay, Max.

Max: I’m so hungry. Yummy!

Linda: Close your eyes, Max.

Max: Okay.

Linda: Turn around.

Max: Okay.

Linda and Benny: Happy birthday, Max.

Linda: Ouch!

5、听力练习I like spaghetti (活动用书录音带13)

Linda: I like spaghetti, cornflakes, pears, apples and milk.

Benny: I like chips, bananas, apples, pizza and spaghetti.


1、单词:Rain; wind;snow;sun;clouds;frog;cap

2、歌谣:A cap

A cap on a cat.

A cap on a dog.

A cap on a rabbit.

A cap on a frog.

Rain, snow and sun. caps are always fun.

3、 故事:The little seed

The little seed is asleep. Look at the clouds. It’s raining. It’s raining and raining. The little seed grows. It grows and grows. The rain stops. Look. Here comes the sun. its warm. The

little seed grows and grows. It grows and grows. Aaaaaaaaah! Look at the wonderful flower!

4、歌谣:Rain, rain, rain. Here comes the rain.

Snow, snow, snow. Here comes the snow.

Wind, wind, wind. Here comes the wind.

Sun, sun ,sun. Here comes the sun.

Rain and snow. Wind and sun. rain and snow. Wind and sun.

5、歌曲:It’s raining

It’s raining. It’s raining. Come out and let’s play. Run and jump. What a rainy day. Run and jump. What a rainy day.




lion elephant monkey hippo snake

2、故事The lion is ill (故事录音带10)

3、歌曲Listen to the animals (儿童用书录音带45)

4、听力练习OK?Here we go (活动用书录音带17)

Speaker:OK? Here we go: Start at number six. Go from six to ten, go from ten to nine, go from nine to three, go from three to five, go from five to one, go from one to seven, go from seven to four, go from four to eight, and go from eight to two. What is it? Unit 12 HOLIDAYS


1、单词:holiday beach jungle mountains farm city garden

2、行动故事It’s hot!(儿童用书录音带47)

It’s hot. Go to the swimming pool;Look at the sky,It starts raining.

Take off your shoes and socks;Take off your jeans;Take off your T-shirt; Run home in the rain.

3、行动故事You’re on the beach (活动用书录音带18)

You’re on the beach. You are hot. Take off your jeans and your shoes. Take off your T-shirt and your socks. You fall asleep. Open your eyes. Run home in the rain.

4、故事Max goes on holiday (故事录音带11)

Storyteller:It’s summer. Max goes on holiday. Is Max on the beach? No.

Is Max in the jungle? No.

Is Max in the mountains? NO.

Is Max on the farm? No.

Is Max in the city? No.

So, Where is the Max? He is not on the beach. He is not in the jungle. He is not in the mountains. He is not on the farm. He is not in the city. So where is he? Look here he is. Max is in his garden.;Yummy!

Storyteller:Max is happy!

5、听力练习-Maria is in the mountains

Speaker 1: Maria is in the mountains Speaker 2:Tom is on the beach.

Speaker 1:Sandra is in the jungle. Speaker2:Andy is on the farm.

Speaker1:Karen is in the city. Speaker2:Bob is in his garden.

6、歌曲:Happy happy happy holiday

Happy happy happy holiday, Happy happy happy holiday, Happy happy happy holiday. Goodbye, goodbye, goodbye. Goodbye, goodbye, goodbye.

See you on the farm. See you in the mountains. See you on the beach, hooray, happy holiday.



1、歌曲:A merry, merry Christmas

A merry, merry Christmas

A merry, merry Christmas. A merry, merry Christmas to all of you!

2、故事:Father Christmas

Storyteller: It’s Christmas. Linda, Benny and Max are asleep. Listen. It’s Father Christmas. Look! A book for Linda, a ball for Benny, and a teddy bear for Max.

Father Christmas: One, two, three. One, two….Oh, What can I do? Oooooh ,It’s cold.



1、单词::orange black brown grey whit

2、行动故事:Two long ears

Two long ears;A round face; A big belly;Four legs;A basket full of eggs. That’s my Easter bunny.


one—yellow two—blue three—orange four—black

five—pink six—brown seven—green eight—red

nine—grey ten—white

4、歌谣: Easter Bunny

Two long ears. Four strong legs. Hop, hop, hop. Bring us eggs.

Easter bunny, Easter bunny. Hop, hop, hop. Easter bunny, Easter bunny. Please don’t stop.

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