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Welcome to the Garden of poems !

Unit 2 Poems

When I was in primary school
When I was in middle&high school When I was in college

Looking up, I find the moon bright, Bowing, in homesickness I’m drowned
A Tranquil Night
by Li Bai

Toiling Farmers
by Li Kun
Farmers weeding at noon, Sweat down the field soon. Who knows food on a tray, Thanks to their toiling day?

望夫石 ---王健 Where she awaits her husband, On and on the river flows Never looking back, Transformed into stone.



Day by day upon the mountain top,

Q: Choose the words to show the woman’s feelings wind and rain revolve.
loneliness joy love trust
Should the journey return,

anger hate sorrow

this stone would utter Q: Could you tell usspeech. the woman’s story in your own words? (by Wang Jian)

Our first football match
We should have won …

If Jack had scored that goal,
If we’d had just a few more minutes,

If we had trained harder,
If Ben had passed the ball to Joe,

If we hadn’t run out of energy. We should have won … If we’d been better!

The Subjunctive Mood in If-clause
条件从句 与现在事实相 反 与过去事实相 反 从句谓语形式 主句谓语形式


should/ would /could/ might+动词原形 should/ would/could /might + have+过去分词


与将来事实相 1.should+动词原形 should/ would/ could/ 2.did/were might +动词原形 反
3.were to+动词原形

Shelley (1792—1822)

If Winter comes, can Spring be far behind?

Ode (赞歌/颂) to the West Wind

What is love
Love is giving,

Love is living,
Love is taking someone’s load(负担), Love helps them along the road. Love is caring, Love is sharing, Love will seek the best for others, Love treats everyone as brothers.

Do you have a favourite poem in Chinese or in English? Why is it your favourite poem?

Why do people write poems ? express feelings show opinion

tell a story


for fun

describe sb/ sth encourage people


1.To My Parents, Thank you
You were always there To _______me help You were always there To _______me guide You were always there To _______me laugh with …… cry with But most important You were always there To _______me love

2.Our sports meeting
We would have won the championship... If we had got Miss Liu to cheer for us If Zhu Tongjian had jumped higher...

You can choose any assignment you like.
1. Review the Reading part. 2. Try to write more English poems.

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