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Unit 2 Anti-smoking

I. Teaching Objectives

1. To prepare the students for the topic One Word

2. To train the students’ ability to understand the main idea and grasp important details of the listening text.

3. To cultivate the students’ ability to talk about pictures.

II. Time Allotment

1st period:Pre-listening Task(s)

Listening Tasks(s)

2nd period:Speaking Task(s)

III. Teaching Content

1. Pre-listening Task(s): Some questions, some sentences and structures are designed as a speaking activity for the students, try to prepare the students for the topic “One World”.

2. Listening Task(s): A conversation “Birthday Celebrations around the world”.

3. Speaking Task(s): Picture talk – Talking about wedding customs.

4. Difficulties and Emphasis

(1) Words and Expressions: column, assume, (be) dedicated to …

(2) How to understand the main idea and grasp important details of the listening text.

(3) How to talk about pictures.

IV. Teaching Procedures

1. Pre-listening Task(s)

Step 1: Ask the students to form pairs and discuss the questions.

(1) In what sense do you think we can regard the world we can regard the world we live in as one world?

(2) Do you think people all over the world are largely similar? Why or Why not? …

Step 2: Bring the students’ attention to the Language Focus box and tell them that

they can use the sentences and structures in the box in answering the questions.

(1) Human beings are essentially the same everywhere.

(2) All human beings have the need to eat, to have shelter, and to work. they also need to love others and be loved.

2. Listening Task(s)


Step 1. Introduce some background information about the unit.

There are numerous birthday traditions. Family history, culture, language

and economic status are all factors that ….

Step 2. Play the recording of the conversation once and ask the students to … Step 3. Ask the students if they have any difficulties with language or cultural

points in the conversation.

3. Speaking Task(s).

Step 1. Make the teaching purposes known to the students to get into pairs and

explain to them how to carry out Speaking Task A – reflections on the


Step 2. …

V. Assignment

Use the sample of the part of picture talk as the model to carry on similar

activities according to the pictures in Page 9.

注: 该样本来自于《全新版4》,对于第四部分的“Teaching Processing”中,所用的标题都是来自于全新版的教材,对于《新视野》,请依据其内容书写。


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