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The vowel pair “ai”

Ai-a ai ai ai

See the snail with no tail Leave its trail by the rail Ail-ail ail ail ail

Mail mail mail Pail pail pail tail tail tail Snail snail snail Mail mail mail,Pail pail pail Put the mail into the pail. Aid-aid aid aid aid Maid paid raid laid

Maid maid maid,paid paid paid. The maid paid for the pail. Ain-ain ain ain ain Rain pain main gain Rain rain rain,

It’s fun to run in the rain. Ait -ait,ait ait ait Bait wait trait

In the rain,ran fast in the rain. The train ran fast in the rain! Who will take the train in the rain?


Ay-a,ay ay ay Rain,rain,go away! Come again another day. Ay ay ay

Bay kay hay slay way Kay kay kay,bay bay bay, Kay had to wait at the bay. Ay ay ay ,stay day may May may may,stay stay stay May will stay with Kay all day. Ay ay ay,hay play Jay ray Hay hay hay,play play play Jay and Fay play in the hay. Ay ay ay,clay tray way sway Tray,tray tray,clay clay clay The tray is made of clay

The vowel pair”ee” Ee-e

It isn’t he,and it isn’t she,it’s only me,can’t you see?

Ee ee ee ,bee bee bee

B.ee s.ee fr.ee tr.ee

Can you see the busy bee high in the tree? Eed eed eed

Deed need feed seed Deed deed deed,need need need

A friend in need is a friend in deed.

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