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Teaching Plan

By Huang Gang

Teaching Time:Dec.9th,2004

Teaching Place:Class7,Grade3

Teaching Material:SB1A Unit9 Computers

Teaching Type:Revision Lesson

Teaching Period:One

Teaching Methods:Traslation,Comparison&Discussion

Teaching Aims and Demands:

1.Revise the following useful words and expressions:

information;improve;although;waste;go up;bring down;at one time;

make a decision;keep a record;thanks to;make a plan for;take up

2.Revise the following sentence stuctures:

1)I don’t think it’s necessary to buy the bigger one.

2)We must decide which one to buy.

3)You might not be able to buy your ticket until three days before you travelled.

3.Revise the grammar point:

The Present Perfect Passive Voice

Teaching Key Points:

Know about the differences between the similar words and phrases and do some consolidation exercises correctly.

Teaching Difficult Points:

How to use the language points arising in this unit properly.

Teaching Aids:

1.a tape recorder;

2.a computer and a courseware.

Teaching Procedures:


1.Read aloud all the new words or expressions learned in unit9.

(SEFCSB1A P163—164)

2.Then ask individual students to complete the following sentences with suitable words or expressions mentioned above.

1)尽管要浪费一些钱,但詹妮认为很有必要更新计算机里的信息。 2)由于有了电脑,当乘客们在中国民航的任一售票处买飞机票时,电脑都将记录下来。

- 1 -

3)电脑的价格已经下降了,因此,你必须马上作出正确的决定,可能价格很快就会上涨的。 4)以前,我认为完成一个概要或表格订计划是不必要的。 5)令我们非常惊异的是,他的时间被修理电脑所占了。 Step2.Explanation

Help the students to sum up the difficult language points arising in this unit.with more explanations. 1.information:(U) “内容”




1)They were listening to the _______ over the radio when I entered the room.

2)The ship sent a radio________ asking for help.

3)There is much new___________ in this book.

Key:1)news 2)message 3)information

2. improve: (vt.&vi.)改进、改善、提高

improvement :(n.)


1)You must improve your spoken English.

=You must ________ _______ _____ spoken English.

=Your spoken English must be_______.

2)His Chinese is improving.

=He ____ _________ ____ Chinese.

3)You’d better make_____________ in your article.

Key:1)improve yourself in;improved 2)is improving in 3)improvement


1)虽然;尽管(=though/even though);

2)然而;可是(=and yet/but)


1)Although he worked hard,___he failed/he _____failed.

=He worked hard,____ he failed.

=He worked hard._________,he failed.

=He worked hard.He failed,______.

- 2 -

2)He said they were married,_________ I’m sure they aren’t.

Key:1)yet/still;but;However;though 2)although/but

4.waste: 1)v.浪费;滥用 waste time/money on sth./(in)doing sth. 2)n.废物;浪费 industrial/radioactive waste

a waste of time/money/energy

3)adj.废弃的;无用的 waste water//land/ paper/material/iron


1)Tom regretted that he had _____too much of his spare time _______ cards.

2)I think it’s ______________to buy such an expensive car.

Key:1)wasted;playing 2)a waste of money

5. go up/go down(vi.)上升/下降

bring up/bring down(vt.)使上升/下降


1)I tried to get them to__________the price of the TV set,but they refused to.So I didn’t buy it.

2)The price of computers is_________while that of color TV sets has been ____________ only to over 1,000.

Key:1)bring down 2)going up;brought down

at one time(=once)曾经;一度

at a time(=each time)每次;同时

at the same time同时;可是,然而


1)____________I used to go mountain-climbing every summer.

2)Don’t speak at once!One _________,please.

3)They ran to the finishing line________________.

4)Johnn did pass the test,____________he didn’t know the subject very well. Key:1)At one time 2)at a time 3) at the same time 4)at the same time

7. decide(vt.)+sth./(not)to do sth/疑问词+to do/从句

decide(vi.)+on /against doing sth

decision(n.):make/come to/arrive at/reach a decision 作出决定


keep a record(of)把…记录下来;

set (up)/hold/break(beat) the record创/保持/破记录;

make lots of records录制大量唱片

9. thanks to(=because of)由于;幸亏

thank sb for (doing) sth因...而感谢某人

thanks to sb for…

give thanks to/express one’s thanks to…

- 3 -

10. change…for… 把…换成…

change…into… 把…变成…

e.g.1)My bike is too old.I’ll change it___ a new one.

2)You can’t change iron ____gold.

Key:1)for 2)into

11. plan(v.&n.)打算;计划

plan sth/to do sth/for sth/on doing sth

make a plan/plans for…

e.g.1)He took up a weekly newspaper and began to read.拿起

2)I’m sorry to have taken up so much of your time.占用(时间)

3)We don’t want to buy a piano,for it takes up too much room.占据(空间)

4)He took up the study of English at the age of five.开始从事(某项活动)

5)Now it’s your turn to take up the story where John has left off.继续(未完的事)

13.表示“认为;想”动词用法think /believe/expect/imagine/suppose/…

1)I think /…+从句

2)I don’t think/…+从句 (否定转移)

3)I think/…+so.

4)I don’t think/…+so.=I think/…+not.

5)疑问词+do you think/…+陈述句?

c.f. I hope so./I hope not.

I’m afraid so./I’m afraid not.

Do you know+疑问词+陈述句?


Ex.1:Multiple choice.

1.—I’d like_____information about the management of your hotel,please. --Well,you could have____word with the manager.He might be helpful.

A.some;a B.an;some C.some;some D.an;a

2.She_____,but she remained in the hospital for four weeks.

A.corrected B.increased C.improved D.raised

3.Although he is considered a great writer,____his works are not widely read.

A.but B.however C.while D./

4.I was late for the train,to tell the truth,______I hurried.

A.but B.although C.so D.and

5.You’re______your time trying to persuade him;he’ll never join us.

A.spending B.wasting C.losing D.missing

6.The prices are_____fast these days.Nobody can get the prices_______.

A.going down;to bring down B.going up;brought down

C.raising;bring down D.rising;to be bring down

7.By now we have nearly stopped writing to each other.But____we kept in touch

- 4 -


A.at a time B.at times C.at one time D.at no time

8.When and where to build the new factory_____yet.

A.is not decided B.are not decided

C.has not decided D.have not been decided

9.The project,_____his efforts,will be a success.

A.thanks to B.but for C.in case of D.in place of

10.My sister has made up her mind to_____teaching when she graduates from

college,which she shows great interest in.

A.pick up B.depend on C.take up D.give up

11.—Do you think it’s going to rain over the weekend?


A.I don’t believe B.I don’t believe it

C.I believe not so D.I believe not

12.I don’t suppose anyone will volunteer,_________?

A.do I B.don’t I C.will they D.won’t they

13.Mrs Black doesn’t believe her son is able to design a digital camera,_____?

A.is he B.isn’t he C.doesn’t she D.does she


EX.2:Put the following Chinese into English.

1)如果我们买较小一些的电脑IBMPC 386,我们或许几年后要换一台大一些的,那会是浪费钱的。你意下如何呢?




5)虽然价钱昂贵,我们还是决定把计算机买 下来。我们一定要让旅客们更容易买到机票。


1)If we buy the smaller one,the IBMPC386,we might have to change it in a few years’ time for a bigger one.That wouldbe a waste of money.What’s your opinion?

2)I don’t think it’s necessary to buy the bigger one .We must decide which one to buy.

3)It is used to record the tickets which passengers buy.It also keeps a record of the date on which they will travel.

4)Thanks to the new computer,passengers at the offices of the CAAC can now

- 5 -

buy their aeroplane tickets much faster.

5)Although it was expensive,we decided to buy the computer.We must make the buying of tickets easier for our passengers.


Go around the class and help deal with any other problems that students want to raise.

Step5.Summary and Homework

Sum up the main points in this period and assign the homework.

1.Prepare the exercises for this unit in.

2.Preview the contents of unit10.

Blackboard Design:

- 6 -

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