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Water Trading Entity

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STANDING COMMITTEE ON APPROPRIATIONS Briefing on the 4thQuarter Expenditure Report for the

Financial Year 2011/12

Water Trading Entity1





4.Purpose4thQuarter Expenditure Report for the Financial Year 2011/12Challenges and AchievementsBudget Allocation 2012/13



To provide a brief overview of the 4thQuarter performance,

challenges and achievements for the Financial Year



Quarter Expenditure Report for the Financial Year


NWRI AUGMENTATION FUNDED PROJECTS (including Support) AS AT 31.12.2012

Programme 3 Actual Expenditure as at 31 March 2012


Challenges and Achievements2011/12

De Hoop Dam Construction

1.On the Olifants River Water Resources Development Projects (ORWRDP) the realigned R555 road was handed over to the Limpopo Road Agency Limited for operation and maintenance as the custodian of provincial roads.

2.The entire dam foundation is now covered with concrete, while the concrete in the river section is above the old R555 level.

3.The placement procedures were refined and the contractor broke the South African record by placing 103000 m3of concrete in a single month. More than a 1000 persons were employed at the peak of construction.

ORWRDP (Bulk Distribution System)

1.The Olifants River Water Resources Development Project (Phase2) Bulk

Distribution System (ORWRDP-2 BDS) is at a Detail Design & Construction Phase.

2.The water delivery milestone for Phases2C & 2H is scheduled for December 2013.


... Continuing

3. The implementation of the remaining project phases -Phases 2D, 2B, 2F and 2G-depends on the availability of funding. Project completion is likely to extend to end 2015.

4. TCTA has received a revised Directive which limits TCTA to implementing Phase 2C.

5. The evaluation exercise on the communal land along the first 10km of Phase 2C has been done.

6. The reporting on the performance of Socio-Economic Development targets will be done once construction commences.

7. A facilitation process is being implemented between government and the mines to investigate the most viable implementation plan for the other sub-phases of the ORWRDP-2 BDS.


Mokolo and Crocodile River (West) Water Augmentation Project (Phase1) (MCWAP Phase 1)

1.The MCWAP Phase1 is at a Construction Phase, which commenced in September 2011.

2.The existing Mokolo water infrastructure operated by Exxaro has been acquired by TCTA for incorporation into the new government water work.

3.The contractor has completed the site establishment activities and the main construction activities have started, the first pipes were laid in March 2012.

4.The remaining two loans will become effective once DWA has issued the “stipulati”letters required by the funders.

5.The first pipes were to be placed in March 2012, which is approximately 6 weeks behind programme. Pipe manufacturing proceeded and the deliveries to site have commenced. The works are being closely monitored.

6.The environmental baseline studies have been completed. The Environmental Control Officer is monitoring TCTA’s implementation of the project against the approved Environmental Management Plans.


Mooi Mngeni Transfer Scheme (MMTS) Phase 2

1.The Mooi-Mgeni Transfer Scheme (Phase2) (MMTS-2) is at the Construction Phase, which commenced in February 2011

2.Funding agreements were concluded and executed on 16 May 2011 with the EIB, AFD and KFW.

3.Most of the conditions precedents to drawdown have been fulfilled. TCTA is awaiting confirmation from the lenders on that all conditions to drawdown have been fulfilled. The inter-creditor agreement and the Security Cession between the funders have also been signed and executed.

4.The revolving credit facility agreement was signed on 16 May 2011 with DBSA. A disbursement request to the value of R250 million was submitted to DBSA on 5 March 2012 and the finalisation of the matter is in progress.

5.A restriction by the Department of Environmental Affairs (DEA) on the number of trucks of a maximum of 30 per day allowed to transport crushed stone from the quarry in Pietermaritzburg to site has been lifted.

6.The impoundment of water in the dam is planned for December 2012 with water delivery milestone in April 2013.







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