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1)a [ei] [?] [ ?] [a:] [ ?]

Late grade bake grape nation station page

What’s your nDon’t be lactive hand bank fan

accept about above formative

fast last glass class

wash what watch

Don’t wfamily machine past want glad flag cinema father

2)e [i:] [e] [i] [ ?] 不发音

appreciate extremely secret she me he letter left

decide pretty previous

She’s a prproblem prosperous

active table late

message result student wife store generate restore confident lecture

3)i [ai] [i]

high price library ice cream wife size

fist pick chicken piano

4)o [ ??] [?? ] [? ] [? ] [? ]

host cold note okay lose do who whose love some other mother today tomorrow together lost hot office soft city unit old home prove honey company control collect honest

5)u [ju:] [u] [? ] huge

She graduated from Peking University.

She refused his invitation.

put push pull full

Don’t pbut brush duck bubble

6)c [k] [s]

country camp camera courage I’d like a

city ceiling celebrate cell cease

7)g [g] [ ??] [ ?]

girl grade glass glad bag flag

village vegetable bridge

long song sing

What’s wro

8) l [l] 读音不同

Listen learn language

world cold tall

gentleman morning collect sell cool gym evening English animal

9) n [n] [ ?]

moon night noodle number I don’t uIt’s a uncle hungry

10) r [r] [卷舌音](美语发音)

right read write

You’re I’m socard board door

They can’t sta

11)y [j] [i] [ai]

yellow year yell

angry young grade progress floor form north young

university city pretty happy It’s a funncry fly buy by my Don’t be sh12)ar [a:] [?? ]

farm card garden warm quarrel quarter It’s a quIt’s getting w13) ea [i:] [e] [ei] [?? ]

cease season breathe feature bread breast breath What’s the wgreat break

It’s a grmark meat meadow please weather

idea realize 14) ear [ ??] [?? ]

learn earth earn heard hear near clear ear fear 15) er [ ??] [ ?] [ ??]

deserve nervous her person teacher driver anger singer serious experience mysterious It’s a special exp16) ere [?? ] [ ??]

here mere sere

there where

The little boy can’t find his mother h17) ir [?? ] [ai]

shirt girl skirt admire desire 18) oo [u:] [u] [? ] [ ]

room tool cool moon It’s very c

good foot stood wood That’s a gblood flood door floor I’m helpful at home. I cannoon food cook wood

19) or [?? ] [ ??] [ ?]

short form corn born for work world worm word worst tractor doctor actor sector senior Who’s your favorite act20) oor [?? ] [?? ]

door floor moor poor boor 21) our [ ???] [ ??]

hour flour bourn lour pour court four mourn

22) ou [au] [ ?] [? ]

house mouth mouse sound found enough trouble touch delicious gracious prosperous

23) ow [?? ] [au]

window meadow know show now town how down cow 24) se [z] [s]

nose please lose pose rose low

mouse house 25) th [?] [?]

thank think thought cloth I don’t clothes that this then 26) sion [??? ] [??? ]

propulsion tension progression protrusion provision conclusion 27) tion [??? ] [???? ](不常见)

station nation translation attention question

than passion television

音素: 音的最小单位,英语中有48个音素.

音节: 由元音和辅音构成的发音单位

开音节: 1)辅音+元音+辅音+不发音e kite cake name bike make take home plane shine

2)辅音+元音 he hi go no do be tree three hello

闭音节: 1)辅音+元音+辅音 sit bed bad bag hot hop let mad map head

2)元音+辅音 it is of in on up out ant

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