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Class Name No Unit1(07)Date 2013-4-22Creator: 高二英语组 主备

课题:M8, Unit 1 The written world Task(第二课时)


预习内容及目标: 预习课本Unit1P10-13的单词, 学习Step2的文章《阁楼》,以及它的书评。

【晨读课】大声朗读 Unit 1 task的所有单词,并背诵;大声朗读P11-12 的文章,在朗读的过程中标注出重点单词和词组。 【展示课导学】

(一)学习主题: 学会征求意见、提出意见,掌握文学评论的基本写法。

【训练课导学】1.时段:晚自习 2.时间:20分钟 3.训练方式:独立自主完成

“日日清过关”巩固提升三级达标训练题 自评:_________师评:________批阅日期:______________ 基础题: 单项选择

1. Prices of daily goods ____ through a computer can be lower than store prices.

A.are bought B.bought C.been bought D.Buying

2. He was punished .That was ______he had broke the window of the classroom.

A. that B. because C. when D. why

3. There is a sign on the wall______that it is not allowed to smoke here .

A. indicate B. indicated C. indicates D. indicating

4. We have no idea at all __________.

A. where he has gone B. where did he go

C. which place he has gone D. where has he gone


It’s uncommon that a 15-year-old decides to start a business, especially an organization without making any money for herself. But that’s

just what Phoebe Steinfeld did. She wanted to honor her father, Ned, who died of cancer two years ago.

“After my dad died, I felt strongly about doing something to honor him as a successful businessperson and inventor,” said the 15-year-old

girl in New Jersey, US. Her father was an optometrist (验光师) with several clinics.

Steinfeld used her love of fashion to create Color Me Cured, a brand of nail polish (指甲油). The nail polish doesn’t have any harmful


“It must be important to have a healthier product,” she said. “We all should know about harmful chemicals.”

Steinfeld also came up with some nail polish names such as “Walking on Sunshine”, “Banish the Blues” and “Orange You Glad”. “I think

the colors not only make one’s nails bright, but one’s spirits as well,” Steinfeld said.

With some help from her mother, Nancy, and sister, Hallie, Steinfeld began to do it immediately. Color Me Cured first appeared this

summer at an invitation-only party in New York. They made $10,000 from product sales and personal donations Most of the earnings

from the sales were donated to a cancer center in New York.

“A bottle of nail polish sells for $9, with $7 going toward the center,” said Steinfeld, “I wanted an easy way to get people to make small


“Her father would take pride in her,” said Nancy. “Like father, like son.”

【学生自主反思】(精题选编,错题纠正,今日一得, 可用一句英文来表述自己的想法)

今日一得: 今日不足: 预习内容: 预习Unit1P14-15 Project “Robert Burns and his poetry”, 了解文章大意,


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