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Hollywood Movie
Zelang Zhu th December 9 , 2010

History Company Oscar



The birth of movie
Time Place Father

December 28, 1895 Paris, France lumiere brother Sortie des usines Lumière, La <the first film in the world> Arrivée d'un train à la Ciotat, L'





( AFTER 1980)

the silent film era classical Hollywood cinema

New Hollywood
the contemporary period

Seven well-known Hollywood movie companies
Paramount Pictures, Inc. Universal Picture Co. Warner Bros Co. The Walt Disney Co. Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer <MGM> Columbia Pictures Co. 20th Century Fox Film Co. 派拉蒙影业公司 环球影片公司 华纳兄弟影业公司 华特迪斯尼公司 米高梅电影公司 哥伦比亚影业公司 二十世纪福克斯电影公司

Paramount Pictures, Inc. Founded in 1912

Brave heart Indiana Jones Forrest Gump Roman Holiday The Godfather Part 2 Mission: Impossible Saving Private Ryan

Universal Picture Co. Founded in 1912

E.T. Jaws Gladiator The Mummy Jurassic Park The Bourne Identity The Fast and the Furious

Warner Bros.co Founded in 1923

Batman The Matrix Superman Returns Harry James Potter Sherlock Holmes Slumdog Millionaire

The Walt Disney Co. Founded in 1923

The Lion King Toy Story Finding Nemo The Incredibles Cars Route 66 Alice's Adventures in Wonderland

MetroGoldwynMayer <MGM> Founded in 1924

Ben-Hur Hannibal James Bond 007 Terminator 4 Waterloo Bridge Gone With The Wind

Columbia Pictures Co. Founded in 1924

The Shawshank Redemption Spider-Man Charlie's Angels The Da Vinci Code This is it

20th Century Fox Film Co. Founded in 1935

X-MenX Ice Age Titanic Avatar Die Hard Star Wars Fantastic Four The Sound of Music Night At The Museum

Famous Film Festival & Award

Cannes International Film Festival

Venice International Film Festival

Berlin International Film Festival

British Academy Awards
César Awards

Shanghai International Film Festival Golden Cock Prize and Hundred Flowers Prize for Movies China Hong Kong Film Awards Taiwan Golden Horse Awards


In May 1927 set up

Academy Award Academy of motion picture Arts and Sciences (A.M.P.A.S.)

Past: $35

Now: $350

Best Picture——1928 year Best Directing——1928 year Best Actor in a Leading Role——1928 year Best Actress in a Leading Role——1928 year Best Actor in a Supporting Role——1936 year Best Actress in a Supporting Role——1936 year Original Screenplay——1940 year Adapted Screenplay——1928 year Best Art Direction/Interior or Set Decoration——1928 year Best Cinematography——1928 year Visual Effects——1963 year Film Editing——1935 year Original Score——1934 year Best Song——1934 year Sound/Sound Mixing——1930 year Sound Editing/Sound Effects Editing/Sound Effects--—1963 year Costume Design——1948 year Makeup——1981 year Scientific or Technical Awards——1931 year Best Animated Feature——2001 year Animated Short Film

——1931 year Live Action Short Film Documentary Feature——1942 year Documentary Short Subject——1941 year Best Foreign Language Film——1957 year


The 82nd Oscars Red Carpet

The 82nd Oscars

The Hurt Locker

Why can they do so well?
1, free thinking and spirit of adventure 2, developed capital market 3, have a good thinking habit 4, have a rich imagination 5, political culture

Thank you !

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