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Lesson 12
What will you do?

一月 四月 七月 十月

September November December February October August March June April July May January
十一月 二月 五月 八月

十二月 三月 六月 九月

? (1)What’s your favorite month? It’s… ? (2)What ‘s the date today? Today is … ? Tell students it’s winter today. Then ask students the following questions: ? (1)I will wear sweater in winter. How about you? ? (2)I will wear skirt in summer. How about you?

go riding

go camping

go skating

go swimming

go painting

? ?

? ?

Will you go swimming tonight? Yes, I will. No, I won’t. Will you go skating tonight? Yes, I will. No, I won’t. Will you go camping tonight? Yes, I will. No, I won’t. Will you go riding next week? Yes, I will. No, I won’t. Will you go painting next week? Yes, I will. No, I won’t. Will you go to school tonight? Yes, I will. No, I won’t.

? 规律总结: ? (1)问对方是否愿意,或者表示客气的邀请, 常用Will you…?他们的回答比较灵活 Will you please come to my birthday party next week ? (2)肯定回答:Yes, I will. / Sure . (3)否定回答:I’m sorry. I’m afraid I can’t.. No, I won’t.

? ? ? ?

What will you do…? Will you…? I will…? I won’t…?

? ? ? ?

? ?

find out the rule of the simple future tense. I shall write to him next week. They will watch TV this evening. Will you stay at home with us tomorrow? I won’t go shopping the day after tomorrow. What will you do? I will go to Mark’s birthday party this weekend.

a.表示将来某个时间要发生的动作或存在的状态,也表示将来经常或 重复发生的动作,常与表示将来的时间状语连用。如: tomorrow , soon , next Monday , next year , next weekend , this afternoon , this evening …… b. will+动词原形 : 表示将要发生的动作或情况,没有太多的计划性, 还用来表示意愿 c. will /shall +动词原形 (在书面语中,主语是第一人称时,常用 shall ,在口语中,所有人称都可以用will. d. (1)肯定句 主语+will/shall+动词原形+其它成份 I (shall) write to him next week. 下周我将给他写信。 (2)否定句 主语 + will /shall+ not + 动词原形 +其它成份 They won’t watch TV this evening.今天晚上他们不看电视。 (3)一般疑问句 will/shall+主语 +动词原形+其它成份 Will you stay at home with us tomorrow ? 明天你和我们呆在家里好吗? e. 特殊疑问词(Wh-) +一般疑问句 When will your father be back? 你爸爸什么时侯回来?

Listen and number

I can talk
? ? ?
? ? ? ?

Question giving The Dragon Boat Festival is coming. Simon will go to watch the dragon boat race with his teachers. Linda will watch TV at home. We can eat moon cakes on the Dragon Boat Festival. The rice dumplings are delicious.

Free talk
? What will you do on____? ? Will you come with

me ? ? That sounds like fun

I can do
? ? ?
? ?

Fill in the blanks.(P.52) Check the answers. Let’s do oral practice with the sentence patterns below: What will you/he/she/they do…? I/ He/She/They will go…

Great wall

The capital of china

The Summer Palace

The Palace Museum

? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ?

Visit访问,看望 I will visit HongKong. interest in 对……有兴趣 I am interest in Beijing. during 在……的期间 I will do many things during my holiday. Fill in the blanks.填空 I will _______ my grandparents on May 1st . I ‘m ________ _________ English. I will learn a lot ________ my school day.

一: If you have wings, what will you do? 二:完成练习册 三: 预习新课

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