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剑桥儿童英语基础一级Unit 10

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复习水果 Sing an Apple song

? Do you like __________? ? Yes, I do./ No, I don’t. ? What fruit do you like. ? I like ________. ? What’s your favourite fruit. ? _______ are my favourite fruit. ? 做剑桥课后题


bed phone

table sofa


?Where is it? ?Where is Amy? Where is she? ?Where are the keys?

Is she/he in the study? Are they on the table? Are they in the door?
bed phone table sofa fridge

I can play the piano.

? play the piano

? play the guitar

? draw pictures

? play the violin

? Sing a song

? Sing and dance

? tell a story ? read a book

Play a game 叫学生上来做相 关动作,其他学生一 起猜一猜 。

I can _____. I can’t ____. He can ____.He can’t_____. She can __.She can’t ___. Mary can ______. Mary can’t ______. ? Can you ______?


can’t 不能

歌曲 Polly.Can you sepll your name?改编 ? 歌词 ? Polly. Can you sing a song? ? Polly. Can you sing a song? ? Polly. Can you sing a song?
? One two three, Yes, I can.

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电影15分钟 复习做练习

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