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Guessing a Riddle

1.I look like a horse ,but my body is covered by black and white stripes.

2.I can run very quickly. I have antlers on my head.

3.I am an animal kept by farmers to produce milk.

4.I am not a fish but look like a large fish and live in the sea.I am a warm-blood mammal.

5.I have a very long neck and legs.I can eat the leaves on top of the tree.

6.I am known for my cleverness and cunning.

7.I like eating grass.People like to use my wool to make coats.

8.I look like a dog. But people and animals are all afraid of me, because I like eating them.

9.I'm almost white, but the fur of my ears, eye pits are black. I live in the wild forests,I like eating bamboos! Who am I ?

10.a cat,eyes like a cat,a tail like a cat ,but isn't a cat?

11.My names begin with W and end with E. I am the largest animal in the world and I live in the sea. I have beautiful blue skin. And no part of my body is thin.I'm not a fish but I breatheair.I don't have much hair . Men sometimes want to catch me for my body, I have huge fins I don't have feet. What am I ?I am......

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