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Paris Have a good journey!

星门 Stargate

Overlooking the Arc deTriomphe subglottic extension in all directions from the street out of the ring of twelve radial Boulevard. The Boulevard is like a star shine bright light, and therefore, the Arc de Triomphe, also known as "Star Gate."

俯视凯旋门下由环形大街向四面八方伸展出的十二条放射状 的林荫大道。这些大道就象一颗明星放射出的灿烂光芒,因而, 凯旋门又称“星门”。

Triumphal Arch
A sequence of monuments and grand thoroughfares on a route which goes from the courtyard of the Louvre Palace to the outskirts of Paris. 巴黎著名建筑物,位于市 西夏尔· 戴高乐广场。为纪念 拿破仑在奥斯特里茨战役中 打败俄、奥联军,于1806年 始建,1836年落成。高 49.54米,宽44.82米,厚 22.21米。四面有门,中心 拱门宽14.6米。

In it for the Pastoral Avenue Champs Elysees lintel, there are two well-known floral relief: on the right side of the post followed by the wings of the Statue of Liberty play for the soldiers to go along with vibrant sculpture is "Volunteers Starting expedition "; another" Napoleon triumphant return " , showing the return of Napoleon's victory celebration after the victory ceremony jubilant scenes. 在它面向香榭丽舍田园大道的门楣上有两个著名的花饰浮雕: 右侧门柱上的那个展翅的自由女神后跟随着朝气蓬勃前去出战 的战士的雕塑是“志愿军出发远征”;另一个“拿破仑凯旋归来” , 表现了拿破仑大捷归来后举行庆祝胜利仪式的欢腾场面。

Le Triomphe de Napolé on Le Dé part des Volontaires

Boulevard for the hosts of the lintel is Adams sculpture of the "Republic (La République)" and" Song of Peace"large-scale relief 面向万军林荫大道的 门楣上是由昂图瓦纳 艾 戴克斯雕塑的“共和国” (又称“抵抗运动”)和“ 和平之歌”大型浮雕。

La Paix

La résistance

凯旋门的四周都有门,门内刻 有跟随拿破仑· 波拿巴远征的286 名将军的名字,门上刻有1792年 至1815年间的法国战事史。

All around the Arc de Triomphe door for engraved followed Napoleon Bonaparte expedition ? the names of 286 generals, the door engraved with 1792 to 1815 war between the French history

Just below the Arc de Triomphe, is November 11, 1920 the construction of the unknown soldier tomb, the tomb is flat, the ground was covered with epitaph: "Here lies a French soldier died for the country." It is said that the tomb was asleep sacrifice in World War I is one of the unknown soldier, who represents the victims of the war in the 1.5 million French soldiers. 在凯旋门的正下方,是1920年11月11日建造的无名战士墓, 墓是平的, 地上嵌着红色的墓志∶“这里安息的是为国牺牲的法 国军人。”据说,墓中睡着的是在第一次世界大战中牺牲的一位 无名


As the years went by, the Arc de Triomphe, this former symbol of Napoleon's Imperial Army has become a symbol of patriotism in France today, but also who is also the monumental architecture of the duties . 随着岁月的流逝,凯旋门,这个曾经的拿破仑帝 国军队的标志已成为现今法国爱国主义的标志,同 时也身兼纪念性建筑的职责。

交通 铁路: 港铁: 东涌线及机场快线九龙站 西铁线柯士甸站 广深港高速铁路西九龙总站 巴士: 8 - 九龙站 ? 尖沙咀码头 11 - 九龙站 ? 钻石山站 203E - 九龙站 ? 彩虹 215X - 九龙站 ? 蓝田(广田邨) 259B - 九龙站 ? 屯门码头 270A - 九龙站 ? 上水 281A - 九龙站 ? 广源

Eiffel Tower

Eiffel Tower is a built in 1889 in Paris, France Mars square hollow structural steel tower, 300 meters high, the antenna 24 meters high, total height of 324 meters.It is named after its bridge design engineer Gustave Eiffel ? Tower design unique, is the world's architectural masterpieces in the history of technology. 埃菲尔铁塔是一座于1889年 建成位于法国巴黎战神广场 上的 镂空结构铁塔,高300米,天线 高24米,总高324米。得名于设 计它的桥梁工程师居斯塔夫?埃 菲尔。铁塔设计新颖独特,是世 界建筑史上的技术.

Eiffel Tower was built into the third floor, respectively, from the ground 57.6 m, 115.7 m and 276.1,and from the pillar base to the tower Top total of 1711 steps, amounted to 7,000 tons of steel, 12,000 metal parts, 2.5 million rivets, very spectacular 埃菲尔铁塔分为三楼,分 别在离地面57.6米、115.7米 和276.1米处,从塔座到塔顶 共有1711级阶梯,共用去钢铁 7000吨,12000个金属部件, 250万只铆钉,极为壮观.

门票: 使用电梯到达铁塔一层,成人及12岁以上儿童,4.3欧 元/人,12岁以下3岁以上儿童2.4欧元/人。 使用电梯到达铁塔二层,成人及12岁以上儿童,7.7欧 元/人,12岁以下3岁以上儿童4.2欧元/人。 使用电梯到达铁塔顶层,成人及12岁以上儿童,11欧 元/人,12岁以下3岁以上儿童6欧元/人。 使用楼梯到达铁塔一层二层,25岁以上成人3.8欧元/人 ,25岁以下成人3.0欧元/人。 所有门票对3岁以下儿童,一律免收。 到达方式: 乘坐42、69、72、82、87公交车可到达。

Cathé drale Notre Dame de Paris

巴黎圣母院大教堂是一座位于法国 巴黎市中心、西堤岛上的教堂建筑,也 是天主教巴黎总教区的主教座堂。圣母 院属哥特式建筑形式。始建于1163年, 是巴黎大主教莫里斯〃德〃苏利决定兴 建的,整座教堂在1345年全部建成,历 时180多年。

Notre Dame Cathedral in Paris is a city, Sai Island church building, but also the Catholic Archdiocese of Paris, the cathedral. Notre Dame is a Goth

ic architectural style. Founded in 1163, the Archbishop of Paris, Maurice ? Germany ? Sully decided to build the whole church, all built in 1345, lasted 180 years

It has a pair of positive clock tower, the upper part of the main entrance has a large rose window. In the top of the atrium has a high meter steeple. 它的正面有一对钟 塔,主入口的上部设 有巨大的玫瑰窗。在 中庭的上方有一个高 达百米的尖塔。

In the hospital placement, there aremany murals, sculptures, statues, so of visitors come to Ferris.

院内摆置很多的壁画、雕塑、圣 像,因此前来观览的游客络绎不绝。

Into the interior of the introduction of numerous vertical lines look, dozens of meters high in the vault under the dim light in the dark, twinkling, with religious reverie, it seems that the above is a heaven

交通 搭乘地铁4号线在Cite站下车

卢浮宫 Musé e du Louvre

Louvre, the world's oldest, largest and most famous museums. Located in the north bank of the Seine in central Paris, France (right bank), was founded in 1204. It's the overall construction was "U"-shaped
卢浮宫,是世界上最古老、最大、最著名的博物馆之一。位于 法国巴黎市中心的塞纳河北岸。卢浮宫占地面积约为45公顷,建筑 物占地面积为4.8公顷.它的整体建筑呈“U”.

宫前的金字塔 形玻璃入口,是华 人建筑大师贝聿铭 设计的。

French art treasures of these sources and types according to their six are on display at that Oriental Art, the ancient Greek and Roman Art, Ancient Egyptian Art, Treasures Museum, Museum of Painting and Sculpture Museum .




开放时间:09:00到18:00,星期三到星期 五时,到21:45才会结束。每周二休息,此外, 1月1日、5月1日、8月15日、12月25日等公共假 日也不对外开放。 因为工作人员的有限,卢浮宫的展厅在一周 内的开放时间各不相同

莱茵河 Rhine River

Western Europe’s largest river ,the Rhine ,originating in the Swiss Alps , northwest through Liechtenstein ,Austria , France , Germany and the Netherlands , and finally into the North Sea near Rotterdam ,length of 1320km.

西欧第一大河莱茵河,发源于瑞士境内的阿 尔卑斯山北麓,西北流经列支敦士登、奥地利、 法国、德国和荷兰,最后在鹿特丹附近注入北海, 全长1320公里.

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