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1、What the challenge or opportunity is ?

I want to talk about an experience I interviewed the world gymnastics champion--- Yangwei in 2008.

2、How you overcome or grasp it ?

I come from Wuhan Institute of Physical Education, majoring in journalism , there are many world champions come from my school, such as YangWei, LiShanShan, cheng fei, LiaoHui. In 2008,Wuhan Institute of Physical Education held the 55 years anniversary and invited four world champions---- YangWei, LiShanShan, cheng fei, LiaoHui.. That time, I was a reporter for the campus newspaper, then luckily or unluckily , the newspaper appointed me to have an interview with YangWei. At that time , I worked in the newspaper for only a year and the work experience was not perfect, many people thought that it was a great challenge for me. I was really freaked out in the beginning . In order to complete this mission perfect, I made a lot of preparation. In the beginning of the interview, I was very nervous. 10 minutes later, the atmosphere became natural. The interview lasted 20 minutes, everything was great. I thought it was a great opportunity to practice my interview skills and courage.

3、What you have learned from this experience?

I had learned that we should do everything ready before in case of any emergency, don't be nervous and believe in yourself. In addition, the team cooperation consciousness is important.

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