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One day, there was an elder couple buying fish from me, all of what happened was really very special.

The Gentleman carried a basket on his elbow(肘部) , when the couple were near a pond to look at the fish, there was a pure silver long fin Koi(锦鲤) which about six inches jumped into the basket.

"Wha----" Their surprised sound drew my eyes.

I have worked with fish for a long time, but it was the first time I saw a fish jump up into customer's basket.

"You are lucky!" I said to them.

"Come on, come on, I buy, I buy him!" I looked at them, the couple are so happy and I went to serve them.

"Anything else?" I asked.

"Yes, I want to find a partner for her." The gentleman was humourous.

They were looking for another fish through the fish ponds one by one, I brought a net and the fish bag followed them, the fish were always swimming towards us and asking for food in every pond.

"What’s the matter with the fish?" The lady asked.

"They are hungry." I said.

"No, not hungry, they knew us and greeting us." The gentleman said.

"Yes, definitely!" I said.

We stopped for a few minutes by a fish pond.

"How about that fish?" The lady pointed at a colourful Sarasa(红白色相间的印花布) Comet. "It looks so beautiful!" The gentleman and I said same words.

"I want to buy it because she looked at me. You see, she still looked at me, I’ll buy her." The couple were happy, I was happy too, the fish will be happy in its new home.

2、When the customer asked me for service, if I can I will pleasurably serve them, if I can't I always say that:

"I am the aquatics(水上运动) receptionist, please wait a second, let me find expert staff to serve you."

So around the aquatics and pets areas you can hear me call staff to serve often.

Sometimes I couldn’t find any staff around, so I went to the manager’s office to ask him come out serving. I was running up and down, as I didn’t want any customer waiting for a long time and try to do the service as quick as we could. When I found a member of staff, I like to introduce the staff to the customer:

"His English better than me, let him serve to you would better." or "He is an expert, he knew all wrinkles(皱纹) . You can ask any question and got the right answer from him." The customer are always happy and gives many thanks to me.

For customer service answering the telephone is very important, our ringing normally comes from the information desk, tills, customers and others. Mostly they ask for prices, advice or looking for some staff to use. At the beginning, if I was near the telephone I liked to pick up and answer it, after a few times I was afraid, because I couldn’t completely understood what’s said by the customer at the phone.

One time there was a call from the till asking for a price and I didn’t know. So I went to the till, took the goods back and found the price from the shelf.

After that when the telephone was ringing, I always called another member of staff to come and answer. Sometimes when it was ringing I said:

"Hello! Aquatics, I’m Jinglebell how I could help you?" But I didn't pick up and kept some yards away from the telephone!

3、Every Friday we have a fire alarm test at nine o'clock sharp, and even though the sound is very noisy, I am so happy because when I heard that it reminded me today is Friday and tomorrow is weekend, it is the last working day of the week and I have two days off, it’s so excited!

Sometimes we have a fire drill, when you hear the fire alarm, everybody have to run out through the fire exit.

One Monday at nine o’clock, the alarm was sounded and I was working behind the fish house and didn’t hear it. The department manager and staff were looking for me thoroughly, finally they found me and asked me to stop my job and follow them went out.

"I am busy, No problem! You leave, I work." I said.

"No, this is the law, everybody has to leave." The manager said.

I understood that if I insisted not to leave, they must carry me out. I went out with them together finally, no choice.

One afternoon, when I was working outside, the fire alarm cropped up(突然出现) sounding wildly, nobody knew what’s happening, some were standing and looking around, some were asking questions, some were running, I knew this wasn’t a test or drill, must be a real one. At that moment, one lady called me from a distance:

"Jinglebell: leave your job, go out quickly."

I joined the crowded flow of customers and staff going out. I asked somebody what's

happened? And they told me this is a real one as there was some smoke on the shop floor. Finally I found out, actually there was no problem, that it was an electrician who used the equipment for the carpet and made a little smoke.

After that I asked somebody how to deal with the customer’s food in the restaurant in that case, because they went out to leave because of the fire, but hadn't finished their food. They told me that the customers who had bought food or drinks there could get a new one.

I don't understand, if in China, under that situation, everybody must carry a bucket(桶) or some other water containers to the fire spot, to fight the flames.

I agree with the English emphasis the human right, but maybe a very small problem could become a big problem while everybody had withdrawn from the shop, because the fire fighters could not come at once.

I was just thinking.


One afternoon, I was doing jobs outside. There was a lady pushed a child's push chair and approaching to me, looked very worried.

"What’s the matter with you?" I asked.

"Have you seen my daughter? She is a three year old girl with a small red flower shirt and a knee length skirt." She asked me.

"No, I haven’t." I told her.

"Where is my daughter? I’ve lost my daughter." She was bursting into tears.

"Don’t worry, maybe she is looking at the fish or pets somewhere. Where and when did you found your daughter didn’t with you?" I asked.

"Just now, she just followed me coming out of the pets department." She told me with tears. I stopped my job immediately and went around the fish ponds looking for her daughter but had no trace of her there, then I ran towards the pets department.

When I passed the displayed of dog kennels(狗舍) , I heard a dog barking in a kennel. This kennel was just a displayed to show customers, so why was there a dog inside? I bent down and had a look.

"Wha---- A golden hair puppy." I said.

At that moment, the dog rose its head and looked at me.

"Aha---- Not a dog but a child. Come on, come on! Your daughter she maybe is in the kennel." I said loudly to call the young Mum.

She came running, bent down and had a look.

"Yes, yes! This is my daughter." She was still crying.

The girl saw her Mum have came, she barked again like a dog inside the kennel, her Mum barked too to answer but the tears haven’t stopped yet.

"Mum! Let’s play hide and seek(捉迷藏) ." The daughter said to her Mum inside the kennel. I was laughing and looked at the kennel.

I imitated some Mum's did, calling '1, 2, 3!' to ask the girl came out.

I looked at the kneel, it had a pointed roof and wooden sides, the door was about eighteen inches high and ten inches wide and looked like a small house.

5、We kept a couple of Parrot Cichlids(丽鱼科) for a few months, everyday with them I couldn’t forget their love story.

The two Parrot Cichlid fish were like an adult’s hand size, the male was a little bigger and fatter than the female, and the colour was dark red, the female was the same colour but a little lighter. The male was more active than the female, there were two small convex(凸状) on their small head, like officers shoulder decorations. His tiny eyes were like two beans laid into the two sides of his head. I called him "Red face general."

The male have so much love for the female, when you wanted to touch the female, he would rush out in a fighting posture, no matter how far away the female was. Of course they were

always close together, and would look at anyone who near by their tank. So if you did it again he quickly responded as well. I tried many times, but he always did that to protect the female. Sometimes he used his head to push the female to hide behind the rock in the tank, sometimes he was a little angry and jumped up above the water surface. When he was

fighting with you, he looked very violent, sometimes I wore gloves to try to touch the female, and the male bravely bit my gloves. When the staff fed them the male always looked out as a guard and waited for the female to have the food first …

The fish's behaviour really made me envious…they were fish ROMEO and JULIET.

Now the couple of fish have been sold for a long time, but I miss them always…I wish their love for ever, their life for ever.

6、One morning there was a young man bought some products from me. Firstly he bought 2 meters of 19mm diameter hosing and paid £3.50. After that he asked me some ideas about fish.

"I want to buy fish, but I didn’t know which are the best one to choose." He said.

"What’s your pond size?" I asked.

"It's quite big, maybe two square meters." He told me.

"The best choose is KOI(锦鲤) , because KOI are easy to keep, cheap and grow quickly." I said to him, he nodded in agreement.

For a long time I work with the fish ponds and met many customers, I knew some customers with fish keeping experience, some were poor or without any fish knowledge. If the customer is quietly looking at the same pond's fish for a little longer, bent or hand against the pond edge to have a detailed look, the meaning is they are with some fish keeping experience. If the customer looked at the fish and loudly talks, pointing at this one and that one randomly, the meaning is they are without fish keeping experience or poor. I have seen the young man hadn’t looked at any fish for a little long while of the time. So I thought he was a poor one. "Did you have any fish keeping experience?" I asked.

"No!" He answered frankly.

"So, you can buy a small one, maybe about 4—6 inches should be better, after you got some experiences you can change to big ones." I said to him candidly.

He nodded and said: "I want to buy some fish that could clean the fish pond, because the fish pond will get dirty easily."

"I am afraid, actually no any fish can clean the pond, even including the sucker fish and pond snails." I told him authoritatively(权威地) .

"Why?" He didn’t believe me.

"Because, because the fish are too lazy! Maybe you could buy some such as Indian blue garra(墨头鱼) 4 for 10 quit, they’ll 24 hours on duty and will little bit help you." I didn’t know the proper answer.

"No, it is not the fish lazy, I am Mr. lazy." He said.

"No, you are not lazy, but fish." I said.

7、A girl and a boy were on a motorcycle, speeding through the night.

They loved each other a lot.

Girl: "Slow down a little. I'm scared."

Boy: "No, it's so fun."

Girl: "Please... it's so scary."

Boy: "Then say that you love me."

Girl: "Fine. I love you. Can you slow down now?"

Boy: "Give me a big hug."

The girl gave him a big hug.

Girl: "Now can you slow down?"

Boy: "Can you take off my helmet and put it on? It's uncomfortable and it's bothering me while I drive."

The next day, there was a story in the newspaper. A motorcycle had crashed into a building because its brakes were broken.

There were two people on the motorcycle, of which one died, and the other had survived... The guy knew that the brakes were broken. He didn't want to let the girl know, because he knew that the girl would have gotten scared.

Instead, he was told the last time that she loved him, got a hug from her, put his helmet on her so that she can live, and die himself...

Once in a while, right in the middle of an ordinary life, Love gives us a fairy tale...

8、Some customers often come to visit our garden centre, as a Chinese saying goes:

"First time as strangers, second time knew each other, third time become friends." So these customers became my friends, some became good friends.

One time, there was a couple came to buy fish from me, the gentleman is a good fish keeper with much knowledge about fish, we talked about fish behaviour, colour, size, feeding and so on.

When I picked out the fish which were chosen by him from the pond and put them in a plastic bag, I always liked to show them to the customers. So when I showed the gold fish to them, the gentleman said.


"Show your wife." I said.

"She is not my wife, she is my Mum."

"Ai… you have came here many times and I thought she is your wife, you are a couple." I looked at him and the lady astonishingly.

"Shut up!" The lady said to the gentleman

The gentleman laughter.

"Oh… I see! He made a joke."

This gentleman was so humorous. One other time, he bought some indoor fish from another member of our staff.

"How many male fish and female fish should be ok to put together?" He asked.

"Normally, one male with two females are OK." The staff answered.

"Is it the same rule for humans? I hope so." He asked and answered by himself. I know he made a joke again.

That time his wife wasn’t with him, otherwise he would maybe get a beating or kicking from his angry wife!

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